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We Drink. We Laugh. We Drink.

We Drink. We Laugh. We Drink.
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We Drink. We Laugh. We Drink.






BYOCB Show 102 - Taint Butter

Back at Beer Rev, we're joined by Logic Man, The Intern, and get this....our intern brought HIS intern! We had a blast on this one talking about the Intern's pubes, eating roaches, and holiday parties. On this episode, we discuss - Pube length and shaving - Duck sauce - Alex's Central Florida December podcast tour - Fisher loves a big Peter - Netflix/Stranger Things/The Punisher - Subscription services - Alex bruised his dick - Intern's Fear Factor - Holiday parties - Not the Macho...

Duration: 01:32:20

BYOCB Show 101 - Happy Little Dingleberry

Back at Beer Rev, we welcome our buddy Garrick and recap our Thanksgiving holiday, Black Friday, and we bring back the very popular Ask Fast Food Jesus segment, plus Creepy Cosby surprises us with his own version of a famous Christmas classic. On this episode, we discuss - Alex's birthday - Colored toilet paper - MLS says no to the Rowdies - Thanksgiving foods and traditions - Traveling and TSA - Black Friday - Creepy Cosby spreads Christmas cheer - Fisher's new precision cooker -...

Duration: 01:43:40

BYOCB Show 100 - Bendy Like Gumby

We celebrated and recorded show 100 before the Bad at Business Beerfest at Celery City in Sanford. We had a such a great time with all of our friends. Thanks to everyone who wore our BYOCB gear at the beerfest. #YouAreBYOCB On this episode, we discuss - Alex went to Philly - Voicemails and Spotify - Alex's actions when he drinks - Going to be bed early - The Punisher on Netflix - Elf on a Shelf Nightmare - Nerd Dap Rap - Intern gets Catfished - Trix cereal - Yoga mats and pain...

Duration: 01:04:17

BYOCB Bonus - Cheese Steaks and Mistakes

What happens when Alex and his Dad get flown by Orlando City to an away game in Philadelphia?? You get cheese steaks and mistakes of course. Check out this bonus episode that features all of the shenanigans that happens when Fast Food Jesus visits the City of Brotherly Love including a special appearance from our good friend, Ernest Hemingay. This was a fun bonus. Enjoy! Big thanks to our BYOCB sponsors - Lauren Tewson Photography and Swan Brewing. We drink. We laugh. We drink. Follow...

Duration: 01:02:13

BYOCB Show 99 - Backstreet Casting Couch

From Beer Rev, Fisher and Alex take a break from Bomberman to bring another brand new BYOCB. From nostalgic video games to Chinese buffets, to why do kids love Olive Garden so much? Enjoy some episode 99 before we take our talents to the Bad at Business Beerfest for episode 100. On this episode, we discuss - Power Air Fryer 2000 - Chinese buffets - Georgia cops - Football versus soccer - Nostalgic video games and emulators - Cell phones in the toilet - Alex's new APO shirt...

Duration: 01:29:15

BYOCB Show 98 - Funky Cold Madea

From Johnny's Other Side in Orlando, we are reunited and it feels so good! Fisher, Alex, AND the Intern are back with another BYOCB. Our buddy The Purple Throbber came and hung out with us as we discussed our recent hiatus and Alex's obsession with banging fictional characters. They aren't real! On this episode, we discuss - Recapping the last month - Voicemails with Creepy Cosby - Madea movies - Misinformation regarding Uber and Lyft - Stranger Things - Nerd Dad Rap - Lady Gaga's...

Duration: 01:41:51

BYOCB Show 97 - Machine Gun Pedro

From the Sloppy Taco Palace in Orlando, Alex hangs out with his buddies Vegeta and a new guest on BYOCB, Pedro. Fisher and the Intern are taking care of real life stuff. This one is all Alex. This is usually where I put what the show contains in our show notes, but Alex made this one difficult to edit, so just listen to it. He's learning, folks. It's good. Big thanks to our BYOCB sponsors - Main Street Art Corner & Lauren Tewson Photography, and Swan Brewing. We drink. We laugh. We...

Duration: 01:30:48

BYOCB Show 96 - Boofamozzarella

As we recovered from the Intern's own HHN event, we sat on Alex's porch and deconstructed our food telling tales of surviving the Blumpkinhouse Squirter. No politics. No BS. Just drink, laugh, and drink with us. Enjoy! On this episode, we discuss - Rye Bread - Fat dad's three-wheel motorcyle - Mother f'n google navigator - Dr. Seuss dick nursery rhyme - Emergency ponchos - Uber/Lyft secret profiles - Pedicabbing through Universal - Facebook live broadcasts with guest feature -The...

Duration: 01:26:34

BYOCB Show 95 - Doo Doo in the Dark

We hope you didn't forget about us as we're back again with another brand new BYOCB. Alex came out to meet Fisher at Beer Rev and we were joined by our buddy, Garrick, from the famous episode 23 that was never published. We recap Fisher's mental breakdown, why Alex is banned from Twitter, and what the hell has been going on with us for the last month and all the fun we have upcoming. Enjoy! On this episode, we discuss - Eye dilation - Shower cams - Penis Gepetto - Grandma Babushka -...

Duration: 01:37:16

BYOCB Show 94 - Flappy Johnson

From Harry Buffalo in downtown Orlando, we bring you a Fisher free episode as Alex and the Intern run this one. We're joined by our buddies Logic Man and Vegeta. On this episode, we discuss - Get the Intern laid - Hospitals and Alex's late night/early morning trip - Viral videos - 5 AM Golf Clash - Gaming dominance - Intern horror film minute - Fall talk - Best/worst fantasy football team names Big thanks to our BYOCB sponsors - Main Street Art Corner & Lauren Tewson...

Duration: 01:19:58

BYOCB Show 93 - Elephant Pickle

From Redlight Redlight Beer Parlour in Orlando, we were so happy that our buddy Peter from Scotch and "good" Conversation joined us for the first time on BYOCB. Thanks so much for all the support and votes for the Best of Orlando awards. We greatly appreciate it. We had so much fun on this episode! It's Bring Your Own "good" Conversation #BYOgC On this episode, we discuss - BYOCB guest names - Irish insensitivity - Best of Orlando - Long versus thick - Orlando is still more Matchbox...

Duration: 01:39:29

BYOCB Show 92 - Pierogi Diddy

We started at Ten10 Brewing with our friend Samantha, from Samantics, and then we finished at Beer Rev because the audio quality while and after being on a beer tour is just not up to those Fisher standards. On this episode, we discuss - T-Rock is the man - Samantha's new tattoo - Pierogies and Puff Daddy/Diddy - Alex is Fisher's Angus - Walking around the table - Is Five Guys fast food? - Moviepass - Alex slacking on his cool band segment - Making whoopee at a relative's house -...

Duration: 01:03:59

BYOCB Show 91 - Jizzard King

From Beer Rev, we welcome back the Intern, who has been away from the show for a while working on his internship degree. He recaps his Comic Con adventures and we welcome our buddy, Tattoo Mike on this episode. On this episode, we discuss - Fast Food Jesus French Fry Challenge - Intern went to Comic Con - Googoocuccino - Kevin Smith live podcast - iZombie - Appetite for construction - Redlight Redlight event with Scotch and "good" Conversation - Disney closing attractions -...

Duration: 01:36:05

BYOCB Show 90 - Newspockisgay

From Sloppy Taco Palace, we had a lot of friends come and hang out for this latest episode. We started off with our buddies Logic Man and Vegeta. We then welcome More Human than Human and Dan Cummins' Twin now known as DCT. Thanks so much to everyone who came out and hung out with us while we did what we do. On this episode, we discuss - Fisher and his Rocky t-shirt - Destroying cornholes in Philly - Alex adds everyone on Facebook - Newspockisgay? - Coors Light wants you to buy their...

Duration: 01:25:43

BYOCB Show 89 - Gargling with Queso

From Sloppy Taco Palace, we are joined by our buddy Vegeta. Two sloppies and some Oskar Blues has us gargling with queso. Alex recaps a bit of his Denver trip that we pushed for about 6-7 episodes. On this episode, we discuss - Thank you to our friends for the support - Falling asleep to podcasts - Fisher is watching American Horror Story again - Bring your own Cool Band - Alex's new segment - New Fast Food Jesus video - Bobby Dodd stadium - All the things you said running through...

Duration: 01:28:36

BYOCB Show 88 - Neil DeLonge Tyson

From Sloppy Taco Palace, we are joined by our buddies Brun Dog and Vegeta. We drank some Oskar Blues and ate some delicious sloppy tacos as we introduce a new music game. On this episode, we discuss - Recapping last week's misrepresented haircut topic - Intern was at Comic-Con - Creepy Cosby - Welcome back to Orlando Dom Dwyer - Fast Food Jesus represents the city at MCO - Happy birthday new random BYOCB listener at the bar - Top 10 songs people think are by someone else - New...

Duration: 01:48:54

BYOCB Show 87 - Suck Up All the Sappy

From Sloppy Taco Palace, we are joined by our buddies Logic Man and Vegeta, plus a very special guest, our boy, President Adams. We drank some Oskar Blues and ate some delicious sloppy tacos as we gather to see Fast Food Jesus rage on Atlanta. On this episode, we discuss - Logic Man got engaged - #YouAreBYOCB - Vote BYOCB for Orlando Weekly's Best Local Instagram and Best Local Podcast - Vote Fast Food Jesus for Best Local Big Shot - Atlanta trolls Orlando - Ask Fast Food Jesus -...

Duration: 01:27:14

BYOCB Show 86 - Fast Food Judas

WHO IS FAST FOOD JUDAS? From Sloppy Taco Palace, as Alex is watching our boy Logic Man get engaged, Fisher and the Intern are joined by Samantha of Samantics as co-host and we welcome a first time very special guest, our boy Dabbz Kay from the Burn It Down Show. As we get ready for some Melodic Dissent white boy reggae, we bust out some nerd dad rap. On this episode, we discuss - Addictions - Engagements - Sh*t shows - Drinking Zima - Sober on soda - Almond milk creamer - Revisiting...

Duration: 01:14:49

BYOCB Show 85 - Bottle Rocket in the Bunghole

It's our BYOCB Independence Day 4th of July spectacular and we're hanging out at Casa de Fast Food Jesus. We were joined by the intern and T-Rock on the grill as we celebrate #Merica #ScarfaceJumanji On this episode, we discuss - Rocky marathons - Iconic American movies - Murica or Merica? - We threw away a show -- find out why - Intern and Fast Food Jesus hang out before the 4th and shoot off fireworks - Fast Food Jesus on the One Wheel Plus - McDonald's create your own...

Duration: 01:23:08

BYOCB Show 84 - Egg McMuff Face

From Ocean Sun Brewing, Fisher is joined by Logic Man Chris as co-host for this show as Alex is out of the state. We were happy to be joined by our buddy President Adams after the great AlanaPalooza event. And it was awesome for Alana, herself, to make an appearance on the show and tell us all about her Avon 39 The Walk to End Breast Cancer. Plus, we had our buddy AJ from The US Show jump on for the first half of the show to hang out with us. Oh yeah, the intern was there too. The IPAs...

Duration: 01:20:15

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