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Episode 12: Tempering Expectations in Sports or "How Lavar is Making Lonzo's Life Difficult"

Lonzo has had a rough open to his season. He can't seem to score and he has been getting benched lately. Is he completely to blame or should his outspoken father garner some of it as well? And, how this translates to expectations across the line in sports.

Duration: 00:28:56

Episode 11: The History of Sports Protesting and looking at MLB Free Agency

Sports and Protesting has a long history together. Let's tackle the 1968 protest and an article written about it during the time and compare it to the NFL protests of today. Also, MLB Free Agency (18:00) has begun. Where does Darvish go? Arrieta? Martinez? I'll give you the low down on who could end up where.

Duration: 00:58:13

Episode 10: Ezekiel Elliott Court Saga from Beginning to 11/10

Elliott is now re-suspended again as of 11/10. Let us delve into this whole ordeal from beginning in early 2016 to this very day on 11/10. What was the evidence, why were there no charges and what is the NFL's play in this?

Duration: 00:51:48

Episode 9: Astros Win WS, NFL Trade Deadline, Bledsoe Saga and Sit em/Start em

Astros win a decisive game 7, the NFL had an active trade deadline for once, the Suns still haven't traded Eric Bledsoe so let's trade generator it and 6 start em / 4 sit em!

Duration: 00:44:10

Episode 8: NFL, ESPN and Politics Oh My!

Fear not! I'm not going to lecture you on my views, instead let's talk about what has happened in sports from a political view and why the Jemele Hill's suspension is both justified and not at the same time. Also, the difference between the NBA and NFL politically and why Jerry Jones is utterly full of it.

Duration: 00:35:10

Episode 6: Cam is an idiot and your buys and sells going into week 5

Cam Newton made stupid comments and it is more of an institutional issue within the NFL as a whole. Also, let's delve into who you should sell sell sell and who you should buy buy buy going into the week. Lastly touching on most overrated so far in the NFL.

Duration: 01:11:30

Episode 5: This NFL Week Made No Sense

The Jags went off, Zeke is back, Hunt is killin it and the Jets dominated a game... what year is it? Let's discuss the week in the NFL as we look at who to trust, who not to and your buy/sell candidates going into week 4.

Duration: 01:11:54

Episode 4: Week 2 NFL Review and Fantasy Focus

Week 2 is in the books. Is it time to panic with some players or keep calm and carry on? Whose real and whose fakin it? Should you own a single Brown, Colt or Ravens player? Is it time to cut loose on some high end backs? Is Zeke hitting a hard sophomore slump?

Duration: 01:08:10

Episode 3: GGG Vs Canelo Alvarez Preview

Let's look at and talk about the match-up between Gennedy Golovkin and Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. Who has what advantages going into the fight and why. I'll tell you who I'm taking. For more, check out the in depth article:

Duration: 00:23:24

Episode 2: Reaction to week 2, who to avoid in DFS and DFS budget picks

Week 1 was crazy, let's go over what you need to know going into week 2. Who replaces DJ in the Cards backfield (1:50)? How bout that Stafford (7:17). Why avoiding avoiding all Ravens and Bengals (9:50) is the best idea for now. Why Tarik Cohen will help Jordan Howard (15:30). Don't trust the Rams offense (21:03). Be afraid of using any Seakhawks (26.58). The aftermath of the PIT/CLE game (39:11) and the budget picks for week 2 (52:50).

Duration: 01:00:49

Episode 1: NFL Week 1 predictions and Sooners vs. OSU

Sean and Julian breakdown each game for the NFL week 1, look back at the Chiefs big game takedown on Brady and the Pats and take a look at what to expect with some big match-ups in the NCAA.

Duration: 01:33:16