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The Data Transformation Journey

The data transformation journey is like a marathon; the last mile is usually the toughest, but most rewarding. In this episode, BIGCast host Anne Legg speaks with Kia Javanmardian, partner at McKinsey and Company, about his work with data and analytics and how it transforms business.

Duration: 00:20:26

Revisiting Credit Union Phase Two Syndrome

From the BIGCast Vault, John walks you through Phase 2 Syndrome symptoms, how organizations develop the condition and how to harness agile methodologies to treat it. In This Episode: URLs related to this week's BIGCast:

Duration: 00:23:41

Shining a Light on Fintech Innovation

Glen shares his takeaways from BAI's Beacon conference, the winners of its Global Innovation Awards, and the heavy focus on chatbots and artificial intelligence. Hear on-site interviews with BAI President Debbie Bianucci, Global Innovation judge Amy Radin, Deluxe Chief Data Scientist Kesna Lawrence and Sandbox Banking founder Ravi Balasubramanian.

Duration: 00:46:27

Want to Stay Competitive? Embrace Fintech

As financial institutions across the board enhance customer experience through technology, credit unions must join the digital-centered approach. Many credit unions are doing just that, upping their technological offerings to stay competitive. John Best, CEO of Best Innovation Group, interviews Dr. Richard Swart, Filene Fellow at U.C. Irvine, about the impact of fintech on credit unions and the way university research can help enable the industry to grow.

Duration: 00:39:12

Putting Data Driven Ideas Into Action

Anne Legg, founder of Thrive, interviews Andrew Downin, Managing Director, Research, at Filene Research Institute, to talk about sustainable solutions for credit unions and their members, as well as how good ideas only work when they’re put into action.

Duration: 00:46:22

Big Data and a Small Credit Union

John Best interviews Ohio Health Care Federal Credit Union CEO, Bill Butler, about how he has capitalized on using big data despite being a small credit union, and how he transforms that data into actionable goals that allow his credit union to remain competitive and relevant, discover trends in member behavior, and enrich member relationships.

Duration: 00:44:35

Training Fintech Workers to Make a Difference in the World

John Janclaes interviews Professor Jenny Dorrach, Dean of Drucker Business School at Claremont College, about her agenda for the college moving forward, and how fintech workers can learn to combine analytical skills with the human side of business.

Duration: 00:34:54

Analytics as The Fuel for Innovation – Implementing Analytics at OCCU

Andrew Bertrand, Data Analyst at Our Community Credit Union in Shelton Washington, discusses how small to medium sized credit unions can get started with analytics, his career in marketing and how it prepared him for analytics, interesting use cases and how he leverages OnApproach to meet his analytics needs.

Duration: 00:43:35

On the Hunt for FinTech's Holy Grail

Part two of our Finovate highlights includes on-site interviews with Sensibill, EFC Plus, Digital Onboarding and Malauzi. Also a recap of the audience prizes, and the connection between Husker Du and credit unions.

Duration: 01:03:58

Giving a Voice to FinTech Innovation

John and Glen discuss highlights from last week's FinovateFall conference, including interviews with top presenters SpyCloud, Finn, Gro Solutions and Kony.

Duration: 01:16:12

Credit Union Competitive Advantage – Collaboration

Naveen Jain, VP of Digital Analytics at First Tech FCU, is a HUGE believer in the credit union industry. So much so that he has launched a collaborative online community platform called CULytics where credit union tech professionals can learn, listen and collaborate on solutions to solve pressing credit union industry problems. In this episode, Naveen discusses the technology focus of First Tech Federal Credit Union, the CULytics event and community, and why data and technology are...

Duration: 00:33:38

The Collaborative Model

Darryl Proctor, Product Director of Payments at Temenos, discusses the Temenos Marketplace and Jams, payments, regulations, emerging technologies and embracing opportunity.

Duration: 00:47:48

To Fish with a Net or a Spear? Implementing Analytics at CUTX

Keith Malbrue, CIO of the Credit Union of Texas partnered with OnApproach to implement its data analytics program. In this week’s BIGcast, Keith and John discuss the strategic decisions, cultural alignment and Information Technology approach that has led to the successful analytics implementation at CUTX.

Duration: 00:34:28

Creative Futurism

Author Kevin J. Anderson discusses mountain climbing, internet security, the intersection of creativity and work, and John and Kevin announce their new podcast venture, Creative Futurism.

Duration: 00:44:23

Delight Members with A Mobile First Strategy

Thomas E. Hogan currently serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kony, the market-leading company focused on mobile applications for the enterprise. In this episode, Tom and John explore different facets of leadership, and Tom’s advice for new and experienced leaders and the effect of technology on planning and how organizations operate.

Duration: 00:33:47

Budget Season with Kirk Kordeleski

Kirk Kordeleski, the new Sr. Managing Partner and VP of Consulting at BIG, discusses what you need to know as you prepare to prepare your 2018 budget.

Duration: 00:43:44

Innovation- The Sinatra Doctrine and the Hot Coals Test

Glen talks with digital marketing expert Amy Radin about angel investing, judging BAI's Global Innovation Awards, and the good old-fashioned execution that's critical to successful innovation

Duration: 00:42:33

An Eye on the Future

Scott Borger, Sr. Economist at the National Credit Union Administration, discusses distributed ledgers, shares use cases and concepts that he finds exciting and turns the tables to interview John about technology, credit unions and regulations.

Duration: 00:47:02

Catching a Unicorn – Talking Data with Clay Yearsley

Clay Yearsley, SVP of Data Analytics at Texas Trust CU joins the BIGcast this week to discuss his role as a Data Analytics executive, why Texas Trust Credit Union decided it was important to create a Data Analytics position, the strategic role he plays at the organization, and how OnApproach helped Texas Trust to start its analytics program.

Duration: 00:59:54

The Network Effect

Our four BIGcast network hosts discuss how their rotating podcasts combine to provide a complete picture of innovation. They also debate instant issue debit cards, Apple Pay vs. WalMart Pay, and WKRP in Cincinnati.

Duration: 00:46:13

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