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#367 The 19% of Evangelical Non-Trump Voters with Depolarizers Dan and Ellen

Hosts of Depolarize! Podcast, Dan and Ellen, come in studio to hang out and give us an update on this masterpiece of a podcast. Season two brings in new co-host, Ellen Mauro, as they track down and interview Trump supporters and non-supporters from all walks of life, depolarizing the world one person at a time. Links & Sponsors: Zip Recruiter:


#366 Toby Hears God's Voice and Matt Can't Imagine Existence After Life

We all know Joey doesn't believe in hell, but with all the death Matt has experienced in the last few years, he has a hard time imagining that there is a heaven or a hell. Also Toby shares a specific encounter he had with God that he cannot ignore. Links & Sponsors: Quip: Blue Apron: Tooth & Nail: toothandnailrecords.merchnow


#365 Unspoken Prayers and Joey’s Holistic Mental Health Method

Fish oils, exercise, less sugar, SSRIs, and dropping more ingrained religion is given Joey hope in 2018, but even as this new approach seems to be working, there’s still fear that it shouldn’t be this good. Also what do you do when someone asks you to pray for an unspoken? Does it even matter? Links & Sponsors: MVMT: Brooklinen: code BADCHRISTIAN


#364 Reva Hansen: What it's like in the Emery and BadChristian Workplace

Employee of ours for four years, Reva talks about what it's like to be the only female on the tour bus, and to work with Matt, Toby, and Joey on a daily basis. How much should a group of guys adjust their behavior to accommodate for gender equality in a rough environment like a rock band tour? Links & Sponsors: BeachBody OnDemand: text BADCHRISTIAN to 303030


#363 Tommy Green (Sleeping Giant) Tells Personal Story of the Devastations of Human Trafficking

Tommy and his wife's lives were deeply impacted and changed by the great loss of a sweet teenage girl named Anna. Hear how they have decided to use her life and death to bring hope to others. Tommy also chimes in on what Jesus's love should mean in today's polarizing, hate-filled culture that even many Christians have been caught up in. Maybe Jesus was serious about the whole "loving others" thing after all? Links & Sponsors: HIMS:...


#362 25 Shows in 24 Hours with Switchfoot's Jon Foreman

Ever have a crazy (but good) idea and never had the guts to go for it? Jon Foreman of Switchfoot decided to go for his crazy dream of playing 25 shows in 24 hours, all in different locations of San Diego. From a hospital that saved his daughter's life years prior, to his old high school with the marching band, Jon and his friends gave and received the true gift of community, musical expression, adventure, and a deeper sense of what life is all about. Links &...


#361 Burning Down the Shack!

James DeYoung tells us why Paul Young, author of The Shack, might be leading us all to hell. Links & Sponsors: Lending Club: Tooth & Nail: "Panic Room" by Silent Planet


#360 Pro Life, Pro Choice, or “Whole Life Ethic” with Ellen Mauro

Ellen Mauro is the new co-host of the Depolarize Podcast, which has a new season coming soon. She is an advocate for both women and the unborn. The topic of abortion seems to largely be discussed on a group or national level, but the realities of individuals and their circumstances are always more complex than the big picture and the self righteous on both sides want to acknowledge. Links & Sponsors: Quip:...


#359 Kevin Max of DC Talk

Kevin Max showed interest right away in our documentary "What Would Jesus Sell," so we got him on to talk about why that piqued his interest, and how he's seen the Christian music industry change throughout his career. We also reflect on the death of "America's Pastor" Billy Graham. Links & Sponsors: Tripping: BeachBody OnDemand: text BADCHRISTIAN to 303030


#358 Juanita Broderick (Bill Clinton Rape Accuser)

Juanita Broderick alleges that she was forcibly raped by bill Clinton in 1978. She shares with us the details surround the event itself, and what has happened since. Links & Sponsors: Audible: Texture: Tooth and Nail: Off Road Minivan "Spiral Gaze"


#357 Do You Want to Live in a Zoo?

Matt goes on a rant about how the work of the future will center around creativity and meaning. As technology and artificial intelligence increase, it will be up to us to invent and define meaningful work. Alternatively, those who aren't able to do so will find their life akin to that of a zoo animal. Links & Sponsors: Blue Apron: Tripping:


#356 Thought Experiment: Could Churches be a Net Negative?

Systems, institutions, and organizations tend to grow and change some along the way, but they rarely reverse course entirely or realize when they have become ineffective or even counterproductive. That's partly because the participants don't like to challenge their own system and outsiders criticism is easily dismissed. We know people outside our churches have criticism, and we are aware of the tendency inside to continually give the benefit of the doubt. Seems like this is a bad recipe...


#355 Mars Hill Church Women Speak

Something they weren't allowed to do at Mars Hill Church (Seattle, WA), Jen Smidt, Melanie Studley, and Candice Clem articulate how they were "indoctrinated" into this church culture that masked sexism with a vision to see men lead at home, church, and in the community. Hear this panel of women at our BC Con describe details that will have your head shaking in disbelief. How was it so easy for these women and their husbands to be deceived into being a part of such an unhealthy culture....


#354 Connecting Kids to Their Incarcerated Parents (with Cyril Prabhu)

In order to stop the ugly generational cycle of incarceration, Cyril serves families by trying to help restore relationships between kids and their incarcerated parents. He's making quite an impact and you may need to grab quite a few tissues for this one. Matt, Toby, and Joey reflect on the conference and what it means to BadChristian. Joey and Toby reflect on how their decade old plans of potentially starting a church. Turns out it's a lot different than what they had imagined. Links...


#353 TJ from As Cities Burn plus a Panel from BadChristian Con

The BadChristian Conference this past weekend was a great success! We're sharing one of the panels from the weekend with you all called "The Gospel, Victimhood, and the Marginalized" with Jonathan Merritt, Derek Minor, Candice from Free Sex, and her awesome friend Nicole. To preface, TJ from As Cities Burn hopped on to take Joey's spot as a break from the current Emery and ACB tour. Links & Sponsors: code BADCHRISTIAN


#352 God Didn't Need Jesus to Die in Order to Forgive Sins (Says Baptist Pastor, Chuck Queen)

He may look and sound like a Baptist preacher, but Pastor Queen isn't convinced in Jesus' divinity, doesn't believe Jesus "had to" die in order for man to be saved, thinks there's other ways of finding God (outside of Jesus) and yet is a Baptist minister. We also talk discipleship in the context of this post-modern Christian culture that is rapidly growing. Links & Sponsors: Blue Apron: BeachBody: text BADCHRISTIAN to...


#351 Bad Days and How God's Word isn't Helping

Matt and Toby are having a bad day and due to their "made up professions," don't feel like grownups yet. Joey is reading Rob Bell heresy and in this current time of immense rethinking among Matt, Toby, and Joey, a passage in Bell's newest book sparks a conversation on what the hell we are supposed to be doing with the Bible. Links & Sponsors: Tripping: Tooth & Nail: "Composure" by August Burns Red...


#350 Jaclyn Friedman, Sexual Liberation Activist

Jaclyn in zealous to see everyone liberated from sexual limitations; orgies, open marriages, anything goes as long as it includes mutual respect. She's insightful and subversive to America's common approach towards sexual morals. Matt and Jaclyn disagree about the premise of the Aziz Ansari allegations and how they should be treated. Is the tide changing on how we view sex? Links & Sponsors: Zip Recruiter:...


Fundamentalist Are No Fun #349

When we started this podcast, we knew we'd get some things right and some things wrong and at some point Fundamental Christians would try to shut us down. Turns out we were right about the fundamentalist part. Now we're out here trying to push against fundamentalism from wherever it comes from. Links & Sponsors: Blue Apron: Tooth and Nail: "Skyline" by LOYALS on tour with Emery


#348 Podcasting as an Exercise in Thinking

On this episode, among many other things, Joey talks about an older man he knows using weed (illegally) to cope with pain instead of his prescribed drugs, and feeling guilty about it. We're having a blast doing this podcast; it really is a privilege to be able to hang with our friends and process out loud. It's a bonus to know we've helped other people a find like-minded group although on the internet. It's kind of a win-win, so thanks to all you listeners for putting up with our dumb...


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