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From Doodlebugs to Hayabusas- or "The Agreement" with Jonathan James

Baked and Awake Episode 36 Monday March 19th Bonus Episode From Doodlebugs to Hayabusas- or "The Agreement" with Jonathan James My good friend JJ and I session, and chop it up about a long rumored “Conspiracy” of the Sport Bike world. The Agreement, as it has come to be known, is at the heart of an 18 plus year old legend of how the Suzuki Hayabusa became the fastest production motorcycle of all time, never to be equalled. Is this by sheer dint of the mighty ‘Busa’s unassailable...


Episode 35

Baked and Awake Episode 35 Thursday March 15th BAKED Cannabis Updates- LCB Lifts 24 Hour Quarantine period for sales. SOTW: Rapper Kush Live Resin Home Garden Updates- New Greenhouse, Bunny House and Chicken Coop Reset, Bees, Possible Chicken Cam, Bee Cam- Follow @bluebirdfarms (Airis 8 Nectar Straw! Greenside Rec!) Open Cannabis Project AWAKE EVENTS Canna Tank 420- Spokane WA March...


Happy Birthday Shawn! (Return of The Lopez Part 2)

March 5th 2018 Episode 34 Stephen Cominski Nate Lopez- Stand up Comic (@inspectanate on IG, Twitter) Podcast of the Week: The Color Me Dead Podcast- Hardcore True Crime stories delivered by two hilarious yet thorough Ladies, Angel and Nikki. NSFW, Not for the easily offended, or those with delicate constitutions. Today on Baked and Awake, I conclude my chat with Local Seattle Comic Nate Lopez about his life as a Pro MMA Fighter, and what he’s doing today outside the ring. Before...


Episode 33 - Return of The Lopez

Episode 33 Saturday March 3rd 2018 Steve Cominski Nate Lopez A candid conversation between Your Host and his friend Nate Lopez, Seattle Comic and former Professional Face Smasher. Nate talks Mixed Martial Arts, Shares a little about his family and childhood, and even manages to drop a short anecdote about that huge fuckin weirdo Phil Spectre. Yes, THE Phil Spectre.. All this and a whole lot more, this week on Baked and Awake. Nate’s...


Musing on plants and the scene with Stevo

Just a super quick bonus post today, and a snippet of conversation from a much longer session with my good buddy Stevo. We talk plant nutrition, philosophize a little about the plant itself, and muse to ourselves about how fun it would be to host a Heady Session with local Seattle area friends and community members... Enjoy!


Cannacon Recap, A.I. Warnings, Malware Patches, Writing Data to Human DNA

Baked and Awake Episode 31 Cannacon Recap Updates on Stories we have covered Cannabis Influencers NW Vision Statement Stories: Cannacon Recap Shoutouts: Meg Lewellyn from insta @BBHwithMS, Jake the Professor and Dominique Dabs from Diego Pellicer, Joshua Kinkaid of Seattle Super Chronic Cafe and The Marijuana Show, Chef Jeremy Cooper, Jacko the Barbarian, Robert and team from Jrev Media, Gote and all his colleagues at Capitol Analysis, Cam and Liz from Dose Oil in...


Nate Lopez Episode 30

Baked and Awake Episode 30 Guest: Nate Lopez, Standup Comic Topics: Nate’s background in the California Medical Cannabis market of the late aughts when he was deeply involved with a medical Cannabis collective and Dispensary. Auspicious beginnings and ten months of steady growth in sales and patients served, eventually culminated in the most cliched and terrifying of conclusions- a full on raid from the Orange County Sheriff’s department, complete with battering rams and assault rifles...


For Madison

Baked and Awake Episode 29 Saturday February 10th 2018 Canna Industry Updates and More Opening comments- There will be no pitches today on the podcast. No shoutouts (although since I wrote them out they will still be in the notes). No exhortations to buy T Shirts to support the show or to write reviews anywhere. In fact, the most important part of this entire episode is happening right now and will be over in a moment. I honestly won’t be mad at anyone for turning the show off the...


Assholes Part Two - The Landmark Forum Breakdown

Baked and Awake Episode 28 February 5th, 2018 Steve Cominski George W Masters Today on the show: This is, in a nod to one of Steve’s favorite Podcasts, The Landmark Forum, “The Breakdown”, where George Masters and I discuss the unusual but somehow quite successful Personal Development “School” that is Landmark Education and The Landmark Forum. I’ll add a few extra jpeg’s of the Landmark “Syllabus” that is apparently handed out to some students, although I can’t recall receiving...



Baked and Awake Episode 27 January 31, 2018 Steve Cominski Today on the show: Welcome, Thanks for the most recent five Star review from Vanzell Kirk aka Inner Observer, of the Lifted Scene Podcast! Shoutout to a great Pacific Northwest produced show about all things higher consciousness, only the least part of which is mind expanding drugs! Don’t forget to check out my episode this week and next week on On The Edge with Mike Peacock, where we talk all things Cannabis this week, and...


January Bonus-ode

Baked and Awake Jan 25, 2018 January “Bonus-ode” Today on Baked and Awake Welcome and Thanks to MD5Holmes and Ontheedgeiam for their 5 star reviews in iTunes! Thoughtful words fell on grateful eyes when I read your feedback, gents- thank you both! First up: Strain of The Week (SOTW) XJ-13 from Smooth Sailing Cannabis, Tacoma WA. XJ-13 Strain info: XJ-13 is a sativa-dominant strain cherished for both its therapeutic potency and enjoyable euphoric buzz. This hybrid cross of...


Season Two Episode 03

Baked and Awake Season Two Episode 03 January 20, 2018 The Surveillance State and YOU Opening Comments- ThanksSean McCoyfor the 5 Star iTunes review! Also our friend over atMinutiae Men PodcastEverybody else do that, too! Also don’t forget tovisit the Teepublic shopto scoop some Baked and Awake Swag and spread the word about the show far and wide!MJ News- Some states consider pardons for MJ Offenders Most Phones, Tablets, vulnerable to security flaws Many Secure Messaging Apps not so...


Baked and Awake Season 2, Episode 02 (#24)

Baked and Awake Season 2, Episode 02 (#24) January 12, 2018 Today on Baked and Awake: Opening remarks on: Cannabis Influencers NWMeetup, Thanks for the iTunes Reviews, Please visit the Teepublic Storeto support the show and help us grow. World Health Organization says CBD is safe, with no potential for abuse Google’s Alpha Zero AI Trounces reigning AI Champ in just hours Pandora CEO Wants to create the Podcast Genome Project Elite Globalists may engineer a financial collapse and...


Season Two Episode 01

Baked and Awake Podcast Season 2, Episode 01 January 7, 2018 Legal Cannabis Updates and Other News Old Business- Welcome to the first Episode of the Baked and Awake Podcast for 2018!! Holy Moly you Guys, we recorded 22 Episodes in 2017, having started this little project back in late August, almost September. In that time we have had well over 1000 downloads in total, with a one day record of 99 downloads! That just happened in December, with our Mars Hill Episodes One and Two!...


Discussion of Mars Hill Church Part Two

Baked and Awake Episode 22 Discussion of Mars Hill Church Part Two Guests: Douglas Moreland, Adam Schaeffer Today is a continuation of the conversations with Douglas and Adam, with the addition of a sample of a Mark Driscoll sermon, and some commentary to further set things up. I encourage everyone who finds this story to be of any interest at all to look into it further- there is an absolute wealth of information out there about the rise and fall of Mars Hill, and the lessons that...


Reflections on Mars Hill Church Part One

BAKED and AWAKE Mars Hill Church Episode 20 27 December 2017 Statement from Adam 36 years of human existence compressed into a single page I’ve already learned a lot about myself by opening up this chapter of my past. Distancing myself from the church has been one of the defining experiences of my life. I tried in vain to fit myself into that mold for many years, because I was aware that it would most likely lead to a happier, smoother relationship with my family. Ultimately...


Probable Alien Transmission #1

Audio message from an unknown source from somewhere deep in the Galactic Core.. Listen, and be afraid! No telling if there will be more of these in future, so I have proactively labeled this as Number One in a possible series. We are scanning the night skies for additional messages as we speak.. -Special thanks to David Chaffey of the Man Brain Podcast for the stellar, if mildly disturbring, Promo spot! #podcastfriends #podcastbuildersleague


Episode 20

Baked and Awake Episode 20 18 December 2017, Seattle WA Host: S Cominski This week on Baked and Awake, we smoke a powerful joint, and read some of the Top Secret Tales of WWII, by WIlliam B. Breuer. This episode is a bit of a placeholder for the soon to be published Reflections on Mars Hill Church episode, which will be out sometime before Christmas. As promised, if you share my interest in WWII History, and want to begin to understand its impacts on the world at the time, and...


Episode 18

Baked and Awake Episode 18 Sunday November 26th 2017 THEY’RE NOT COMING FOR YOUR GUNS, THEY’RE COMING FOR YOUR INTERNET- OR ARE THEY? ALSO: Boston Dynamics robots 2017, Artificial Intelligence Warnings, and did Cannabis come from space? Old Biz: Did Elon Musk create Bitcoin? Did Elon Musk Create Bitcoin to Be Used on Mars? Baked News: Will Sessions try yet again to kill Medical MJ before the year's end? Upcoming Events: Podcon Seattle, December 9th and 10th Baked...


Episode 17

Episode 17 Monday November 20th 2017 Opening Remarks Thanks for reviews, Shoutouts, Suggestions (Dave Chaffey, Ryan Kraus, The Eastern Border Remember to listen to Supernormal Episode 13, Mixed Race, where I shared my experience as a Mixed Race Adoptee, and now Father of two boys of my own. Please listen to The Eastern Border Most Recent Episode, “Man of Steel 8- Promotions”, for whom I recorded a short promo spot for Baked and Awake that Kristaps was kind enough to include at the...


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