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Host Andy Zook sits down with artists of all mediums to talk about projects, their brains, and other conversations he wishes he could have at parties. Intro music: "Raining in Fiji" by Aaron Davidson

Host Andy Zook sits down with artists of all mediums to talk about projects, their brains, and other conversations he wishes he could have at parties. Intro music: "Raining in Fiji" by Aaron Davidson
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Host Andy Zook sits down with artists of all mediums to talk about projects, their brains, and other conversations he wishes he could have at parties. Intro music: "Raining in Fiji" by Aaron Davidson




Future Ghost Tour - Pure Ivy: Live at The Garden City Projects

Recorded live at The Garden City Projects, just outside of Boise, ID for the Future Ghost Tour. Live songs by both Andy Zook and Pure Ivy, Conversation with Kait Hendrix of Pure Ivy. Pure Ivy - The Garden City Projects -

Duration: 00:35:56

ep. 47 - Abigail Swanson

Abigail Swanson is Bad at Parties! Host Andy Zook and Abigail talk about her new book "More Plain Things" (which comes out September 14th! - link below), as well as growing up in a small town and making peace with it, the joy of an experiential work that only exists for a limited time, and how respond to a drunk text. "More Plain Things" - Book Release: Submit to "More Plain Things" -

Duration: 01:08:26

ep. 46 - Josh Tigges

Josh Tigges is Bad at Parties! Josh discusses his upcoming project "Humanity in Earth Tones" - set to come out at the end of September, early October, along with conversations about fracturing and learning to repair relationships with a sibling that was also his bandmate, and seeking how to be a better singer.

Duration: 01:05:48

ep. 45 - Taylor Cesmat

Taylor Cesmat is Bad at Parties! Taylor and Andy talk about finding a space to create your project or business! Learning from experts and expanding by being vulnerable to fail! Delicious Cheese, Pasta, and Ice Cream! Creating a full experience of all 5 senses! And, Investing in yourself!

Duration: 00:58:18

ep. 44 - Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams of "The Native Sibling" is Bad at Parties! Ryan and Andy talk about playing as a session musician! Adding or removing machines from music! Vocal health! Setting up house shows! Listen to The Native Sibling:

Duration: 01:02:40

ep. 43 - Reed McCoy

Reed McCoy is Bad at Parties! Andy and Reed talk about separating one's value from the art that they produce! Early 2000's Metal! And learning to follow multiple passions!

Duration: 01:02:03

ep. 42 - Zachary St. John

Zachary St. John is Bad at Parties! Andy Zook and Zachary St. John talk running a DIY Space! interacting with individuals with developmental disabilities as a part of your day-to-day community! Calling out people who are being oppressive and antagonistic! Generations - Venue: Camp Parkview:

Duration: 01:03:02

ep. 41 - Dustin Stoddart

Dustin Stoddart is Bad at Parties! Dustin and Andy discuss McDonalds! Teaching and Active Listening! Feminism in Philosophy! Long distance marriage!

Duration: 01:08:42

ep. 40 - Merce Lemon

Merce Lemon is Bad at Parties! Merce and Andy talk about house shows! Finding good practice spaces! Fear and anxiety in writing!

Duration: 00:59:53

ep. 39 - Erica Ewell

Erica Ewell is Bad at Parties! Host, Andy Zook, and Erica talk about Music Education and being a role model! Working under a toxic leader versus someone you trust! And giving one's self permission to take a break! Bellingham Girls Rock Camp - Girls Rock Camp Alliance -

Duration: 01:06:48

Bonus - Circle Small - Exclusive First Listen!

Bonus Episode! Andy's band, Bears and Other Carnivores is Bad at Parties! Hear the single, "Circle Small" off their new EP - Rods and Cones, a whole 24 hours before anyone else!

Duration: 00:05:18

ep. 36 - Paul Kowalczyk

Paul Kowalczyk (Sleeping Lessons) is Bad at Parties! Andy and Paul talk about family and band dynamics! Sacrificing well and sacrificing rightly! Paul's main points to being successful in the music industry!

Duration: 01:12:31

ep. 34 - Kathleen Murray

Kathleen Murray is Bad at Parties! Host, Andy Zook, and Kathleen talk about natural flaws in performance! Being bold in promoting your work! Supporting the voice of another without a voice! Showing up!

Duration: 01:02:44

ep. 33 - Eric Andreson

Eric Anderson (Cataldo)is Bad at Parties! Eric and Andy talk about Cataldo's new record, Keepers! Market Research! Tricks to remember names by! Learning to satisfy yourself in order to create satisfying art!

Duration: 01:23:28

Ep. 32 - Lerin Herzer

Lerin Herzer is Bad at Parties! Andy and Lerin sit down to talk about Mental Health and music! Sticking your foot in your mouth! Education and Prison!

Duration: 01:18:40

ep. 30 - Gabe Rodriguez

Gabe Rodriguez is bad at parties! Gabe and Andy talk about family dynamics! Not getting into an artistic slump! Getting into an artistic slump and pulling yourself out! Calling yourself an artist!

Duration: 01:00:59

ep. 29 - Abby Gundersen

Abby Gundersen is Bad at Parties! Abby and Andy talk about homeschool! Composition! Trusting yourself to do something you don't see examples of! Lots and lots of sound effects on this one.

Duration: 01:04:28

Bonus Holiday Episode

Happy Holidays! Bad at Parties returns January 9th.

Duration: 00:01:26

Ep. 28 - Aaron Davidson

Aaron Davidson is Bad at Parties! Aaron and Andy talk about making music together! Conflict resolution! Mentors and influences on their lives! Aaron is the first self proclaimed extrovert on the show, and he waves his flag proudly. Check it out!

Duration: 01:27:14

ep. 27 - Rachael Knudson Thomas

Rachael Knudson Thomas is Bad at Parties! Rachael and Andy talk about creating a space that makes you want to create! Beauty in decay. A mutual fear of camping (but doing it anyway)! Also, it snows.

Duration: 01:02:35

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