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Because sport is more than just the results. The best and funniest podcast content from Ireland's favourite sports website. Discussing everything relevant to the world of Irish sport and beyond.








Euro 2016 Day 26: Unionists Have A Conflict About The Euros

The lads discuss a controversy in Belfast and if this Irish team was loved more than past ones.

Duration: 00:30:05

Euros Day 11: How the fans coped with Bordeaux and a desperate grapple for optimism

On today's Racket, post Belgium-Ireland. @Donnymahoney talks about the feeling in the ground in Bordeaux, @ConorNeville on the atmosphere while watching in a Dublin pub while @MCCarthyMick talks about kicking over a bin.

Duration: 00:27:14

The Euros Racket 14.06: Takeaways From Ireland/Sweden, Bet Of The Day Returns

The Euros Racket returns with The Takeaway from Ireland's draw with Sweden, along with the return of the runaway success that is our Bet of the Day. We're 2 from 2, so have a listen for the chance to win some dough. Find us on twitter: @gcooney93, @donnymahoney, @McCarthyMick. The Takeaway is brought to you by Four Star Pizza, who are giving customers the chance to score a double deal on their takeaway for all games during the Euros campaign. To take your half-time feasting to the next...

Duration: 00:28:24

Euro 2016 Day 4: Ireland At Last, Naked Irish Fans In Paris And Bet Of The Day

This is your daily Euro 2016 podcast. On the second episode of The EUROS RACKET, Ireland and Sweden in finally here and it's like Christmas Eve. Conor is on the streets of Paris with some rowdy Irish fans and, after acing our first bet on Friday, we're back with another Ladbrokes Bet of the Day.

Duration: 00:26:23

Euro 2016 Day 1: Best Bets, Ireland's Chances, When Will England Crash Out?

This is your daily Euro 2016 podcast. On the first episode of EUROS RACKET, the lads preview the tournament, wonder how many goals Ireland will score and when England will crash and burn. Nathan Murphy and Miguel Delaney also check in from France with their best bets for the tournament.

Duration: 00:45:05

The Racket 09.06 - Shouting 'Stop' on Euro 2016 flags + GAA Betting Handicaps

On today's edition of the Racket, we discusses the Championship betting handicaps + a letter writer sticks it to the flag culture

Duration: 00:37:07

The Racket 08.06: Vialli's Godwin's Law, Punditry Wars

Today's Racket previews the forthcoming punditry wars between BBC, RTE, TV3 and ITV, along with news of Gianluca Vialli falling victim to football's own version of Godwin's Law. We also have an incredibly tricky #StumpConor.

Duration: 00:28:20

The Racket 07.06 - Accumulator fallout + Paul Gibson on Muhammad Ali

On today's edition of the Racket, we discussed the collapse of Donny's accumulator at the weekend and we interview Paul Gibson on the time Muhammad Ali wrote back to him.

Duration: 00:35:51

The Racket 03.06 - The GAA Handicaps special

On today's edition of the Racket, we talked about the weekend's betting handicaps + our sweepstakes draw

Duration: 00:41:34

The Racket 01.06: Irish Squad, Gala Interview, Rock n Roll Marathon Stories

Racket ahoy: featuring a tip of the hat to the FAI's graphic team, along with an exclusive interview with Gala, the auteur behind 'Free From Desire', the unofficial anthem of Euro 2016. On World Running Day, Donny meets some of the inspirational people competing for the Rock n Roll Idol competition. Dublin's Rock n Roll half marathon takes place on August 5-7. You can sign up for the Dublin event here: http://www.runrocknroll.com/dublin/ We are on twitter: @ConorNeville, @donnymahoney,...

Duration: 00:34:18

The Racket 31.05: Irish Squad Fever, McGeeney Debate, The Biggest #StumpConor To Date

Today's Racket is extremely excited for the Irish Squad announcement, they don't come around very often. We debate the merits of those whose places aren't nailed down. Also, we ask what exactly is Crossmaglen's problem with Kieran McGeeney, and Conor Neville is challenged with an epic #StumpConor. Follow us on twitter: @ConorNeville, @McCarthyMick, @gcooney93.

Duration: 00:45:56

The Racket 30.05: Irish Rugby Accents, Glory for Connacht and Conor Neville

Today's Racket features audio from Joe Schmidt and Jamie Heaslip at the launch of the brand spanking new Irish rugby jersey. We also have news of why Mauricio Pochettino was at the Aviva, glory for Connacht and, more pertinently, Conor Neville. Find us on twitter: @ConorNeville, @donnymahoney, @gcooney93, @Mikeyt086.

Duration: 00:34:57

Galway Bay FM Commentary At End Of PRO 12 Final

The closing stages of the PRO 12 final, brought breathlessly to you by Galway Bay FM.

Duration: 00:04:58

The Racket 27.05 - The growth of the 'Lonnachts' and the 'big' Ryder Cup news

On the Racket today, we preview the Ryder Cup vice-captaincy, discuss the rugby fans who have shifted from Munster fans to Leinster fans and now moved onto Connacht, and we preview Cavan-Armagh with our Cavan correspondent. Follow @ConorNeville, @DonnyMahoney, @McCarthyMick and @MarkFarrelly131 on twitter

Duration: 00:39:36

The Racket. 26.05 - Two listeners compete in 'The Ultimate Irish Football Quiz'

On today's edition of the Racket, two readers go head to head in the 'Ireland in major tournaments' quiz in association with Lifestyle Sports The winner gets tickets to the Ireland-Holland game plus a VIP experience including an open top bus tour to the stadium. Also, the championship betting handicaps for this weekend

Duration: 00:48:39

The Racket 25.05: The Chipper Row Caused By The '96 All Ireland, Mike Finnerty on London/Mayo,

Today's Racket is Mayo-heavy, as we tell the story of the chipper row caused by the 1996 All Ireland final, and we talk to the brilliant Mike Finnerty about the time London almost ended James Horan's managerial career before it began. We also have news of an extraordinary detente with twitter's Rob Fullstop. Find us on twitter: @ConorNeville, @donnymahoney, @gcooney93

Duration: 00:30:50

The Racket 24.05: The Strange Story Of The Irish Marathon Team, Oliver Kay On Adrian Doherty

A bumper Racket features a chat about the strange case of the Irish Olympic marathon team, and Donny's memories of Bill Cosby. We also explain why Paddy Crerand was in studio yesterday, and we talk to Oliver Kay of The Times about his book Forever Young: The Story Of Adrian Doherty. Find us on twitter: @ConorNeville, @donnymahoney, @gcooney93

Duration: 00:59:02

The Racket 23.05: Dani Carvajal At Kerry Championship, Paddy Crerand: Minister for Propaganda

The racket is back and bursting at the seams with reaction to a busy sporting weekend. We react to the partially-broadcast Irish Open, as David Feherty shames the entire nation. We have another magnificent performance by popular Minister for Propaganda, Paddy Crerand, and news of the Real Madrid star who prepared for the Champions League final by watching the Kerry Championship. All this along with another episode of the hottest slot on Internet radio, #StumpConor. Follow us all:...

Duration: 00:32:55

The Racket 20.05 - The debut of Angry Producer Mick and the most bitter GAA rivalries

Mick McCarthy - aka, Angry Producer Mick formerly of OTB - makes his podcast debut tonight as we talk bitter GAA rivalries and managers whose stock rose after they were fired. Follow @ConorNeville, @DonnyMahoney and @McCarthyMick on twitter

Duration: 00:35:41

The Racket. 19.05 - The Championship Handicap Betting Preview

Leitrim-Roscommon, Tipp-Cork, Tyrone-Derry, Dublin-Wexford and more...

Duration: 00:41:02

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