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Keep up to date with the latest in operational and process excellence, by listening to industry experts on PEX Network's Process Perspectives podcast.

Keep up to date with the latest in operational and process excellence, by listening to industry experts on PEX Network's Process Perspectives podcast.
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Keep up to date with the latest in operational and process excellence, by listening to industry experts on PEX Network's Process Perspectives podcast.




Establishing an Effective Process Excellence Training Program (Podcast)

As many process excellence leaders know, one of the key aims of a process improvement program is not to deliver merely technical results, but to change the way that people in an organization think so that improvement becomes something that everyone does on a daily basis. But instilling a

Duration: 00:29:42

Beyond the Lean Office: interview with author Kevin Duggan

In this PEX Network interview, Kevin Duggan, founder of the Institute for Operational Excellence and author of the best-selling book, Creating Mixed Model Value Stream, and the Shingo Award-winning book, Design for Operational Excellence, talks about applying Operational Excellence in an

Duration: 00:35:11

[Podcast] Low-code: The solution for agile platform development in Process

For the full transcript, click here . Weve spoken in recent weeks about the promise low-code shows in the PEX space , but its still an incredibly new term, and a relatively untested development solution. To shed some more light on the promise low-code might hold, PEX Network

Duration: 00:17:19

The Hess Way - How operational excellence leads to increased safety and pro

Guest presenter, Sean Glynn of 3Gig Softwarespeak to Roddy Evans, Global Integrity and Relability Project Manager from Hess Corporation about the planning, implementation and resulting benefits of The Hess Way - Hess own strategy for safety and operational excellence in oil

Duration: 00:13:37

Bringing data and process together - the future of process excellence: Inte

In PEX Networks latest survey on technology investment plans of process professionals, Big Data and analytics has emerged as the number one investment area in the year ahead. How do data and process fit together? Rob Speck, Vice President, Global Services, at BPM software provider

Duration: 00:10:57

Mobility has the potential to redefine processes in any industry: Podcast w

Mobile technology has revolutionized not only the way we communicate, but the way we live our lives. More important perhaps, it has and continues to revolutionize our business processes, from ordering online (via laptop, tablet or mobile) to mobile CRM systems, the technology continues

Duration: 00:04:02

BPM Technology - Test and learn

Craig Sharp, editor of PEXNetwork.com talks to Martin Scovell, CEO of MatsSoft Ltd,provider of the innovative Cloud based BPM platform MATS. Martin provides some interesting suggestions for how business users can build a rock-solid business case for BPM technology that

Duration: 00:10:33

Using big data for product development

Big data is turning up everywhere. In this Process Perspectives podcast, Kaare Buch Petersen, Information Architect in Global IT at Christen Hansen, a Denmark-based supplier of bioscience products to food and health industries, talks about how his company has been using big data in the

Duration: 00:08:00

“Empowering staff can’t be just lip service”

The more cumbersome it is for someone to engage in improvement work, the less likely they are to engage. That was the sentiment of Dr. Greg Jacobson when he was a doctor working in the emergency room at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. The trouble was that with

Duration: 00:15:32

3 types of people who can derail your process improvement projects

Reluctant leaders, vocal laggards and silent saboteurs are just a few of the types of people who can throw a monkey wrench into your process improvement projects if you dont consider the human side of processes right from the start. So how can you recognize them and what can you

Duration: 00:10:04

I sent out a process by e-mail…why isn’t anybody following it?

Alstoms Supply Chain Director on avoiding communication breakdowns in processes Making sure that everyone involved in a process has the right information at the right time is critical to making sure that a process runs efficiently and effectively. But in our quest to make processes

Duration: 00:11:57

The trouble with Big Data and analysts

Its been one of the most hyped words of the past couple of years, but is big data approaching the peak of its hype cycle? And what can companies do to get real value out of big data? In this PEX Network podcast,James Lawther, Head of Insight and Improvement at

Duration: 00:06:19

Processes - "the bigger they are, the harder they fall"

Conventional wisdom says that the bigger they are the harder they fall. And while this was usually something our mothershave told us when we were getting picked on at school it also seems to be true of process projects. The bigger the process youre trying to

Duration: 00:15:43

Time for high value process excellence: Interview with Xerox Chief Process

Process is fundamental to the way we work and yet for too long its been confined to specialist quality or process improvement departments. Isnt it time that process played a more prominent role in the boardroom? That seems to be happening in certain pockets of the industry

Duration: 00:10:20

Teaching elephants to dance: Interview with BMW's Hanne Dinkel

Technological disruption, global competition, changing customer demands - whatever your industry its likely that your company is being buffeted by these forces of change. But, especially if youre a large organization, it can be incredibly difficult to adapt quickly to

Duration: 00:15:12

Are your processes ready for a "software-defined" future? Interview with K2

Advances in computing technology are driving rapid changes in every industry from retail to manufacturing, banking and beyond. But now, even the hardware that used to keep the lights on is being transformed into software running instead in virtual environments and IT has

Duration: 00:17:26

Making sense of process excellence in a digital era: Interview with IBM’s S

Mobile apps and GPS devices are just a few of the new technologies that weve become accustomed to in order to make daily life faster, more convenient, and, easier. And with the rise of last years key trend - wearable technology the convenience

Duration: 00:15:55

Process Standardization and the "Three Bears"

In the childrens fairy taleGoldilocks and the Three Bear, Goldilocks goes into the bears houseand tries their porridge. She finds that one bowl is too hot. Another is too cold. And the final one is just right.So what does a childrens story have to do with

Duration: 00:10:43

To the back office and beyond: New frontiers for BPM

Business Process Management used to be one of the domains of the back office as it helps companies speed upprocesses like order processing, account origination and regulatory compliance. But in this Process Perspectives interview,E. Scott Menter, Vice President of Business

Duration: 00:14:57

People don’t hate change…they hate ambiguity

Resistance to change is often cited as one of the biggest challenges when it comes to process improvement.But with change coming at companies thick and fast, the ability to change business operations andprocessesquickly is becomingcritical to survival. So how can

Duration: 00:18:46

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