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Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy is the project of Sophie Allison - a young artist from Nashville who splits her time between there and NYC, where she’s in college. For the past few years, she’s self-released her chill indie pop, with Fat Possum recently stepping in with a collection of those tunes and a proper debut in 2018. The music is unassuming and has a way of catching the listener off-guard in a great way, and here, Sophie is joined by her full live band to fully flesh out these tunes in a live session...


The Mad Doctors

The Mad Doctors are the fuzzy, scuzzy, fun wild genius punks at the center of the growing Brooklyn whirlwind scene that is King Pizza Records. The Doctors: Seth, Josh, and Greg happen to be insanely great musicians (you may recognize two of them from Ghost Funk Orchestra’s recent BTR Live Studio session) and it’s a joy to see them go all out in their most exciting and free element with The Mad Doctors. No Waves, Just Sharks is available now from King Pizza Records. 00:00 - The Mad Doctors...


Anna Burch

Anna Burch has arrived. Though she’s been around the music scene a bit, playing with various bands over the past few years, we’ll all remember 2018 as the year her debut solo album landed. It’s no surprise that the Detroit musician is incredibly talented and extremely likeable -- like another BTR favorite, Fred Thomas, who apparently brought her to the attention of their shared label, Polyvinyl (which, now that you mention it, is another favorite of ours around here…). Anna’s songs have a...


Handsome Ghost

Handsome Ghost is the project of Boston native and English teacher, Tim Noyes. Blending his folk music roots with a love for R&B and pop, Noyes is clearly onto something, landing millions for his songs on Spotify. The band - in trio form - stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO, Brooklyn to share some music from their debut full length with us in this intimate session! Handsome Ghost’s debut album, Welcome Back, is available now from Photo Finish Records 00:00 - Handsome Ghost 00:45 -...



Noisy guitars, big drums, super sweet melodies and a heavy romantic nostalgia are the ingredients that make up Heaven’s timeless music. With nods to all things both shoegaze and gorgeous psych-rock, the NYC trio of Matt Sumrow, Mikey Jones, and Liz Lohse is continuing the tradition of those genres with their excellent upcoming sophomore LP. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to give us this first look at some of that music. All Love Is Blue will be out March 2nd on Little...


The Royal They

The Royal They seem to be quite deserving of the royal treatment lately, having become the latest must-see Brooklyn band, with the release of their new gem of a post-punk album, Foreign Being. Michelle, Darrell, and Rick have taken their sharp, melodic style and developed it to the point where the catchiness of the songs is totally undeniable - not to mention the production of their album is super on point. The band stopped by Serious Business Music in DUMBO to show us how it happens live....



Paperhaus is a band based out of Washington, DC. Founding member Alex Tebeleff has more recently been joined by new songwriting partners Matt Dowling and Rick Irby. The resultant latest album, released in October 2017 from Misra Records, is called Are These The Questions That We Need To Ask? The group stopped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to share their newest music. 00:00 - Paperhaus 00:48 - I Told You What 06:04 - Interview - Paperhaus 09:18 - Go Cozy 16:04 - Interview - Paperhaus...


Shana Falana

Shana Falana is a dream pop band currently based in Kingston NY. Shana Falani and Michael Amari explore darkness and light in their almost-meditative songs, which are illuminated by dazzling visual projections. The group paid us a visit late last year to discuss their music and plans for 2018. Here Comes The Wave is available now from Team Love Records. 00:00 - Shana Falana 00:45 - Cloudbeats 05:43 - Interview - Shana Falana 09:10 - Go 12:35 - Interview - Shana Falana 16:02 - Cool Kids 23:41...


Benjamin Cartel

Benjamin Cartel, whom you may recognize from his previous project Kaiser Cartel, has returned to his solo project roots. He brought his band by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to perform his folk-tinged indie tunes in late 2017 for a session. Benjamin Cartel’s newest album, Flickering Light, is out April 20th from Motherwest Records. 00:00 - Benjamin Cartel 01:00 - Jungle Eats Everything 05:01 - Interview - Benjamin Cartel 07:55 - Starlight 11:13 - Interview - Benjamin Cartel 15:45 - Down...


Morning Teleportation

Morning Teleportation is a psychedelic rock band from Bowling Green, Kentucky. They visited us late last year to perform songs from Salivating For Symbiosis, their highly anticipated sophomore album, recorded at Isaac Brock’s Ice Cream Party studio in Portland, OR. Salivating For Symbiosis is available now from Glacial Pace Recordings. 00:00 - Morning Teleportation 00:56 - The Code 04:35 - Whole Hearted Drifting Sense of Inertia 11:48 - Interview - Morning Teleportation 13:40 - Riot In Time...


Pow Pow Family Band

Pow Pow Family Band wants you to know that we’re all living in a simulation. That simulation includes Providence, RI, where founder Miles Robbins began writing the songs that would form the backbone of the band/collective. A rotating cast of characters now fills the stage during Pow Pow Family Band’s inventive live shows. Pow Pow Family Band's debut album, All Right, will be available on February 10, 2018. 00:00 - BTR Live Studio 00:46 - Two 12 Year Olds In A Trenchcoat 05:26 - Interview -...



Look to the basements and tree houses of Brooklyn, and you might find BIRDS, a psych rock band originally formed around the songs of Duane Lauginiger. Lauginiger, joined by bandmates Jess Rees, Tim Plunkett, and Jessica Reynoza, joined us late last year for an in studio performance and interview. Everything All At Once is available now from Greenway Records. 00:00 - BIRDS 00:28 - Behind You 04:35 - Interview - BIRDS 07:09 - Scatter 09:54 - Interview - BIRDS 11:45 - Most Ghost 15:02 -...


Peter Oren

Peter Oren's baritone voice instantly begs attention. The songwriter's thoughtful new album, Anthropocene (Western Vinyl), produced by Wilco's Ken Coomer, reflects on the current state of our world, and asks "how will we escape this hell we made?" Peter Oren recently joined us at Serious Business Music for an exclusive in studio performance and interview. 00:00 - Peter Oren 00:45 - Burden of Proof 04:05 - Interview - Peter Oren 07:19 - Picture From Spain 09:40 - Falling Water 13:02 -...


Jordan Klassen

Self-described “fairy-folk” artist Jordan Klassen is a prolific songwriter based in Vancouver, BC, who has spent the better part of the past decade writing and releasing music with deep personal ties. Marked by classic instrumentation and dulcet tones, Jordan’s songs may warm your soul as the frigid winter marches on. Jordan joined us at Serious Business Music in DUMBO last fall, hot on the heels of the release of his latest album, Big Intruder. 00:00 - Jordan Klassen 00:42 - Yer Cure 04:08...


Jaye Bartell

Songwriter Jaye Bartell playfully recorded his fourth album back in his old stomping ground of Asheville, NC, with contributions from an illustrious crew of friends, including Angel Olsen. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, Jaye visited our studio in late 2017 to perform a handful of songs and chat about record making and life in New York. In a Time Of Trouble, a Wild Exultation is available now from Sinderlyn. \ 00:00 - Jaye Bartell 00:48 - Army Of One 03:06 - Interview - Jaye Bartell 04:21 -...


Strawberry Runners

Strawberry Runners is the project of guitarist and songwriter Emi Night. Her tender, deeply personal songs are heartbreaking, revelatory, and relatable all at once. The band joined us earlier this winter for a solo performance at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn. 00:00 - Strawberry Runners 00:30 - Your Bed Was Tall 10:01 - Trouble 13:20 - Interview - Strawberry Runners 14:55 - Dog Days 19:05 - Interview - Strawberry Runners 19:42 - Brother - Strawberry Runners 23:10 - Hatchet Creek 26:51 -...


Live Studio Holidays 2017: Faith Healer, Thelma & The Sleaze, Ghost Funk Orchestra, CLOSENESS, and Emel

We wrap up our special year end holiday broadcasts today with music from Faith Healer, Thelma & The Sleaze, Ghost Funk Orchestra, CLOSENESS, and Emel. Join us in the new year for an all new episode! 00:00 - BTR Live Studio Holidays 4 00:45 - & Waiting - Faith Healer 03:30 - Interview - Faith Healer 06:10 - Try ;) - Faith Healer 11:15 - Midnight Train - Thelma & The Sleaze 14:10 - Where You Belong - Thelma & The Sleaze 19:04 - Death Waltz - Ghost Funk Orchestra 22:18 - Boneyard Baile - Ghost...


Live Studio Holidays 2017: Amy 0, Fred Thomas, Vagabon, Idgy Dean, and Nana Grizol

We're continuing our special year end holiday broadcast with music from Amy 0, Fred Thomas, Vagabon, Idgy Dean, and Nana Grizol. 00:00 - BTR Live Studio Holidays 3 00:45 - Lavender Night - Amy 0 02:25 - Arrow - Amy O 04:45 - Interview - Amy O 08:06 - Sunday Meal - Amy O 10:06 - Interview - Amy 0 14:20 - Soft Skin - Amy O 16:48 - Echolocation - Fred Thomas 19:25 - Interview - Fred Thomas 23:24 - Voice Over - Fred Thomas 26:00 - Interview - Fred Thomas 27:46 - Parkways - Fred Thomas 31:16 -...


Live Studio Holidays 2017: Walter Martin, Roselit Bone, Sweet Crude, Re-Tros, denitia & sene

Today's special holiday broadcast includes music from Walter Martin, Roselit Bone, Sweet Crude, Re-Tros, and denitia & sene. 00:00 - BTR Live Studio Holidays 2 00:42 - In A Gothic Church - Walter Martin 03:45 - Sing To Me - Walter Martin 06:43 - Interview - Walter Martin 09:39 - The Everglades - Walter Martin 12:46 - Interview - Walter Martin 14:45 - Just Lie Still - Roselit Bone 19:04 - Interview - Roselit Bone 21:10 - Dreamless Sleep - Roselit Bone 24:10 - Isle Dans La Mer - Sweet Crude...


Live Studio Holidays 2017: De'Wayne Jackson, SAD13, Gobbinjr, Lilah Larson

Today we're kicking off our special year end holiday broadcasts with a trip down memory lane to memorable sessions from De'Wayne Jackson, SAD13, Gobbinjr, and Lilah Larson! 00:00 - BTR Live Studio Holidays 1 00:43 - Coming Back Home - De’Wayne Jackson 04:42 - Interview - DJ 06:40 - Old Steps - De’Wayne Jackson 09:55 - Interview - DJ 14:42 - Hype - SAD13 16:40 - Interview - SAD13 18:26 - The Devil In U - SAD13 22:10 - Interview - SAD13 25:26 - The Sting - SAD13 29:22 - fake bitch - Gobbinjr...


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