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We Drink. We Laugh. We Drink.






BYOCB Cruisecast 2018

Every year Fisher goes on the Tom and Dan cruise and records cruisecasts. This year he welcomed new friends and old as he is joined by Mr. Tervis, Janine Beans, and Fisher's new best friend, Angry Dan. We recorded on the Norwegian Epic and griped a lot about our Norwegian experiences, BUT, we always have a GREAT time with our friends on the cruise. We're pretty much all over the place on this special cruisecast. We hope you enjoy! Thanks so much to our guests and the friends who hung out...


Beers with Fisher Volume 1

This is a brand new venture that we're doing at BYOCB and in this first episode of Beers with Fisher, Fisher hangs out with his friend Alex McLendon at Beer Rev. From being homeschooled, to living in Iceland, to working in a BBQ joint, to playing music in a youth group, Fisher and Alex cover a lot in this first ever attempt at Beers with Fisher. We hope you enjoy this new concept. Big thanks to our new friends at Mason Danger Beard Co. who hook us up with some AWESOME beard products!...


BYOCB Show 110 - Don't Boil My Loon

From Vanbarry's Public House in Orlando, we had a bunch of friends join us on this episode before we checked out some Melodic Dissent. Our good friends Vegeta, Mr. Tervis, and Samantha from Samantics gathered around the fire pit to basically make fun of Fisher the ENTIRE episode. On this episode, we discuss - Orlando Indie Comedy Fest - Valentine's Day recap - Sous Vide that meat - Lingerie Night at wing restaurants - The great Tervis vs Yeti debate - Congratulations to the...


BYOCB Show 109 - Clam Tram

We got together on a Saturday morning for some round soccer ball match stuff at Beer Rev. Big thanks to Garrick for the donuts. Fisher, Alex, The Intern, and Logic man share some coffee, donuts, beers, and laughs on this off the wall episode. On this episode, we discuss - Orlando Indie Comedy Fest - #BYOCBonACT - Cosby versus Garrett - Intern gets propositioned - Drunk Samantics call - Office etiquette - Jacking off at work - Sad Nick Lachey - Male contraceptions - Cuckolding -...


BYOCB Show 108 - The Hole and the Twacker

Alex AKA Fast Food Jesus went on a road trip with his good buddy, Vegeta. Along the way, they stopped off to meet their other good buddy, Logic Man. What kind of trouble can they possibly get into with Fisher and The Intern not with them? This is what you call making up show notes when Alex doesn't send them to you. Enjoy! Big thanks to our new friends at Mason Danger Beard Co. who hook us up with some AWESOME beard products! Enter BYOCB at checkout for 10% off your order. Big thanks to...


BYOCB Bonus - Backpack Social

There's really not a lot we can say about our friend RJ Welsh from Backpack Social, except the man is so fun to be around and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to living your life and traveling this great planet that we live on. From his beer adventures to his massage adventures, there is nothing that RJ has not experienced. We, at BYOCB, highly encourage you to like the Backpack Social Facebook page and contact RJ if you need to become more informed on traveling and experiencing...


BYOCB Show 107 - Tootin' Putin

From Sloppy Taco Palace, we got together after the wildly successful cornhole tournament and Ellipsis Brewing grand opening. Fisher, Alex, and The Intern welcome Logic Man and Vegeta as we down our sloppy tacos. On this episode, we discuss - Jack Off Chafing - Condom Jacking - Clone a willy continuation - Ellipsis Brewing Grand Opening - #PoonMachine - Stuffing the cornhole - Dilly Dilly Dad - First ever cornhole champs of Ellipsis brewing - Thirsty Topher show recap -...


BYOCB Show 106 - Swinging with Sandwiches

From The Thirsty Topher, we got together after our Bad As's Sandwich meetup, the whole gang is together along with a bunch of our friends. We had Ernest Hemingay jump on the 4th mic and had a great time on this episode. We are doing this Intern Clone a Willy thing. On this episode, we discuss - BYOCB Hide the Magnet Game - Intern having more sex in 2018 - Fast Food Jesus is saving marriages - Thanks to Calhoun for the music between segments - Voicemails - Gloryhole Randy or Roger? -...


BYOCB Show 105 - Magnetic Robot T's

From Hagan O'Reilly's Irish Pub, the whole gang is together along with a bunch of our friends. We had Logic Man jump on the 4th mic and had a great time on this episode. Pub Subs, Oreo, gloryholes, fish orgies, AND MORE in our first official episode of 2018. On this episode, we discuss - BYOCB Hide the Magnet Game - Intern having more sex in 2018 - Alex continues to drop weight - Intern Clone a willy - Fish sticks versus Fish and chips - Mixing your condiments - The Sugar Factory -...


BYOCB Show 104 - Fishy Trash Sampler

From Beer Rev, Fisher, Alex, and The Intern hung out pre-New Year's Eve to recap their Christmas and discuss how it feels to fart with a cleanly shaved butthole. On this New Year episode, we discuss - Dick Clark saggy balls - 2017 Best of Grady Judd - Alex gets pulled over - Chick Fil A spicy chicken biscuit is back - Christmas recap - Fisher's adventure to the American Girl store - Creepy Cosby calls - Nair the butthole - Fishy Trash Sampler - Eating bread heels - New Year...


Creepy Cosby's 12 Days of Christmas

When Creepy Cosby calls the show to spread a little bit of Christmas cheer in his own creepy way.


BYOCB Show 103 - Tiny Balls Intern

We got to check out Ellipsis Brewing in Orlando right near the Orlando International Airport and we absolutely LOVED it! Go Like their Facebook page right now. They had great beer and an awesome staff, which made for an awesome evening with our buddies Handsome Danny and Big Steve, who joined us. On this BYOCB Holiday Extravaganza episode, we discuss - Saying "Yo" & "Rad" - Broadcaster influence - Cornhole Championships - What makes a good brewery - Fisher is almost done with The...


BYOCB Show 102 - Taint Butter

Back at Beer Rev, we're joined by Logic Man, The Intern, and get this....our intern brought HIS intern! We had a blast on this one talking about the Intern's pubes, eating roaches, and holiday parties. On this episode, we discuss - Pube length and shaving - Duck sauce - Alex's Central Florida December podcast tour - Fisher loves a big Peter - Netflix/Stranger Things/The Punisher - Subscription services - Alex bruised his dick - Intern's Fear Factor - Holiday parties - Not the...


BYOCB Show 101 - Happy Little Dingleberry

Back at Beer Rev, we welcome our buddy Garrick and recap our Thanksgiving holiday, Black Friday, and we bring back the very popular Ask Fast Food Jesus segment, plus Creepy Cosby surprises us with his own version of a famous Christmas classic. On this episode, we discuss - Alex's birthday - Colored toilet paper - MLS says no to the Rowdies - Thanksgiving foods and traditions - Traveling and TSA - Black Friday - Creepy Cosby spreads Christmas cheer - Fisher's new precision cooker -...


BYOCB Show 100 - Bendy Like Gumby

We celebrated and recorded show 100 before the Bad at Business Beerfest at Celery City in Sanford. We had a such a great time with all of our friends. Thanks to everyone who wore our BYOCB gear at the beerfest. #YouAreBYOCB On this episode, we discuss - Alex went to Philly - Voicemails and Spotify - Alex's actions when he drinks - Going to be bed early - The Punisher on Netflix - Elf on a Shelf Nightmare - Nerd Dap Rap - Intern gets Catfished - Trix cereal - Yoga mats and pain...


BYOCB Bonus - Cheese Steaks and Mistakes

What happens when Alex and his Dad get flown by Orlando City to an away game in Philadelphia?? You get cheese steaks and mistakes of course. Check out this bonus episode that features all of the shenanigans that happens when Fast Food Jesus visits the City of Brotherly Love including a special appearance from our good friend, Ernest Hemingay. This was a fun bonus. Enjoy! Big thanks to our BYOCB sponsors - Lauren Tewson Photography and Swan Brewing. We drink. We laugh. We drink. Follow...


BYOCB Show 99 - Backstreet Casting Couch

From Beer Rev, Fisher and Alex take a break from Bomberman to bring another brand new BYOCB. From nostalgic video games to Chinese buffets, to why do kids love Olive Garden so much? Enjoy some episode 99 before we take our talents to the Bad at Business Beerfest for episode 100. On this episode, we discuss - Power Air Fryer 2000 - Chinese buffets - Georgia cops - Football versus soccer - Nostalgic video games and emulators - Cell phones in the toilet - Alex's new APO shirt...


BYOCB Show 98 - Funky Cold Madea

From Johnny's Other Side in Orlando, we are reunited and it feels so good! Fisher, Alex, AND the Intern are back with another BYOCB. Our buddy The Purple Throbber came and hung out with us as we discussed our recent hiatus and Alex's obsession with banging fictional characters. They aren't real! On this episode, we discuss - Recapping the last month - Voicemails with Creepy Cosby - Madea movies - Misinformation regarding Uber and Lyft - Stranger Things - Nerd Dad Rap - Lady Gaga's...


BYOCB Show 97 - Machine Gun Pedro

From the Sloppy Taco Palace in Orlando, Alex hangs out with his buddies Vegeta and a new guest on BYOCB, Pedro. Fisher and the Intern are taking care of real life stuff. This one is all Alex. This is usually where I put what the show contains in our show notes, but Alex made this one difficult to edit, so just listen to it. He's learning, folks. It's good. Big thanks to our BYOCB sponsors - Main Street Art Corner & Lauren Tewson Photography, and Swan Brewing. We drink. We laugh. We...


BYOCB Show 96 - Boofamozzarella

As we recovered from the Intern's own HHN event, we sat on Alex's porch and deconstructed our food telling tales of surviving the Blumpkinhouse Squirter. No politics. No BS. Just drink, laugh, and drink with us. Enjoy! On this episode, we discuss - Rye Bread - Fat dad's three-wheel motorcyle - Mother f'n google navigator - Dr. Seuss dick nursery rhyme - Emergency ponchos - Uber/Lyft secret profiles - Pedicabbing through Universal - Facebook live broadcasts with guest feature -The...


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