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Podcaster's Delight - Episode 15 - Wakanda Forever

This week is a special episode, as Justin and Pete saw Black Panther, together, and talked about it! If you're a fan of the show, I bet you can guess what we thought of it, but we try to break it down and discuss what we liked and why we liked it. Since this podcast, I've listened to and read interviews with Ryan Coogler, and I am just enamored with his vision and execution. This man is one of the great directors of our generation. Anyway, here's episode fifteen: Wakanda Forever!


Podcaster's Delight Episode 14

This weeks episode is about sports violence and riots, as well as vampires. That's right, vampires. We've got our focus game on (after three rough minutes), and we're hoping you enjoy the show. Let us know what you think, what we missed, any questions you have, etc?


Podcaster's Delight: Episode 13

It's hopefully the end of an era. This show is ever evolving, and we've got some ideas we're going to discuss in this episode. As always, we talk about life, what's on the horizon, and what's piqued our interests in the last week. Welcome, once again, to Podcaster's Delight!


Podcaster's Delight: Episode 12

We're back, the old gang, Pete and Justin, talking about life and stuff. Justin is back from Connecticut, Pete has been reading and watching some intersting stuff, and we've got a brand new story time with Pete about his days in the video game industry. Have at it!


Podcaster's Delight: Episode 11.5 - Its Not Us

It's a very special episode of Podcaster's Delight. Justin is on vacation and Pete was dying to talk about the new Umphrey's McGee record, "It's Not Us". I got my cousin Joe on the show to talk while we listen to the record in it's entirety thanks to the magic of computers and the internet. Special thanks to Kevin Browning and Umphrey's McGee for letting us do this very special podcast. Enjoy!


Podcaster's Delight: Episode 11

Where the heck have we been? We've been working on producing a better show for you! This week we focus a little more on politics, world events, media, and other stuff we find interesting. This is a long one, but some big topics and ideas shared that we'd love your input on. Comment below with ANYTHING. We want to hear from you.


Podcaster's Delight: Episode 10

Happy New Year, listeners. We're back with a brand new episode! This week, we finally have Justin watch Mad Max: Fury Road, and we did it in style. Justin has a kickass 4K TV, so we did this right! We discuss life, birthdays, Christian holidays, Satan, and of course the film. Kick back and start the new year right with Podcaster's Delight!


Podcaster's Delight: Episode 9

Episode 9: That's right, we're still doing this! Justin and Pete are back to discuss some things, but mostly Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This is full of spoilers for the new Star Wars film, as well as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So, yea, fair warning. Comment, like, or just listen. Either way, thanks for stopping by.


Podcaster's Delight: Episode 8

Episode 8 is here. Justin and Pete haven't been able to talk or do much lately, but Pete lost his job, so there's that to talk about. Also, Pete ends the show with the story of the night he spent partying with The Mighty Boosh. You won't want to miss it.


Podcaster's Delight: Episode 7

This was a rough week for Pete, more on that next episode, so this is a little late. We discussed video games, our week past, dogs, music, and Hulk Hogan. That's right, Hulk Hogan. Check it out, comment, etc. We love you all.


Podcaster's Delight: Episode Five

It's a "bonus" episode! Justin and Pete got together sooner than expected due to the Thanksgiving holiday, so here you have it: Episode five. This week we discuss Justice League, baking, five second films, and more. Also, Pete tells another story or two. Welcome back to Podcaster's Delight.


Podcaster's Delight: Episode 4

Justin and Pete sit down to discuss Kolaches, Roy Moore, Grandma's Boy, and more. Strap in for a half professional, half poorly recorded episode of Podcaster's Delight!


Podcaster's Delight: Episode 3

Pete and Justin are back, and this time their mics are on! Check out episode three of our ever-evolving podcast. In this edition, we finally name the damn show and introduce a new element to the program. As always, participation is encouraged so leave comments or email us at


Podcaster's Delight: Episode 2

While it's not reflected in this recording, we've landed on a name (that happens in Ep. 3- coming soon) and we're getting this show on the road. Look out for the FB page and more to come. This week was all about conspiracies, chemtrails, Korean Reggae, and much more! Also, we need a logo. Any takers?


A Show Without a Name: Episode 1

Justin and I are trying something new. We're just talking. We're talking about our lives, our friends and family, our thought and concerns, our hobbies and interests, and our past. We hope you find it interesting, and want your feedback about what works, what doesn't, and what's missing. Please join us in this endeavor and let's make this something we can all learn and grow from together. It's like therapy, but it's free!


Prison Break-down: Episode 3

After a lackluster episode three, the show is back on track with absurd nonsense and overacting the likes of which we haven't seen since the show went off the air many moons ago. Lincoln mans a large mobilized gun, Michael does... some stuff, and sends a sad video to Sara. It's definitely Prison Break, but hopefully the last of the boring setup episodes of the early chunk of the season.


Required Viewing Episode 5: Monty Python's Life Of Brian

We're back, and I think this time we've got our shit together. We used a new "studio" and the audio sounds pretty good. We also watched a movie that we have mixed feelings on: Monty Python's Life of Brian. While we're a little critical about it, it's Python, and it's hilarious. Enjoy!


Required Viewing: Episode 4: Face/Off

It's been a while (sing it in your head) since Justin and Pete got together to watch a great movie that Justin hasn't seen. Welp, we're back. You'll hear some gold, such as: Pete and Justin forgetting they DID record a Raising Arizona podcast, Pete coming up with the sequel to Face/Off, interruptions, and more! We're back baby, and we're going to take his face... off


Episode 58: Onward and Downward

Holy 58th podcast, Batman! I can't believe we've done 58 of these things. Still trying to get it right, and this episode is proof. The audio isn't great and we're all over the place, but we do have a special guest: Daniel! He's a friend of Connor and Pete's and he's as big a comic book nerd as Pete, with a focus on DC. So, we talk about the worst of the comic book universes. Pay close attention for all the wrong things Pete says about things he knows better about.


Episode 57: Ain't No Party Like a Third Party

Connor and Pete got together again to talk comic book films, this time the lesser known 3rd party flicks. Like any other genre, some are good and some are abysmal. We're here to break em down for you. We'll be back soon to tackle the reliably terrible DC Universe.


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