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Symbols, Myths, and Dreams

This week Stu looks at the historic contexts of the symbols displayed and protested in the recent violence at Charlottesville, VA. Was the Civil War about slavery? How do we remember the Confederacy and the war that tore the country in two?

Duration: 00:58:23

The Black Squadron Of Matthew Perry

For over two centuries, Japan was a locked country. Any foreigner who set foot on Japanese soil was executed. But the world wasn't it content to let it stay closed forever. In 1853, a brash American Commodore sailed into the forbidden waters of Edo (Tokyo) Bay, turned his guns on the city, and demanded Japan open its doors.

Duration: 01:06:38

Einstein's Relativity

A distracted, daydreaming assistant clerk once imagined he was riding a bus traveling at light speed. In a rush of inspiration, he suddenly understood the universe in ways no one had ever imagined. When his published theories invalidated two centuries of scientific thought, Einstein was in a race to prove his theory, but World War I threatened to unravel everything.

Duration: 00:49:22

Beware The Ides Of March

Over two millennia ago, Julius Caesar led a small army across a river. In that moment, he was swept up in a tide of events that hard started flowing nearly ninety years before. Ultimately, not only would that tide lead to his assassination, but it would cause the entire Roman world to shudder and usher in the death of the Roman Republic.

Duration: 00:54:34

Boston Massacre

One snowy night in Boston, an argument broke out between a teenager and a lone soldier. Within minutes, five men were dead, others wounded, and the foundation of the American Revolution had been laid. This is the story of the Boston Massacre.

Duration: 00:42:57

Yellowstone - America's Wonderland

America's wilderness was a complete mystery for the first century of our country's existence. When white settlers started exploring the Yellowstone River Basin in the Montana Territory, what they found was so alien and strange that no one believed them. It took the survival story of an unlucky wanderer to vault Yellowstone into the limelight. This is the story of the creation of Yellowstone National Park.

Duration: 00:29:44