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Episode 148: Playing with Fire

Episode 148: Playing with Fire Dan and Andrew try to trace the origin of a meme, discussion tasteful additions of “wa” to daily conversation, and recap a metal concert and a flame throwing experience. Also: Food Facts and Fatherhood Facts. Check out FotP Emma’s blog here:

Duration: 01:17:41

Episode 147: Guacamole Equivalent

Episode 147: Guacamole Equivalent Dan explains his air travel routine and then does his best Andrew impression. The guys look forward to pureed food and begin strategizing their next business together. Andrew and Dan compare catering stories and really show their understanding of the restaurant industry.

Duration: 01:03:14

Episode 146: Burrito History X

Episode 146: Burrito History X A late episode due to Dan’s incompetence. Drew continues to explain fatherhood, and Dan gets a new toy. Andrew and Dan review movies and some comics along side an X-history lesson. Sandwiches and burritos return to the debate table, sparking outrage.

Duration: 01:59:00

Episode 145: Fart Whistle

Episode 145: Fart Whistle Dan and Drew are back! After some baby talk, Dan recaps his trip to South America. Andrew survives fatherhood and Dan makes bad decisions. Keep the emails coming! BTTU will be back soon with answers and movie reviews! Tell a friend! #trypod

Duration: 01:19:11

Episode 144: The Miranda Hole

Episode 144: The Miranda Hole After a barrage of tweets, the guys get down to business. Dan is in the Miranda-hole, talks about an email that touched him, and has a suggestion for Drew. They move on to technology for adults, and talk about farts like kids.

Duration: 01:00:16

Episode 143: Effuse the Situation

Episode 143: Effuse the Situation The sandwich debate rages on with some new listener input and mathematical analysis. Dan almost apologizes. More listener email comes through and Dan takes as much help as he can get. Finally, Dan and Andrew ramp up for the new year and impending changes. As mentioned, here is Emma’s Sandwich […]

Duration: 01:15:13

Episode 142: Choked Aspirations

Episode 142: Choked Aspirations After a brief obsession with air horns, Dan shares an odd Lyft experience. The guys review Dr. Strange and Rogue One. After a brief but hilarious diversion into white supremacist terminology, Dan and Drew respond to listener snail mail.

Duration: 01:04:43

Episode 141: My Anaconda Don’t Want None

Episode 141: My Anaconda Don’t Want None Dan has a deodorant update and a crisis of memory. After a long drought, hot dogs return to the podcast for a rousing debate.

Duration: 00:58:56

Episode 140: Ugly But Delicious

Episode 140: Ugly But Delicious Dan begins with some life changes. The guys prepare for the holidays and analyze the finer points of thank you notes. Andrew helps Dan make peace with his past, discuss the best way to watch TV, and detail the Thanksgiving meal and how it might look.

Duration: 01:08:15

Episode 139: Decisions, Decisions

Episode 139: Decisions, Decisions Dan and Andrew cover the election of POTUS 45. With hour-by-hour updates, the guys cover the moods of the evening. We learn about Andrew’s beer preferences, Dan’s mom, and Dan’s past. BTTU enjoys the company of 2 new guests and grills them on their civic engagement. Dan goes deep on eggs, […]

Duration: 01:03:50

Episode 138: All Stare

Episode 138: All Stare Dan and Andrew listen to some bad mashups for once, and investigate misogyny in the crossword industry. Dan has a new terrible bathroom experience that scars him. Finally we discover Andrew is missing an important (and common?) part of the human experience.

Duration: 00:54:53

Episode 137: Rogue Bone

Episode 137: Rogue Bone Dan and Andrew try to block out the real world with stupid songs but Ken Bone and Twitter sneak in. They get pumped for Rogue One and new Marvel movies. After some bad Bane impressions, terrifying reality sets in.

Duration: 01:00:07

Episode 136: Spitting Image

Episode 136: Spitting Image Dan and Andrew reunite to discuss David Ortiz’s last days as a Red Sox, Andrew’s impending fatherhood, and Dan’s propensity for people-pleasing. The guys address the latest Star Wars conspiracy, and Dan makes a plea for some hard data. Andrew teaches Dan how to spit, and a new fan’s origin story […]

Duration: 01:17:00