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#343 Chad Johnson: Taking Risks at Ego's Cost

Our friend Chad Johnson came on today to talk about his new book One Thousand Risks, and they talk death after his dad passed away this weekend. Before that, Matt gets on a rant about how we're messing up our kids' lives by putting them online: i.e. the bullied kid whose video went viral this past week when his mom posted it to the public. Links & Sponsors: ProFlowers: code BADCHRISTIAN Naturebox:...

Duration: 01:29:21

#342 Greg Surratt: Founding Pastor of Seacoast Church and Joey's Boss

Greg Surratt leads one of the largest churches in the world that influences churches worldwide. The question still stands, why does he let Joey do The BadChristian Podcast? We talk about this and bring to the table the many complaints we've articulated on this podcast about pastors, moral failures, and mega-church culture. Links & Sponsors: MVMT: Tooth and Nail Christmas...

Duration: 01:34:35

#341 Greg Boyd: Moving from Calvinism to Open Theism

Author of "The Myth of a Christian Nation" and founder of answers some of Matt and Toby's questions about what Open Theism's believes about God differently from Calvinism and Arminianism. We talk a lot about the omniscience of God and predestination. He also helps explain the problem with the Calvinistic view of Christians as The Elect. Links & Sponsors: Casper: Hubble:...

Duration: 01:25:28

#340 BadChristian Con Broke Twitter This Weekend

There was an ugly and embarrassing thread on Twitter this weekend. Many of you observed it, and many participated in it. It was primarily in regards to the inclusion of Preston Sprinkle at BadChristian Con. Some feel that he is a bigot and his views are tantamount to violence and that BC is implicated by giving him the stage. I (Matt) think it's a tragic look and insight into the negative side of a text-based, hyper-connected platform like twitter. In order to try to rectify that, we...

Duration: 01:48:31

#336 Zombie Pastors and BadChristian Con

Jake Meador, author of the article "Ecclesiology and the Zombie Pastors Problem," joins to discuss issues with pastors like Mark Driscoll (among others) coming back to ministry after being disqualified. Jake points out that the process of reconciliation between pastors and ministry is either to short and easy, or non-existent. We also announce the first BadChristian Conference, with featured guests Pete Enns, Jonathan Merritt, and other speakers, music by Emery, Kings Kaleidoscope, As...

Duration: 01:22:18

#338 Lecrae: Too Black for White Evangelicals

After months of self-discovery, Lecrae wrote his best and most honest album to date. White Evangelicals couldn't handle it though, and want him to stay in the safe lane they're comfortable with. #lecrae@yourchurch Links & Sponsors: Wonderbly: code BCPOD Naturebox:

Duration: 01:21:02

#337 Death, Gender, "Gay Stuff"

We've got a lot to talk about on this one. The bible isn't clearly against multiple sex partners, or at least not clear enough, laments Joey. Matt, Toby, and Joey lose a college friend way too early. Is sexual identity an overblown concept? How does society act as a software that keeps humanity in check? Links & Sponsors: MVMT: Blue Apron:

Duration: 01:23:44

#335 Who Cares What You Think About Transgender People

It seems that these days everyone expects a consensus view from everyone else. That is nonsense. We suggest a nice dose of taking yourself and everyone else less seriously. Take a deep breath and try to enjoy YOUR life and worry a bit less about other people's lives. Links & Sponsors: Phinehas Album "Dark Flag" Out Everywhere Nov 17th Honey:

Duration: 01:17:01

#334 Where are the Instructions for How to Read the Bible?

Today we (Matt, Toby, and Joey) find ourselves in a conversation about the Biblical cannon, and if it is forever closed, and why we think it is or isnt. If we're honest, it can't be as simple as, "God said it, I believe it, and that settles it." Links & Sponsors: BeachBody: test BADCHRISTIAN to 313131 ProFlowers: code BADCHRISTIAN Casper:

Duration: 01:33:23

#333 Chris Stroop Says #EmptyThePews

Many Atheists, Agnostics, and Christians, despite their stark differences, have the common ingredient of being “Ex-Evangelical.” Within the faith of Christianity, the scales have been tipped (credit the November 2016 Presidential Election) to cause a large sect of Christianity to bow out of evangelicalism. How important is it for this movement to grow? Self-identified nerd and Ph.D. in Russian history (Stanford), Christopher Stroop is an Ex-Evangelical and started the movement...

Duration: 01:22:19

#332 Perry Noble is a Bad Christian and So Are We

NewSpring Church, according to Toby's Damn News, has declining attendance and income due to its parting with founding Pastor Perry Noble, who is now getting a divorce. Is Perry a "bad guy?" Is he a victim? Either way, we wish him well, and truly feel bad for what he is going through. Toby can't stop eating Halloween candy, but wonders if Halloween traditions will go away soon. Links & Sponsors: Blue Apron:...

Duration: 01:18:54

#331 Jonathan Martin: Banned For Life From Liberty University

Cops escorted Pastor and author Jonathan Martin off the Liberty University campus during a JOHNNYSWIM show while he was hanging with his friends in the greenroom. He was banned for life from Liberty University for planning a prayer meeting and opposing Trump and Jerry Falwell Jr. What’s the condition of the church when opposing points of view aren’t even welcomed? What role does authoritarianism play in the church? Before any of this conversation starts, Matt and Toby dissect Joey’s...

Duration: 01:09:58

#329 Why After Talking To Atheists for 10 Years, I’m Still a Christian (w/ Justin Brierley)

Author and host of radio show and podcast “Unbelievable?” talks faith, atheism, and how the two groups misunderstand one another. He’s maintained an open mind to learn, and has had his faith stretched by some of these brilliant atheists, but still maintains his Christian faith. Justin, along with Matt, Toby, and Joey talk significantly about moral relativism. Toby realizes just how much he believes in Jesus; and oil leaks are always bad. . . unless it’s a bible. Links &...

Duration: 01:16:33

#327 “Girls & Sex” Best-Selling Author and TEDTalks Speaker, Peggy Orenstein

Shame, pain, and humiliation shouldn’t be words commonly used by women to describe sexual encounters. Teen girls shouldn’t feel obligated to return the favor by sexually fulfilling boys who take them out on a fun date. Labiaplasties (surgery of trimming the labia) shouldn’t be on the rise, but even that sex education class in middle school discusses “ejaculation and orgasms” for guys, but “risk and danger” for the ladies. Young girls are being cultured to forfeit pleasure, freedom, and...

Duration: 01:21:24

#326 Did Matt Have a Spiritual Experience at a Christian Concert?

Matt’s logical brain was discombobulated by a synergistic experience he had this weekend at a Kings Kaleidoscope show which made him realize there might be more to this human experience than can be emulated by AI despite having tried VR for the first time just two days prior. Toby takes Matt’s explanation of reality farther than most would, but reveals the inevitable generational gap where “back in the day” will mean when physical vacations and relationships were primary over VR and pod...

Duration: 01:23:24

#325 Holy and Queer are Synonymous with Pastor Brandan Robertson

Despite his conservative upbringing, Brandan Robertson’s first book deal was canceled due to him being vocal about affirming LGBTQ after studying the topic intensively for two years. He eventually came out as bisexual himself, and has become an influential writer for TIME Magazine, Huffington Post, NBC, as well as the author of multiple books on sexuality. Also on this episode, we talk Harvey Weinstein, sexual favors for gain, and Matt’s theory on a future “celebrity death boom.” Links...

Duration: 01:30:55

#324 Masculinity and Femininity Needs to be Re-framed

Toxic masculinity, good and healthy masculinity, men and women's ministries; do we pigeonhole folks to a certain brand of masculinity and femininity? Can this be harmful? One thing is for sure, thinking through all of this is much more complex than we give it credit for. Toby ends things with a “things that make me mad list,” including his laments on not being able to let out “sad farts." Links &...

Duration: 01:08:49

#323 How Faith and Science Work Together with Jim Stump

There's no need to go to the Bible for an explanation on fossil records or insight on cancer research. It's equally pointless turning to science for data on how to solve your moral dilemmas. Jim Stump, Senior Editor at Biologos and author of "Science and Christianity: An Introduction to the Issues," invites the church to see the harmony between science and biblical faith as he and his organization present an evolutionary understanding of God’s creation. Matt, Toby, and Joey discuss Cam...

Duration: 01:22:47

#322 Las Vegas Tragedy Makes Us Miss Obama

With the shooting in Las Vegas, it seemed weird to be “business as usual,” advertising products, laughing, cutting jokes, but isn’t laughing good for the soul? We share some jokes in which we’ve taken things too far, talk about Matt Chandler’s decision to only pastor one church with one location, reflect on Trump’s presidency in times like these and brag on (once again) Seacoast Church. Links & Sponsors: Casper:...

Duration: 01:29:52

#321 I Guess We're Post Christian?

There’s a lot of movement in Christianity and it's not always movement away from belief in Jesus, but rather the extraneous practices, beliefs and approaches to life that over time have become synonymous with Christianity. Maybe those Christians who stand up and say "Not anymore! We won’t be known for this!" are post-Christians? We also discover the apple not falling far from the tree in the Svendsen household: Joey’s son has a penis marveling moment, and his daughter feels unreal guilt....

Duration: 01:07:14

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