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Bad Storytellers :: Episode 23 :: The Great Gig in the Sky

In this episode, the gang discusses the funniest films ever made, other podcasts, and what to burn when we die. Josh brings in one of his banked short film drafts, Maxx writes an introduction for an efficient criminal, and Liam writes about a girl and a burned-down house. Afterwards, we discuss diction and clarity, and our trailer ends up being a movie that will never be made, but that everyone secretly wants. Show notes and links can be found at


Episode 21 :: Ace in the Hole

The gang gets together this week to discuss Baseball's history in Star Trek, Doug's celebrity as The Kill Bill Kid, Hearts of Iron, and Soviet Hockey. Liam has some brainstorming to do, Max shows us what the aristocratic life is like in his story, and Josh finishes Chapter five. We also review our first ever fan submission! We had a great time on this one. Enjoy! Show notes and more at


Episode 19: The Arbiter

In this episode, Doug is out, so Josh, Liam and Max have a brainstorming session about each of their individual projects. Additionally, we talk about Captain America: Civil War, Neil Gaiman (again), and the oppressive fiction of Cormac Mccarthy. Rounding it out is another idea we're surprised hasn't been filmed. Stay a while and listen. Show notes and group submissions can be found at


Episode 17: Twilight Of The Techno Wizards

In this episode, the gang is minus one as Doug has to sit out, but we still cover a large range of topics including the Rogue One trailer, Mary Sues, and how many times is too many to say a character's name. Max brought in a character study, Liam expanded on his Fox and Ox tale, and Josh brought in the fourth chapter of his first draft. As always, we end up spending more time arguing about the name of our movie than the plot. Enjoy. We sure did. Show notes and links can be found at...


Episode 16: Cannon Saga

After two weeks apart, the gang gets back together to discuss our ignorance of Tumblr's mechanics, Batman v Superman, and what kinds of things make a story Dieselpunk. Josh turns in a preview of Chapter 4, Liam does some worldbuilding, and Max gives us a naval battle. Show notes and links can be found at


Episode 14: Our Kind Of Town

In this episode, Max takes the day off, we talk about the new Ghostbusters trailer, plot holes that bother us and those that don't, and we get into the nitty gritty exposition in both Doug and Josh's stories. At the end, we put together a movie idea that we're all frankly surprised hasn't already been made. Links and show notes can be found at


Episode 13: Off The Wall

In this episode, the gang talks about how copyright works for writers, how to come up with names, fairy tale monsters, and Shaquille O'Neal. Liam tries a repetitive prose experiment, Max lets us in on his new dystopian future, and the gang helps Josh workshop a scene for his novel. We may also have had too much fun recording the trailer at the end. Show notes and links can be found, as always, at


Episode 12: The Reboot Episode

In this episode, we are minus one, because Doug is in the process of moving. We changed up the format to discuss reboots, sequels, and what we would do if given leave to make our own Star Trek series. Also, we are now accepting writing submissions for critique and criticism. As always, show notes and links can be found at


Episode 11: Mask Of The Tengu

In this episode, the gang tries to tackle the concept of exposition. Much is discussed about Deadpool, Naruto, and Die Hard. Even more is talked about Max's project, Doug's outline, and Josh's third chapter and his own troubles with exposition. Show notes and links at


Episode 10: The Pearl of Titan

In this episode, the gang talks ren-faires, distractions, and how to deal with them. Liam turns in his first outline, Doug completes his final outline, and Josh turns in the complete Chapter two! Come hang out and have a few laughs with us. References and show notes can be found at

Episode 09: Mother Superior

In this episode, the gang is one lighter, as Max was home with Aldeberaanian Flu. We talk about cynicism, snobbery, and Rocky IV. Josh turned in the beginning of Chapter 2, and Liam turned in a very sexy piece. The episode wraps up with what may be our most fun trailer yet. Show notes and more can be found, as always, at

Episode 08: The Right Side Of History

In this episode, the gang puts a hold on turning in their own work to instead fine-tune some of the roadblocks in their stories by workshopping them as a group. You get to peer behind the curtain of how these ideas come about. Also, we talk a lot about alternate history. Show notes and links can be found on

Episode 07: Chrome on the Range

In this episode the gang talks about British w(h)igs, Doctor Who, the coolness of John Goodman, the death of the Noble Furtrapper archetype, and what it would take for a young boy to leave his dying mother. Also, after a discussion about writing rituals, Josh turns in the first chapter of his book for review. Show notes and submitted works can be found at

Episode 05: A Dark Lightyear

Recording problems abound in this, our second attempt at recording a fifth episode! In this one, we talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Max's problem with Snow Crash, and our own terrible work. Come join us for a few laughs.


Episode 03: The Planet Without Christmas

In our third episode, we discuss Villainy, Batman, overseas racial expectations, and Christmas in space. We had some audio trouble this episode, despite upgrading our microphone solution, so we'd like to apologize for any intermittent clicking. We did the best we could to reduce it. In any case, enjoy! Show notes and documents can be found on

Episode 02: Second-Hand Memories

In this episode, the gang talks about used books, conceptualizing a story, outlining, and worldbuilding. Enjoy as we wrap-up by creating a sweet little tale about an unlikely hero who just wants to know the truth. Show notes and links can be found at

Episode 01: The Friar of Callowick

In the inaugural episode of Bad Storytellers, the gang introduces themselves and critiques each others' works, discuss films and literature, and compose a trailer for one of the best movies you'll never see. Hang out with us for a bit.