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Episode 133: Just Us Talking Justice League

Today on Baconsale, SuperJoel, Wonder Jacob and BatKent are reviewing the new Justice League movie. Wait, seriously? How did we let Kent talk us into doing another full episode of a DC film instead of a BaconBit? Regardless, the first half of the episode is spoiler-free, so you can listen to it even if you haven’t seen the film. And the review evolves into a discussion of the future of the DCEU, Rotten Tomatoes bias and the hypocrisy of Kent Dunn. Press play to join forces with the cosmic...

Duration: 01:12:11

Episode 132: Tournament of 90s One-Hit Wonders

Woo-hoo! Unbelievable as it may seem, we’re doing another ’90s music bracket. How Bizarre! But If You Could Only See that this time we’re doing one-hit wonders from the alternative, pop and dance genres, you’d be sure to Stay and listen. And The Impression That I Get is that this Runaway Train of hit music makes Kent, Joel and Jacob feel Torn as they make their picks for the first round of this tournament. Right Here, Right Now, press play! Download Baconsale 90s One-Hit Wonders Bracket

Duration: 01:59:46

Episode 131: The GoshFather of Utah Improv

Okay, listener, we need some of your suggestions for this episode. Give us a topic that Baconsale could talk about…. improv comedy? Okay. Now, give us a guest that we could bring on the show that would add some authority to that subject….. the founder of Quick Wits? Perfect! Today we’re talking with the Bob Bedore about his experiences as a professional comedian, what it takes to be a comic and how comedy has affected his writing and his daily life. Then he has Kent and Jacob play some...

Duration: 01:24:18

BaconBit: Thor: Ragnarok Review

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! It’s time for Baconsale to review the third Thor film. Therefore, will they think this movie is a thrilling full-throttle theater experience? Or is the god of thunder too thick, though the plot is thin? Will Kent thoroughly go for the throat of this throwaway movie? Or will his feelings thaw toward Marvel? Can Thor thrive there at the box office? Have we thought of a thousand th- words to throw into this description? Yes. Yes we have. It’s a thankless job, but someone...

Duration: 00:32:28

Episode 130: Choose Your Own Zombie Apocalypse

For our final episode of this Halloween season, Baconsale tried something a little different. We gave Jacob complete control of the show, and he created a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure/Dungeons-and-Dragons style game that places Kent and Joel in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. It is up to each of them to make the right decisions to stay alive. WARNING: The descriptions get pretty gruesome at times. Who will survive? Who will die? Who will run into tree branches like an oafish mammoth?...

Duration: 01:14:31

Episode 129: Supernatural Superfan

My, my, how the tables have turned! On this episode, it’s Jacob’s turn to be the superfan as we discuss the TV show Supernatural, and he must try to convince you, the listener to watch it. Kent already thinks Sam & Dean are hot & sexy beefcakes, but Joel can’t stop talking about Gilmore Girls. So hop in your black 1967 Chevy Impala, crank up the classic rock and press play, because everybody dies eventually!

Duration: 01:21:05

BaconBit: Boo! A Madea Halloween (2016) Review

Listener, you brought this upon yourself. You recommended that we watch Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween and we made the horrible mistake of following your suggestion. Joel does his best to contain his seething hatred for this movie, but it all comes spilling out. Luckily, though, Kent is there to give it the highest rating of the three members of Baconsale. The first half is spoiler-free…but, frankly, this movie was spoiled before we ever got to it. Press play if you want to hear...

Duration: 00:30:57

Episode 128: Season of the Pitch

WARNING! This episode is not for the faint of heart! Kent decided to redeem one of his pitch shows, so he and Joel are ready to share three ideas for new Halloween movies: one reboot, remake or sequel, one adaptation and one original horror film. The pitches start off in traditional Baconsale fashion—lighthearted ridiculousness—but then the stories take a dark turn and get seriously scary. One even forces Joel to shut the blinds in the studio and sing happy songs in his head. Press play....

Duration: 01:14:37

BaconBit: Horror Express (1972) Review

It’s time for Baconsale to review one of the most anticipated horror movies of the year. . .45 years ago. Actually, Horror Express, starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, flew pretty far under the radar, but our listener, Tom, is a fan of this cult sci-fi thriller. He recommended the film to us, so Kent, Joel and Jacob watched it. Now, we’re ready to discuss it. But don’t worry, the first few minutes of this episode are spoiler-free! Johnny Necropolis says press play now!

Duration: 00:22:35

Episode 127: Hipster Horror Flick Picks

Nightmare on Elm Street? Friday the 13th? The Ring? Those are sooooo mainscream. On this episode of Baconsale, we’re discussing horror films you’ve probably never heard of—well, we hope haven’t seen any of our picks. Kent, Joel and Jacob have each chosen an obscure number (4) of little-known scary movies they want to recommend to you and to each other. Joel’s choices are a bit too popular, Jacob’s are old, and Kent’s are. . .well. . .disturbing. Press play to see if we’re the Halloween...

Duration: 01:01:40

BaconBit: My Little Pony: The Movie Review

Is everypony ready?? It’s time for Kent and Joel to finally discuss My Little Pony: The Movie! Not just that, they’re also talking about their feelings toward the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic series, including their feelings about Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. . .but they’re not Bronies or anything. . . Do you know you’re all our very best friends? Share this magic with us! Press play now!

Duration: 00:25:33

Episode 126: Lycan This Episode Unto Yourself

Even podcasters who are pure in heart, and say their prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright. Baconsale is kicking off the Halloween season with an episode completely dedicated to werewolves! We’re discussing werewolf folklore as well as actual historical accounts of lycanthropy (werewolfism). We’ll also let you know how to identify, cure, kill or even become werewolves yourselves. And, of course, we’ll be giving our stamp of approval on...

Duration: 01:38:43

Episode 125: SEGA!

Welcome to the next level! Today, Baconsale is discussing what the Sega Genesis does that Nintendon’t. Kent and Joel were (are) both mega Sega boys, and they want to pitch their ideas for 20 titles they think should be included on a Sega Classic system. And even if you’re a fan of other consoles, or you’re not into video games at all, you’re sure to appreciate the guys’ infectious enthusiasm on the subject as well as our blast processing! So press ABACABB and let’s get started!

Duration: 01:26:12

Episode 124: Ranking Non-Disney Animated Again (The Land Before Tier)

Yup! Yup! Yup! We’re finishing our list of non-Disney animated movies! You see, our ranking shows are like onions, but instead of layers, they have tiers. And we’re going to put 35 more films into their respective tier and have a fun time doing it! This time around we’re including ones like Shrek, Anastasia, The Secret of NIMH, The Land Before Time, Madagascar and Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole. I like to listen, listen! You like to listen, listen! We like to listen,...

Duration: 01:41:19

Episode 123: We Ate Everything at Taco Bell

Yo quiero indigestion! Baconsale has done it again—we’ve eaten every single item on the Taco Bell menu. We tried that one thing that’s made with a tortilla, meat & cheese, and that other thing that has a tortilla, meat & cheese and even the new one with a tortilla, meat & cheese. And now Kent, Joel and Jacob are going to rate and rank each of these unique fast food items in a series of categories. Let’s see how long it takes them to make a bathroom-related joke (SPOILER ALERT! not...

Duration: 01:38:52

BaconBit: And We Shall Call It DizFlix!

Surprise! Jacob sprung a BaconBit on us! He asked Kent and Joel to discuss Disney’s recent decision to pull all of their content from Netflix and create their own streaming service. Do the guys think this is a good idea? Or do they think it’s a horrible plot by an evil corporation to squeeze the last drop of income from the poor viewer’s pocket? Only time will tell, but that won’t stop us from speculating.

Duration: 00:23:15

Episode 122: End of 2017 Movie Preview

Look, we all know everyone is looking forward to Justice League and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but what about the other films that are coming out before the end of the year? Kent and Joel have each brought a list of their top five most anticipated movies that have yet to come out, as well five flicks they want to flop. Plus, you’ll get to hear Joel’s movie trailer voice, Kent’s real voice and Jacob’s potty humor. So press play and let us guide you through the fall and winter of 2017.

Duration: 01:12:20

BaconBit: The Listener Speaks!

The Reverse Listener sent out a survey with some of our biggest debate topics and arguments, and he finally let us see the results. So we’re going to talk about who you, the listener, think would survive the zombie apocalypse, who is the best Disney princess, who should have won the Hopper vs. Prince John battle and more! Press play and see what we had to say about what you had to say!

Duration: 00:25:06

Episode 121: Time After Time Travel

Great Scott! Baconsale is discussing time travel with our good friend Emily! We’ve each come to the table with some of our favorite time-traveling movies and TV shows and we try to put each of them into one of three categories: fixed, dynamic and multiverse. The discussion starts out a little science-y, and then it gets pretty geeky, but we do our best to be excellent to each other and we hope you enjoy it! Isn’t it about time that you pressed play?

Duration: 01:26:02

Episode 120: Millennial-Approved Dating Etiquette

After Baconsale’s last dating etiquette show, our friend Paige asked to come on the show in order to give a fresh, female, millennial perspective on courtship in the modern world. So here she is! And she brought along her friend Jordyn (and Courtney and Amelia) to discuss how dates have changed since Joel and Jacob were last in the game, as well as some tips for Kent to help him improve his game and not get murder-kidnapped. So, whether you’re a man, a woman or “Bent Bunn” himself, press...

Duration: 01:26:57

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