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Outlander Starz Episode 313 Eye Of The Storm Full Recap

It's the season 3 finale episode of Outlander! Jamie has been arrested and leaves Claire to find young Ian on her own. Geilis and Claire face off over young Ian. Jamie and Claire have a final showdown against Geillis in a desperate attempt to save young Ian from certain doom. The voyage back to Scotland doesn't go as planned.

Duration: 01:25:41

Outlander Starz Episode 312 The Bakra

In this episode of Outlander, several old acquaintances make an appearance. Claire and Jamie get much closer to finding Young Ian as they arrive in Jamaica. Slavery really sucks, Yi Tien Cho finds a kindred spirit. Captain Leonard may get that ship to command afterall.

Duration: 01:06:26

Bannocks, Bonnets and Kilts Show Note

Just a short show note from me.

Duration: 00:02:44

Outlander Starz Episode 311 Uncharted

In this episode of Outlander, Claire is stranded on a deserted island. Will she be able to make it to Jamaica on time to warn Jamie?

Duration: 01:01:21

Outlander Starz Episode 310 Heaven and Earth

In this week's episode of Outlander, Claire takes on the daunting task of stopping a plague. Jamie is prevented from saving Claire and asks Fergus to do the impossible. Marsali revels herself to be quite the impressive woman. Fergus is forced to choose between love and loyalty.

Duration: 01:26:43

Outlander Starz Episode 309 The Doldrums Full Recap

In this episode of Outlander, Claire and Jamie set sail for Jamaica in search of Young Ian, but the voyage hits a snag. Fergus brings a surprise guest onboard. Yi Tien Cho aka Mr. Willoughby tells his new friends a little more about himself and what he really thinks of them.

Duration: 01:38:33

Outlander Starz Episode 308 First Wife Full Recap

In this episode, Claire and Jamie arrive at Lallybroch with young Ian and Jenny let's them know how she feels about seeing Claire again after all this time. Claire is in for a shock when she discovers Jamie has been keeping another wife secret. Young Ian decides to help find the treasure on Silky Island, but runs into trouble.

Duration: 01:16:15

Outlander Starz Episode 307 Creme de Menthe Full Recap

Claire and Jamie are back together, but now things are getting a tad complicated. A man ends up dead, Claire performs surgery, Jamie puts off a shadey government official, Young Ian becomes a man and much much more! Tune in and get the minute by minute recap here. Show note: I go on a rather wordy rant about my last episode and some more thoughts on A Malcolm. If you want to skip that and simply listen to this week's recap, skip to the 23 minute mark. Yep, my rant is that long. :)

Duration: 01:34:45

Outlander Starz Episode 306 A Malcolm Full Recap

The episode we've all been waiting for is finally here! Claire and Jamie are back together again in this long awaited episode of Outlander! Did the show get it right? Let me tell you what I think. This episode of Outlander was written by Matthew B. Roberts and directed by Norma Bailey.

Duration: 01:21:26

Outlander Starz Episode 101 Sassenach

No new Outlander episode tonight (booo!). But we have a new episode of Bannocks, Bonnets and Kilts! In this episode, we go all the back to episode 1, Sassenach and recap.

Duration: 00:33:28

Outlander Starz Episode 304 Quick Recap

Just a quick summary and initial thoughts of Outlander episode 4, season 3: Of Lost Things Hope you guys like this one a bit better than previous episodes of BBK because I HAVE A MIC NOW! It's not the best mic, but a far cry better than my iphone earbuds. Have an even better mic on order that should arrive just in time for A. Malcolm. SQUEEEE!!!

Duration: 00:35:00

Outlander Starz Episode 303 Quick Recap

Recorded this quick recap shortly after watching the 3rd episode of Outlander Season 3. Just wanted to share some initial thoughts on the episode before the more detailed recap on Wednesday. Sorry about the poor sound quality. Unfortunately I didn't test the sound first and recorded the entire clip that way.

Duration: 00:36:13

Outlander Starz Episodes 301 and 302

Outlander Starz: The Battle Joined written by Ronald D Moore Directed by Brendan Maher and Surrender written by Anne Kenney Directed by Jennifer Getzinger Side Note: Please forgive the sound. I don't have a great mic yet so it's less than stellar. Side Side Note: The actress that plays Jamie's sister, Jenny, is Laura Donnelly :)

Duration: 02:13:53

Remembering Michael Jackson

I know, I know, there are about a thousand MJ Tributes on here, but I have to do one myself seeing as how I've followed this man, idolized this man, for so long. For those of you who don't know, I'm also known as MJsBunny, founder of the King Of Pop Discussion Forum. Started that board in 1997 and have had some wonderful times as well as aggrivating, which is why I gave the board up in 2005. Never stopped loving MJ though. Never would. So this is just going to be my own personal tribute....

Duration: 01:02:02

Men Advising Women About Dating

Lately, we all seen a host of Podcasts, relationship books and shows where men are advising women about their mistakes when it comes to looking for love. There's Steve Ward's VH1 show Tough Love, Steve Harvey's best selling book Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man. Will this advice help us or hurt us? Let's discuss.

Duration: 00:31:23

Latest news, tidbits, yada yada yada...

I haven't done a show in a couple of weeks, but I'm back, 03/15/2009, with my take on the latest political and entertainment news.

Duration: 00:41:14

Do You Think Rush Limbaugh Has a Point?

Rush Limbaugh was at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington this weekend and he spoke to a mostly young and energized conservative audience. Naturally he was critical of President Obama's economic plan and declared conservatives must take this country back. Did you hear Limbaugh's speech? If so, do you agree with any of it? Let's talk about some of his key points as well as disuss other news and events.

Duration: 00:37:17

The Economic Stimulus Package: Bandaid Or Only Hope?

Some Republican Governors are refusing to take the money (most of it) because, in their opinions, it will hurt more than help them, in the long run. Democrats are excited about economic growth and America's rise from the depths of financial hell. What do you think will happen now that the stimulus package has been signed?

Duration: 00:47:31