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#22 Adam Schaeuble - The Million Pound Mission

Adam Schauble, the PhD "Previously Heavy Dude" is on a mission to help people lose a million pounds. After losing 100 lbs himself, he realized the need for a community transformation. In just 5 years, Adam has helped his hometown peeps lost over 35,000 pounds. Adam has developed a 14-day course, which is a daily workout challenge. He is also the host of The TransformationCoach.Me podcast In this episode, Adam uncovers some awesome secrets of what gets in our way of achieving important...

Duration: 00:54:18

#21 Ashley James - Ending Anxiety Exercise - BONUS

Ashley James is an expert in the complete elimination of anxiety and has helped thousands of people over the last 12 years to free themselves of anxiety permanently! In this episode, Ashley will walk you through a little exercise to help you relieve yourself from the feeling of anxiety.

Duration: 00:47:33

#20 Alex Hofeldt - How Bulletproof Coffee Changed His Life

Alex is quite an interesting man with passions such as science and yoga, Crossfit and bulletproof coffee. After running a marathon, Alex suffered some crazy health challenges and Bulletproof Coffee helped change his life. Alex loves to learn, think, and move. Movement, speed, and flow act as the keystones that motivate him. He is a science teacher and has a great podcast: Beautiful Dust Specks

Duration: 00:44:54

#19 Gord Hunter - Lost 75 Lbs in 6 Months...

...but the change on the inside was even greater. In May of 2017, Gord Hunter saw a photo of himself from a golf match, and didn't even recognize himself. He found the ketogenic diet and got started. Fast forward to December 2017, and Gord is down 75 pounds. Gord read the book, You Were Born Rich, 30 times in the last few years. So, he decided to become a coach to share his vision.

Duration: 00:35:51

#18 Chat with Tracee - Goals, Why, and How

In this episode, Tracee originally made it for a video series. But figured that you would benefit from it as well. She talks about how eating fat was demonized, why our country got fat, and what you can do differently. Tracee also talks about "If How To's Were Enough, We Would All oBe Skinny, Rich, and Happy." And how in order to achieve your goals, you need to focus on your why. You will have some journaling assignments on this episode, please please please do them. In order to see...

Duration: 00:20:26

#17 Tiffany Marr - Thyroid Cancer Survivor

Tiffany Marr was diagnosed, right after high school, with thyroid cancer and told it would come back. The fighter in her, refused to settle for the outcomes and went on keto. Once considered high risk, she is now low risk.

Duration: 00:40:00

#16 Ashley James - Healed PCOS and Had a Baby

Ashley James, host of the podcast Learn True Health healed her body with the ketogenic diet and was blessed to have a baby boy. Ashley has been coaching since 1999 and and loves helping her clients easily achieve their health, wealth and life goals! She is on a mission to change lives all around the world by ending ANXIETY!

Duration: 00:51:24

#15 Daniel Schulof - Healing Dogs with Keto

Daniel Schulof is the author of "Dogs, Dog Food, and Dogma: The Silent Epidemic Killing America's Dogs and the New Science That Could Save Your Best Friend's Life," the founder and CEO of KetoNatural Pet Foods and Varsity Pets, and an advocate for evidence-based pet care practices. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife and three dogs, Nash, Kody and Lucy. In his spare time, Dan is a recreational ultra-marathoner, rock climber, and ski mountaineer. KetoNatural Pet Foods...

Duration: 00:39:12

#14 Steve Pekar - Dropped 100 lbs with the Ketogenic Diet

Suffering from Hashimotos and food addiction, Steve has worked through the challenges and lost 100 lbs with keto. Find Steve, and his great food posts, on Instagram @keto_pek

Duration: 00:45:22

#13 Jolene Hale - Down 8 Pant Sizes with Keto - Ketonian Korner

Jolene started a low carb diet, as instructed by a physician, and worked out 6 days a week, but there was little to no structure in the diet and she felt a bit perplexed. The doctor instructed her to eat 60-90 grams of protein and low carb. Jolene lost weight, but felt she needed more structure. She started searching the internet and stumbled on Ketogenic and started eating Keto on April 16, 2016 at 176 pounds & size 18. Today, Jolene weighs in at 151 and size 9/10.

Duration: 00:36:35

#12 Tracee Talks - Bonus Episode - Q & A and About Me

In this episode, Tracee answers some questions, talks about her crazy dieting history, and her keto journey. She also shares her inspirational women and her goals to help others.

Duration: 00:27:36

#11 Robert Sikes - Keto Savage - Pro Keto Bodybuilder

From a measly 115 pounds to a miserable 230 pounds to a ketogenic professional bodybuilder, Robert has blazed his own trail. Robert was not dealt a good hand with regards to becoming an elite bodybuilder. He was skinny as a rail and had no gym experience whatsoever. His first bench was an ice chest and his first weight set was pieces of loose steel his father had laying around the shop. He didn’t have a clue about nutrition or training but he was hungry to learn. He started following...

Duration: 00:37:51

#10 Harriett Roman - Shed 90 lbs

Harriett Roman is a 31 year old mother of 5. She is a stay at home mom & wife. As a Colorado resident, some activities she enjoys are weight lifting, cooking & photography. Harriett has been on her ketogenic journey since Xmas day of 2016. If you would like to know more you can follow her Instagram @ketogenicbeastette

Duration: 00:54:50

#9 Caitlin Pavlick - Lost 163 lbs on Keto

Struggling with her weight for most of her life, Cait found herself weighing 325 pounds. Thanks to Keto, this beautiful girl lost just over half her body weight and is now inspiring others to do the same.

Duration: 00:34:52

#8 Kristin Rowell - Keto Marathoner and Bodybuilder

This beautiful attorney from Minnesota is a marathon runner in the fall and a bodybuilder in the spring. Going keto has helped her excel in both her sports. Listen as she explains the differences in her performance prior to going keto and after. What a difference!

Duration: 00:43:23

#7 Maura Vega - Cured Postpartum Depression

Maura Vega, this lovely mother of 2 young boys, used the ketogenic diet to cure postpartum depression. She stays keto to be lean and enjoy amazing mental clarity and gym performance. Her kids even choose to be a part of the keto lifestyle, For show notes, visit

Duration: 00:54:34

#6 Miriam & Chris Bair - Lose 60 lbs & Overcome Keto Flu

Miriam and Chris Bair are the husband and wife team behind Keto Chow. They have been married 17 years and have 6 children, including a couple sets of twins. Their first introduction to Keto was a passing reference from a neurologist - that if they couldn't find an anticonvulsant to help one of their sons' epilepsy soon, their son would need to go on a "ketogenic diet" - fortunately, he is doing extremely well now. Chris started doing Keto 3 years ago this month to lose weight and...

Duration: 00:38:14

#5 - Gillian Szolos - Seizure Free with Keto

Gillian suffered with seizures on and off most of her life. Thankfully, the ketogenic diet saved her life. Since losing over 100lbs on keto, Gillian is passionate about the importance of resistance training for people using a keto diet therapeutically and for women over 40. Gillian loves sashimi and spaghetti squash casserole made with ricotta cheese, mozzarella, grass fed ground beef, spaghetti squash and lots of butter which is delicious. Her personal motto is "figure it out"...

Duration: 00:51:11

#4 Jon Stojan - Air Force Officer Lost 40 Lbs in 3 Months

You can find Jon at the sites below

Duration: 00:35:17

#3 Meet Kyla - Shed 44 lbs in 3 months.

1. Tell us about yourself before you found Keto. I was a mom of 4 kids ages 10 and under, married to a chiropractor, thought I was doing things right (gluten free, dairy free, corn free, eating according to our blood types)...but at my heaviest weight and climbing. 2. How did you find this new lifestyle? One friend posted on her personal FB timeline saying that since lots of people had been asking her, she wanted to publicly post on FB to tell people about what she had done to lose...

Duration: 00:40:11

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