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BGN Radio Daily #34: A Word of Caution For Eagles Fans

James Seltzer discusses why he believes the Eagles are the best team in the NFC -- including Carson Wentz's awesomeness, domination in the trenches, and much more. James also tells you why he's bullish the success will continue, but offers a word of caution for Eagles fans as well.​

Duration: 00:28:56

BGN Radio Daily #33: Next Level Pod Turron & Barrett

Turron Davenport and Barrett Brooks break down what they saw against the Panthers, go over the expectations for the rest of the Eagles season, Wentz's play, the LB corp and a lot more on this episode of the Next Level Podcast.

Duration: 00:30:54

BGNR Daily #32: Afternoon QB w/BLG

BLG explains why the Eagles have a claim as the best team in the NFL. They're playing with confidence and toughness and it's great to watch. Plus a look ahead to the Washington game and three over/unders.

Duration: 00:35:05

BGNR on @SportsradioWIP: How Many More Games Will The Eagles Win

John Barchard, James Seltzer, and Brandon Lee Gowton discuss the Eagles' 5-1 start, the upcoming schedule, and how many more wins we can expect over the rest of the season. The guys also analyze the win over the Panthers, the team's chemistry through six games, how impressive Wentz has been, and much more.

Duration: 01:21:20

BGN Radio #269: The Philadelphia Eagles Are 5-1

John Barchard and Vince Quinn went live from the Casino at Delaware Park as they go CRAZY after the wild Thursday Night Football vs the Panthers. John offers a draw to #DraftTwitter, Vince gushes over Doug and we celebrate the road to victory! E A G L E S - EAGLES!

Duration: 00:49:36

This Week In Fantasy - Week 6 Lineups

James Seltzer and Sigmund Bloom preview the entire Week 6 slate of NFL games - telling you who start, who to sit, and a whole lot more. Plus, we go deep Inside the Mind of Sigmund Bloom.

Duration: 00:42:50

Next Level Pod: #Eagles vs #Panthers Preview

Turron Davenport & Barrett Brooks are back! Fresh from a Bruno Mars concert, they touch on the victory over the Cardinals and take you to the next level as they breakdown the Thursday night matchup against the Panthers.

Duration: 00:23:33

Counterpoint Ep. 10: #DraftTwitter Jumps On The Wentz Wagon

Jack Fritz goes over how the beatdown of the Cardinals got draft twitter to jump on board the Wentz Wagon, he checks the Doug Pederson confidence meter and brings a brand new guest to the #100 take of the week.

Duration: 00:23:03

BGN Radio #268: Are #Panthers A Gut Check Game?

Vince Quinn and John Barchard talk about a Panthers team that's A LOT like the Birds. Are the Panthers for real? Is this a good match up for the corners? John declares this "The Alshon Game" and Vince thinks plenty of options can win it for the Eagles. Plus NFL picks and more!

Duration: 01:03:03

BGN Radio Daily #31 - The #Eagles Are A Good Football Team

BLG talks about: the Eagles playing a complete game, Carson Wentz looking awesome, the Cowboys losing, Lane Johnson probably being out, three over/unders, and more.

Duration: 00:41:32

BGN Radio #267: A Whole Lot Of Air Yards

John Barchard, James Seltzer, and Vince Quinn break down a dominant Eagles 34-7 victory over the Cardinals. The guys discuss Carson Wentz nailing some deep balls, the importance of having offensive weapons around him, another stellar showing from the defensive line, and much more.

Duration: 00:46:58

BGN Radio #266 - #Eagles vs #Cardinals Preview Show

Vince Quinn and John Barchard breakdown this matchup on Sunday.... Is it yet again another time for Larry Fitzgerald to shine in Philadelphia? Probably.. BUT will it be enough for a Cardinals win? Eagles have been really successful with the run for 2 weeks, will it last for another week? We go over everything and give you are NFL Picks of the week

Duration: 01:03:28

This Week In Fantasy - Week 5 Lineups

James Seltzer and Sigmund Bloom preview the Week 5 slate, breaking down every game of the week. Plus, we have some bonus TWIF content as Neil Dutton joins the show (from across the pond) to take stock of the fantasy football landscape through one quarter of the season.

Duration: 00:56:14

Counterpoint Ep. 9 - If They Don't Win With Carson, They Probably Never Will

Jack Fritz is back and he is jacked up about how the Eagles fan base took over and snuffed out anything Chargers this past weekend. Plus he gives us updates on Kirk Cousins,, Ben McAdoo, Cian Fahey & more. AND his #100 take of the week is himself... find out why

Duration: 00:24:35

BGN Radio Daily #30 - How Much Did That 61 Yarder Change Elliot's Career?

Vince Quinn takes you through the things you might have missed during the Chargers game, recaps a little of the MNF game that lead tot he Eagles being alone and on top of the NFC East and goes over how one kick might have changed Jake Elliott's career.

Duration: 00:21:14

BGN Radio Daily #28: Afternoon QB w/BLG - Victory Monday!

It's another Eagles Victory Monday! BLG goes over the Eagles' win over the Chargers, talks about why Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson deserve a lot of credit, gets excited about the run game, and gives reasons to feel good about this team moving forward. Oh, by the way: first place in the NFC East!

Duration: 00:37:28

BGN Radio #265: #Eagles Run Game Dominates The #Chargers

John Barchard and James Seltzer break down a workmanlike 26-24 Eagles victory over the Chargers. The guys discuss the dominance of the running game, Wentz's command, the Eagles fan takeover, and much more as the Eagles finish the first quarter of the season sitting at 3-1.

Duration: 00:41:17

BGNR on @SportsradioWIP: What Don't You Like About Doug?

John Barchard & Brandon Gowton discuss the criticisms of Eagles head coach Doug Pederson to see how much is warranted. PLUS they go over the Chargers matchup, go around the NFCE with the NFC Least and make some NFL picks with Fox 29's Sean Brace!

Duration: 01:16:45

BGN Radio #264: #Eagles vs #Chargers Preview Show

Vince Quinn and John Barchard go over the up and downs of the Chargers moving from San Diego to Los Angeles. How much has that effected their 0-3 start? The Eagles seem to matchup pretty well but John thinks line is screaming for a Chargers victory. PLUS, Doug needs a new line with updating injury reports and a lot more!

Duration: 01:14:45

This Week In Fantasy - Week 4 Lineups

James Seltzer and Sigmund Bloom break down the Week 4 slate of NFL games, telling you who to start, who to sit, and much more. Plus, we take a trip Inside the Mind of Sigmund Bloom.

Duration: 00:37:17

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