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The Internet's #1 Place For All Things Odd

The Internet's #1 Place For All Things Odd
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The Internet's #1 Place For All Things Odd




Badass Avenue: Devils Harvest Wheat

We covered a wider range of topics, zipping back and forth weaving a tapestry of OMG SHITS FUCKED UP and then offered a solution or two on how to fix things. Sadly, nobody will like them. We went back to the no music formula and it seems to work for Sunday nights. So I think [...]

Duration: 02:35:14

BAA: Grim Realities

Man, what a show! Last night was amazing, we tried a new format where we didn’t play any music except for at thebeginningand the end. My guest was a good friend of the show Rev. Grim Pickins (a.k.a. WallyWojciechowski). Grim had called me a week or so ago and asked if he could come on [...]

Duration: 03:02:19

Badass Avenue: The Badass Returns

We’ve returned from the fog of complication only to prove why we remain your favorite station. Welcome folks to the first episode of 2012 and it was as real as we can get. Our topic was sex,relationshipsand cheaters. Morespecificallyhow cheating is bullshit and that most folks just need to open up to their partners before [...]

BAA: Meat on Meat Debate

Despite how wrong the title sounds, this show actually had some heavy content. Isaac and I went toe to teo on our beliefs and though we don’t believe what each other is saying, thankfully we can respect each other enough to be able to say it freely. I know my opinions are rarely the popular [...]

Duration: 03:10:50

BAA: Quixotic Quarreling

This episode is about OWS, and SOPA mostly with a little tongue of Newt thrown in for some fall harvest flavoring. Once again Issac was with usprovidingme with the ever cheerful optimistic side of things. To which I kindly shoot down at most turns. Just when I think this country and the men and women [...]

Duration: 02:32:09

BAA: Christmas Is Canceled

Not gonna blather on too much here, the show pretty much speaks for itself. I have a full plate today with errands and such. Make sure you check out the links and get a more in depth read than what we give here. Learn and educate yourselves. LINKS Blog Our First Topic Was Born [...]

Duration: 02:09:17

BAA: Camped Out With Tons Of TALENt

This show is bulging with throbbing content. First we spoke with Lee Camp, who in my opinion is like a modern day Carlin. Camp is a political comedian/activist who has a Youtube series called Moment Of Clarity that Liz and I have been enthralled with. His views and delivery make it a must watch for [...]

Duration: 02:46:41

BAA: Making Up Is Hard To Do

Since we ran into technical difficulties on Sunday, Liz and I decided to give you all the show you were supposed to get. Luckily Isaac was available and able to join us, which I think he found a new respect for me due to the words coming out of my mouth. I am getting more [...]

Duration: 02:50:53

BAA: Don’t Drink The STERNo

Another absolutely wonderful show. I knew when I scheduled this show that John Cord and Ricki Stern would be a great match. It was so good that John stayed on the line with us for the WHOLE show. Our topic in this episode was religion and how it has been twisted and perverted into a [...]

Duration: 03:06:24

BAA: Hit’em Right Between The Lies

(brief bit of silence after you hit play) Well there weren’t any references to someone having a 1.5 inch penis, but this episode of Bad Ass Avenue is sure to deliver on content. Our guest was Ricki Stern (of Two O’Clock High) via telephone. We covered a wide array of topics last night and we [...]

Duration: 03:13:33

BAA: The Second Cumming of Bertha Bangers

There we go, that’s more like it. Bad Ass Avenue is back and in full swing right out of the gate. Our guests in this episode were author John Cord, Bertha Bangers and the tiny dicked boy blunder himself Speech Impediment Man. We were supposed to be joined by Bertha and Speech in studio, but [...]

Full Disclosure

Bad Ass Avenue is back once again and we’re hitting you square in the face with all kinds of opinion filled goodness. In this episode we speak with Emma Kapplan from We Are Not Your Soldiers, which is an organization that’s partial aim is to inform teens about what exactly their getting into when they [...]

Duration: 02:57:08

Camp Starbucks of America

In this episode of Bad Ass Avenue, we spoke with Debbie (a representative for the folks who made Camp Fema). They actually have put out a series of documentaries (Camp Fema, Enemy of the State and Don’t Tread On Me) and at first Liz and I were a little worried about how these seemed so [...]

Behind Zaldor Number 2

In this episode of Bad Ass Avenue we spoke with’s very own Zaldor. We kinda had a Friday show on a Sunday again, but hey we missed Friday’s show (with good reason) so we wanted to make up for it. We spent most of this episode grossing out poor Isaac with thoughts of Blue [...]

A Stern Talking To

Another fine show in the books, this time my guest was Ricki Stern from Two O’Clock High. You remember them right? Did that awesome cover of Fuck You by Cee Lo Green. Anyways, Ricki felt cheated the first time he came out because his partner in crime didn’t want to discuss politics or religion. Ricki [...]

Kettle Meet Pot with Adam Brook

What is NORML? A Voice for Responsible Marijuana Smokers Since its founding in 1970, NORML has provided a voice in the public policy debate for those Americans who oppose marijuana prohibition and favor an end to the practice of arresting marijuana smokers. A nonprofit public-interest advocacy group, NORML represents the interests of the tens of [...]

Rocked and Rummaged!

We broke our normal stride last night and did a Friday style show on Sunday. Our guest was Casey from Rock and Rummage. Rock and Rummage is a really awesome idea, mix a concert with a garage sale plus booze and you get what R&R is all about. Filled with memorabilia merch from all walks [...]

Make The Choice, Be The Change (With John Sinclair)

Last night we got the chance to speak to a man who is a living part of History. For those of you who aren’t familiar with John Sinclair, please open a new tab and do a google search for the man or just go pick up a history book and learn something. We talked about [...]

Following Sabudist’s Teachings

In this episode of Bad Ass Avenue we change gears a little bit and do a Friday night show with a few Sunday night topics mixed in. My guests were Guy Williams (Boca Smole of My Head Radio) and John D. Green Sr. of the newly formed collaboration called Sabuda. John and Guy sat down [...]

She Ran Away From Me

In this Episode of Bad Ass Avenue we were supposed to be speaking with a woman about her son’s imprisonment and supposedly unjustified branding as a sex offender. This woman booked an interview with us about 2 or 3 weeks ago and then decided on Friday that I was a big bad scary man. Liz [...]
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