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Podcaster's Delight: Episode 3

Pete and Justin are back, and this time their mics are on! Check out episode three of our ever-evolving podcast. In this edition, we finally name the damn show and introduce a new element to the program. As always, participation is encouraged so leave comments or email us at

Duration: 01:21:18

Podcaster's Delight: Episode 2

While it's not reflected in this recording, we've landed on a name (that happens in Ep. 3- coming soon) and we're getting this show on the road. Look out for the FB page and more to come. This week was all about conspiracies, chemtrails, Korean Reggae, and much more! Also, we need a logo. Any takers?

Duration: 01:06:59

A Show Without a Name: Episode 1

Justin and I are trying something new. We're just talking. We're talking about our lives, our friends and family, our thought and concerns, our hobbies and interests, and our past. We hope you find it interesting, and want your feedback about what works, what doesn't, and what's missing. Please join us in this endeavor and let's make this something we can all learn and grow from together. It's like therapy, but it's free!

Duration: 01:12:55

Prison Break-down: Episode 3

After a lackluster episode three, the show is back on track with absurd nonsense and overacting the likes of which we haven't seen since the show went off the air many moons ago. Lincoln mans a large mobilized gun, Michael does... some stuff, and sends a sad video to Sara. It's definitely Prison Break, but hopefully the last of the boring setup episodes of the early chunk of the season.

Duration: 00:37:49

Required Viewing Episode 5: Monty Python's Life Of Brian

We're back, and I think this time we've got our shit together. We used a new "studio" and the audio sounds pretty good. We also watched a movie that we have mixed feelings on: Monty Python's Life of Brian. While we're a little critical about it, it's Python, and it's hilarious. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:40:25

Required Viewing: Episode 4: Face/Off

It's been a while (sing it in your head) since Justin and Pete got together to watch a great movie that Justin hasn't seen. Welp, we're back. You'll hear some gold, such as: Pete and Justin forgetting they DID record a Raising Arizona podcast, Pete coming up with the sequel to Face/Off, interruptions, and more! We're back baby, and we're going to take his face... off

Duration: 00:40:01

Episode 58: Onward and Downward

Holy 58th podcast, Batman! I can't believe we've done 58 of these things. Still trying to get it right, and this episode is proof. The audio isn't great and we're all over the place, but we do have a special guest: Daniel! He's a friend of Connor and Pete's and he's as big a comic book nerd as Pete, with a focus on DC. So, we talk about the worst of the comic book universes. Pay close attention for all the wrong things Pete says about things he knows better about.

Duration: 01:38:46

Episode 57: Ain't No Party Like a Third Party

Connor and Pete got together again to talk comic book films, this time the lesser known 3rd party flicks. Like any other genre, some are good and some are abysmal. We're here to break em down for you. We'll be back soon to tackle the reliably terrible DC Universe.

Duration: 00:43:36

Episode 56: Fox and Friends

Connor and Pete sit down to continue their comic book movies discussion. This time they chat about the Fox and Sony owned properties, including the X-Men films and the Spiderman films. If you're a comic book nerd, this one's for you. Make sure to chime in and tell us if you agree or disagree with our takes on these films. Also, be sure to check out our much older "Spider-cast" episode to hear the epic argument of Spiderman 2 vs. Man of Steel!

Duration: 00:55:32

Episode 55: MCU discussion for Two

Connor and Pete sit down with the intent of discussing the entire comic book film genre, but end up spending over an hour discussing the Marvel Cinematic Universe alone. While we agree on a lot, we also have different opinions on certain films, and ultimately it's just fun to reminisce about a franchise that's been so good to film fans. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:30:01

Episode 53: Tank Girl

This episode was recorded LIVE at the fabulous Spider House Ballroom in Austin TX. Pete was lucky enough to be invited as a guest host and chose his favorite girl-centric, pre-96, badass film: Tank Girl. This one was all over the place. There was booze, bad microphone placement, and an attempt at discussing feminism where Pete is schooled by one of the two wonderful hosts of Black Widow Cinema. Thanks Pat and Susan. This was a hoot.

Duration: 00:43:32

Episode 51: Order Of The Black Eagle

This is it folks, episode 51. We've made it to the promised land. To celebrate, Connor found us a fun action film from the 80's that features a James Bond ripoff, a baboon(who also starred in one of our favorite films), and Adolf Hitler. This one is a hoot. It's good to back. Next episode is Ishtar...

Duration: 00:34:11

Required Viewing: Episode 3 - Raising Arizona

This episode we discuss one of Pete's favorite comedies of all time: Raising Arizona. This is the gold standard, people. Nicolas Cage at the top of his game, Holly Hunter doing her usual best and an ensemble cast of future stars in the Coen Brothers' second film and first comedy. Let us know what you think of this film, the podcast we did about it, and anything else you have on your mind. We'd love to hear from you. Enjoy.

Duration: 00:34:34

Episode 47: Yor, the Hunter from the Future

Welcome to episode 47. This week we watched "Yor, the Hunter from the Future". This movie was totally awesome in the bad movie way we all know and love. Terrible ADR, practical effects, and some amazingly over-the-top ideas come to life. Also, it's got Pag, the real hero of our tale. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:50:08

Required Viewing: Episode 2 - Léon

This week, Justin experiences one of Pete's favorite films, Léon, aka The Professional (for US audiences). While Jaws was a bit dated for Justin, Léon hit the mark and was a huge hit for him and the podcast. We discuss Milton, Gary Oldman's amazing performance, and even the Wachowski sisters. What did you think of Léon? Post your comments and share your feelings with us.

Duration: 00:43:19

Required Viewing: Episode 1 - Jaws

On our first episode of this brand new podcast, we discuss the classic thriller Jaws. This movie is what got this podcast started. Justin watched Jaws 4: The Revenge with us for the BMN podcast and casually mentioned it was the ONLY Jaws film he's seen. Upon further review, we found many more movies he needs to watch. We're doing 100, but here's number one!

Duration: 00:45:43

Episode 45: Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings

This week we're joined by a special guest, Nikki, who also brought us this weeks gem of a movie: Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings. We really enjoyed this movie, even though it was essentially a LARP session filmed at a Renn Festival. There's a lot to discuss, laugh at, and learn about ourselves.

Duration: 00:40:25

Episode 44: Zardoz

“The gun is good! The penis is evil!” We watched Zardoz and LOVED it. Wow was this an experience. It’s 70’s, it’s campy, it’s experimental, but it’s super good and worth your time. We also discuss your hatred for our Batman v Superman podcast and the potential in a “Babe” sequel called “Crusher the pig”. It’s Bad Movie Night!

Duration: 00:43:36

Episode 43: Batman V Superman Dawn of WTF

So, this one will probably be controversial, but we went and saw this movie and it was beyond awful. We had so much more fun doing this podcast then we did watching this piece of crap.

Duration: 00:55:51

Anniversary Special 2015 - Part Six

It's the grand finale. Not much to say, it's what it's all been building up to. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:39:57

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