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Aerial Photography with Jeffrey Milstein

As Allan Weitz says in the introduction, when you see a Jeffrey Milstein photo, you know it. He has a distinctive style, which is not an easy accomplishment for an aerial photographer. But, of course, not all his images are taken from high above—he also has an incredible series shot from underneath airplanes. All kidding aside, Milstein’s work—aerial or otherwise—is infused with the complexity of observation and with the fascination of how similar forms repeat themselves in distinctive...


Grunge! British Fashion Photography of the 1990s

Are the 1990s history? Well, for today’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we look back to that decade when a new aesthetic in fashion photography was born in England, and later spread to the United States and the world; a transformative style whose influence is apparent almost thirty years after its birth. First appearing in small but influential magazines such as The Face, I-D, and Blitz, and growing from a reactionary youth culture, this raw style reflected a new aesthetic, one...


News and Gear from CES and WPPI 2018

On this week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we’re talking gear—specifically, the latest gear announced at the two most recent trade shows, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI). In addition to a summary of some of the items announced at CES, like the Panasonic Lumix GH5S, we speak with B&H writers Shawn Steiner and Liz Groeschen, who are currently in attendance at WPPI. Steiner gives us the lowdown on some of the...


Get Serious with Chris Buck

We run a bit long on this episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, but it’s well worth it to chat with acclaimed portrait photographer Chris Buck. Buck is an in-demand celebrity and advertising photographer, but also maintains ongoing personal projects such as his current series, “Gentleman’s Club.” We speak with him on a range of topics, from concept development to shooting techniques to gear. With an unmistakable style that blends insight with a touch of dry, almost absurdist humor, Buck...


3D Virtual Reality and the Vuze Camera

For the average photographer, many aspects of the technical side of virtual reality imaging are confusing, and when you add 360° and 3D to the equation, we can really be in over our heads. Fortunately, on this episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we have a guest with more than his fair share of experience in these matters, who will make the going easy as we discuss virtual reality, 3D, and 360° imaging technologies. Jim Malcolm is the North American General Manager of Humaneyes, and an...


Murray Fredericks--Reflect the Divine

Murray Fredericks considers his landscape photography series, “Vanity,” as just one aspect of a larger body of work, a project for which he has spent fifteen years shooting in southern Australia’s remote Lake Eyre-Kati Thanda. However, this part of the larger series has one aspect that the others do not—a large mirror placed in the lakebed reflecting other angles of the land and sky. This seemingly simple idea transforms not only the vista but our visual understanding of this singular...


Embracing Technology in Landscape Photography

This week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast posits the notion that we are in a “Golden Age” of landscape photography, and a fundamental attribute of this "new" landscape photography is its embracing of digital and mobile technologies. From soaring ISO capabilities and improved dynamic range to stacking and correction software to weather, mapping, and pre-production apps, the willing photographer can plan and execute landscape images that would have been impossible to create only a...


The Joys and Challenges of Super-Telephoto Lenses

We welcome back Chris Williams, of Lens Therapy Live, and photographer David Speiser, of lilibirds.com, to the B&H Photography Podcast for a discussion on the applications, techniques, and specific features of super-telephoto lenses. Super-telephotos lenses are most often used by sports and wildlife photographers—however, photojournalists, law-enforcement, and even landscape photographers are known to use them, as well. They offer the build quality to withstand tough conditions and the...


Reminder - B&H Photography Podcast Canon 5D Mark IV Sweepstakes

Just a reminder that the B&H Photography Podcast Canon 5D Mark IV Sweepstakes is open for entry until January 28, 2018! Share the news with your photographer friends and subscribe to our show to be eligible to win a one of two Canon DSLR cameras with lenses. For two years, our podcast has presented intelligent conversation and intriguing guests - we have been fortunate to host Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalists and editors, legendary music photographers, Hubble telescope imagers, an...


Norman Reedus--Art Is as Art Does

For some photographers, the phrase “run and gun” has a negative connotation, but when you’re Norman Reedus, that description takes on a much cooler meaning, one that is accurate to his style and a compliment to his ability to “sense a moment.” Reedus, most recognized for his acting work on the television series, “The Walking Dead” and “Ride with Norman Reedus,” is first and always an artist: a sculptor, a director, and author of the photography book, “The Sun’s Coming Up… Like a Big Bald...


Latest from Canon and the 5D Mark IV Sweepstakes

If you are a regular listener to the B&H Photography Podcast, you’ve probably heard us talk a lot recently about our milestone 100th episode and a camera sweepstakes that we were eventually going to announce. Well, that day is here, and if you follow this link, you will be directed to the page that describes the contest and the methods of entry. No purchase is necessary, and entering on Twitter or Facebook is quite easy. As the episode title should indicate, the sweepstake’s grand...


Cig Harvey — Think, See, Make, Listen

What a start to the New Year for the B&H Photography Podcast. We are incredibly fortunate to kick off our year with photographer Cig Harvey and gallerist Caroline Wall, director of the Robert Mann Gallery. In conjunction with her new book, You an Orchestra, You a Bomb, Harvey is currently exhibiting at the Robert Mann gallery, and we were able to speak with artist and gallerist to discuss the making of her latest portfolio and the collaborative process of exhibition. This is Cig Harvey’s...


The Year-End Schmooze: Favorite B&H Podcast Episodes from 2017

For the B&H Photography Podcast, 2017 has been a wonderful year. We published our 100th episode, surpassed one million downloads, and reached #1 on the iTunes podcast chart in the Visual Arts category. Achievements aside, we are simply pleased with the remarkable guests we have hosted on our show, the variety of subjects we have covered, and the consistently entertaining and intelligent conversations we have published. And honestly, we are proud to have maintained our production...


Food Photography and "Eating Delancey"

Photographing food is far from being a new facet of photography. Whether for commercial or artistic purposes—think William Henry Fox Talbot, Edward Weston, Irving Penn—it can be found throughout eras and styles, but it sure seems like we are currently witnessing a boom in food photography. With the foodie culture exploding and the profusion of #foodporn and #foodstagramming, there is no shortage of photographed meals flying around the Internet. Our guests on today’s episode of the B&H...


Celebrity News Photography

From where do all the celebrity photos in People, Us Weekly, Vanity Fair, and other magazines come? They come from hard-working professional photographers plying their trade, and the agencies that distribute and license these images, of course. On today’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we will discuss the nuts and bolts of working in the celebrity and fashion news business—from the point of view of the agency and of the photographer. There is no shortage of entertainment news...


Gearcast: Are Point-and-Shoot Cameras Still a Thing?

With the proliferation and improvement of cellphone cameras, even the idea of a stand-alone point-and-shoot camera is becoming obsolete. Or is it? Despite the inarguable decline in sales of the traditional point-and-shoot digital camera and its decreasing number on store shelves and in jacket pockets, there are still cameras defined as “point-and-shoot” that are solid sellers, and those that offer high-end features. As Allan Weitz points out on this episode, almost all cameras can be set...


Industry Trends for 2018 and Episode 6 of "Dispatch"

In the previous episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we talked about the best-selling, the most important, and our favorite new cameras from 2017. In this week’s episode, we look ahead to 2018 with a discussion on “industry trends” and the new technology and photo gear we expect to see more of over the coming years. We welcome back Yaakov Adler and Levi Tenenbaum with their insight on the subject, and we discuss the improving technology of cellular phone cameras, new memory cards,...


The 2017 Cameras of the Year and Best Sellers

We’re offering our annual end-of-year listicle of a podcast a bit early, but it comes with a good deal more information than usual. We polled the writers and experts at B&H to put together a set of cameras that represent the best or most important cameras released in 2017 and we welcomed Levi Tenenbaum and Yaakov Adler, two of our most knowledgeable staffers, to talk about the pros and cons of these cameras. To anyone paying attention to the photo industry, it should be none too...


History of Hip-Hop Photography

With great thanks to Vikki Tobak and the Contact High Project, we welcome three photographers to our studio who are responsible for some of the most iconic images from the history of hip-hop. Janette Beckman, Eric Johnson, and Danny Hastings join us to tell the stories behind their photos of Run-DMC, Wu Tang Clan, Lauryn Hill, and many others. We also speak about issues important to photographers, from on-set technique, to artistic collaboration and influence, to gear, to networking and,...


A Walk through PhotoPlus Expo 2017

New York City affords a photographer many opportunities, including the annual gathering of photo professionals at the PDN PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo. Founded in 1983, it is the largest photography and imaging event in North America and features seminars, master classes, portfolio reviews, and a convention center filled with the latest cameras, lenses, and accessories from the major manufacturers and the not-so-major manufacturers. It is at the latter at whom we aimed our...


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