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Banksy and Pinky waking you up on the radio every weekday mornings 5 – 9am on Triple M Central Queensland

Banksy and Pinky waking you up on the radio every weekday mornings 5 – 9am on Triple M Central Queensland
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Banksy and Pinky waking you up on the radio every weekday mornings 5 – 9am on Triple M Central Queensland




Banksy & Pinky Podcast 20th March 2017

It's International Happiness Day and we put together a happy pack to giveaway- including coffee and new undies- things that make us happy! Took your calls to find out what makes you happy, had a happy chat with Rhys Muldoon from House Husbands and Pinky re-discovered the happiness that only shopping at K-Mart can bring!

Duration: 00:24:44

Banksy & Pinky Podcast 15th March 2017

Our local Ambulance service is taking 50% nusiance calls each day and needs to clarify what an emergency call is! We re-did thier on hold message for them. There's an app to help you out during a break-up, it even supplys a song list- we find out what your break up songs are. Our local Mrs Earth contestants came in to update us on their progress and showed us their crowns.

Duration: 00:24:02

Banksy & Pinky Podcast 9th March 2017

Pineapple Gate continues with a unepxected offer of help in getting our produce to the President of Iceland. Caught up with Erin Molan from the NRL Footy Show, found out what people bought at the new Aldi yesterday and Banksy is back on Twitter!

Duration: 00:29:42

Banksy & Pinky Podcast 7th March 2017

Pauline Hanson is creating her own craft beer and we found a commercial she's been working on! We also decided that we should create our own beer- CQ gave us some name suggestions. Banksy was also inspired to write a song about it! We chat to Kevin and Janetta from Travel Guides and find out how a call to the Iceland post office went! We need to send some pineapples over!

Duration: 00:24:51

Banksy & Pinky Podcast 6th March 2017

We are loving a 'HONY' post where a lady reveals how her 92 year old husband behaves! Married at First Sight is getting nasty and we discuss why Gympie is becoming famous for being stuck in the 80's! Pinky thinks we should all swim in the MS Swimathon next year and tells us why.

Duration: 00:21:48

BEST OF Banksy & Pinky Podcast WE 13th Jan 2017

Our first week back for 2017- good to be here! We talked about the dangers of buying a guinea pig for the kids, find out how you've been an embaressing parent, why the Rockhampton clock doesn't tell the time, wasps in coffee, child care workers, daylight savings trial and we honoured David Bowie one year from when we lost him.

Duration: 00:32:12

Banksy & Pinky Podcast 22nd Nov 2016

We took your calls to see if you agree with dropping the speed zones down by 10km- plenty of opinions on this one! Pinky wants to talk about getting the snip and we've discovered Unicorn Toast! Matt from the Morning Bulletin joins us to talk about our walking show next week and Bansky shares one woman's account of her husband cheating on her.

Duration: 00:28:22

Banksy & Pinky Podcast 15th November 2016

It's Clean out your Fridge Day and we find out who has the oldest thing in their fridge! Banksy thinks everyone has a funeral song picked for themselves- plenty of you do and Pinky is undecided. We have a new boss at Sea Fm and bailed him up on his first day to see if we will work well together.

Duration: 00:33:41

Banksy & Pinky Podcast 14th November 2016

The Super Moon is coming and Pinky believes it affects people but Banksy doesn't agree. Lynette called in with an interesting story about working in an Aged Care Residential Home during full moons. The Block winners are from Qld and we are pumped! Banksy has a Tupperware problem and we check in on Karen from New Zealand after the Earthquake.

Duration: 00:37:00

Banksy & Pinky Podcast 11th November 2016

The heat wave is getting to us and we asked for you to describe the weather in one word- so many words! We catch up with CQ born and bred judge Darren Palmer- he's looking forward to the season finale on Sunday night! Simmo is heading to an awards night and Mc Happy Day is tomorrow!

Duration: 00:29:04

Banksy & Pinky Podcast 10th November 2016

Trump is now the President of the United States and we speak to an American who voted for him! Why did he? Pet owners find it harder to get a rental and Pinky has found this too! Dr Greg has advice on how to keep the pets hydrated during this heat wave.

Duration: 00:32:23

Banksy & Pinky Podcast 8th November 2016

Pinky was swooped by a Butcher Bird 6 times and her husband refused to come and pick her up! We took a poll with you. Banksy's dog Chewwy is turning one and he's wondering what to get him. The Wheelie Bin night tactics of Pinky's husband has inspired Banksy. Plus we discover that Penguins are nothing like the ones in Happy Feet!

Duration: 00:28:29

Banksy & Pinky Podcast 7th November 2016

The Butterfly Plague has descended on Central Queenland- the world must be ending! Pinky wonders how you share Christmas Day and learned a new parenting tip from her husband regarding the Wheelie Bins. We hear a page from Pinky's Training Diary and Banksy isn't feeling wise.

Duration: 00:37:38

Banksy & Pinky Podcast 20th October 2016

It's International Day of the Sloth and Air Traffic Controllers. Cool! Dr Greg joins us to talk sloths and answer your pet questions. Brisbane has it's own Monopoly board game, so we take your suggestions on how the CQ one would look? Tam called into the show with an odd question regarding mosquitoes- so we put it out to you for answers!

Duration: 00:35:02

Banksy & Pinky Podcast 19th October 2016

It's International Evaluate your Life Day and International Hagfish Day. We find out what a Hagfish is and ask our spouses to evaluate our lives for us. A local woman has suggested creating an App to know where Dangerous Dogs live- we get your thoughts. Whip around to the three Mayors, Pinky shares her own smoothie recipe and Banksy wonders why people are using their iPhones in the shower!

Duration: 00:30:29

Banksy & Pinky Podcast 18th October 2016

There have been some scary attacks in CQ on kids by Magpies, even resulting in loss of vision, we ask if you think something should be done. Caught up with Sasha from The Block and Owen from the Yandina Observatory is in the region to look for the meteor!

Duration: 00:33:34

Banksy & Pinky Podcast 17th October 2016

Matt Nable from 'Hyde and Seek' on Channel 9 joins us to talk about his new role and an Aussie movie he's making! A report has suggested we change school hours to 9-5 to assist working parents- we find out what you think. Pinky has been reminded that bad things come in 3's and Banksy received a suprising apology.

Duration: 00:31:26

Banksy & Pinky Podcast 14th October 2016

We spoke to local man Paul about his wife Aimee and the cancer battle she is facing- they have a Go Fund Me page to raise funds to afford treatment in Brisbane. Pinky was overcharged by her phone company for something she never signed up for- we find out if it's ever happened to you? Where is your favourite place to fish in CQ? Get Ready Qld week is almost over and we still have tips!

Duration: 00:30:29

Banksy & Pinky Podcast 13th October 2016

We recieved a call after the show yesterday about a scary experience one listener had with a Clown the other night- we find out it's been happening to others! Pinky has made a promise to herself and Banksy to take care of a few errands she has been putting off. Dr Greg has an answer to a question about a pet rat. Vanilla Ice is making a come back and we share another lot of tips for Get Ready Qld week.

Duration: 00:32:44

Banksy & Pinky Podcast 12th Ocotober 2016

We name and shame the Magpies of CQ this morning by finding out where you've been swooped! Pinky reviews the new movie 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children'. Banksy is bothered by a new Halloween costume and we contine to prepare during 'Get Ready Qld' week.

Duration: 00:34:10

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