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Banter with Ben and Lisa

Ben Mandelker ( and Lisa Timmons ( join forces to banter about TV, food, pop culture, Los Angeles, and whatever else is on their minds.

Ben Mandelker ( and Lisa Timmons ( join forces to banter about TV, food, pop culture, Los Angeles, and whatever else is on their minds.
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Los Angeles, CA


Ben Mandelker ( and Lisa Timmons ( join forces to banter about TV, food, pop culture, Los Angeles, and whatever else is on their minds.






#115: Local Elections and Voting No on Measure S

Superlady extraordinaire Lisa Timmons (@timmonslisa) joins Ben to discuss local elections in LA: why people should get involved, what they should think about, and what's the deal with Measure S anyway??? (Spoiler: we're both against it). It's a very civic-minded episode, and even if you don't live in LA, hopefully it'll give you things to think about for your neck of the woods!

Duration: 00:50:18

#114: Catching Up On A Year of Ridiculous Complaints

Oh hello there. 2016 received such terrible reviews that this podcast decided to sit the year out. But when guest Jessica Ogilivie suggested that it was time to record a Banter episode, I realized that yes, it was time to return. Come listen to an hour of petty complaints (the onerous perils of cracking eggs, for instance) and drunken frustrations with political junk. Thanks for still hanging around :)

Duration: 01:08:57

#109: Emmy Noms, Caitlyn Jenner's Speech, LA Complex, and Fiasco

The beautiful Angie Thomas (Deep THOTS podcast) joins Ben Mandelker ( to chat Emmy nominations and Caitlyn Jenner's ESPY speech. Did she deserve an award for courage? Also, there's plenty of discussion about "Tangerine," "The DUFF," Andra Fuller of "L.A. Complex," and the raucous game "Fiasco." Welcome back to the Banter Blender!

#105: Leonard Nimoy, Zendaya, Madonna, and The Dress

There's an all star panel of guests on "The Banter Blender." Ben Mandelker ( is joined by Marcos Luevanos, David Clark (The Lyon's Lair podcast), and Angie Thomas (Small Potatoes) to discuss the week in pop culture: Leonard Nimoy's death, the controversy over Zendaya Coleman's hair, the Oscars, Madonna's fall, and, of course, The Dress. Is it white & gold or blue & black? Oh, but there's more. We also visit "The Boy Next Door" and chat about our favorite fast food chains....

#104: Measles, Bruce Jenner, 'American Sniper,' and Bagels

This week on "The Banter Blender," Angie Thomas ("All the Way") joins Ben to chat about the usual grab bag of topics: the measles outbreak in CA, Bruce Jenner's possibly trans journey, the controversy surrounding American Sniper, and, of course, the best bagels in Los Angeles. Come listen! And remember to like the podcast on Facebook:

#98: All About "Barefoot Contessa"

Calling all "Barefoot Contessa" fans. This week's "Banter Blender" is devoted 100% to Ina Garten — from her recipes to her friends and everything in between. Ben Mandelker ( and Andrea Nawalanic hash it all out as they share their favorite meals, their fondest memories, and some of their most honest criticisms about the Food Network superstar. Along the way, there's also stern criticism of Food Network's current direction and also talk of Sandra Lee and The Pioneer Woman. If...

#97: Revisiting 'Guardians of the Galaxy.' Also, Kit Kats, Peanut Butter Cups, and Israel

'The Banter Blender' is working at full speed. This week, Ben Mandelker ( is joined by his friend David Clark to discuss a wide array of topics, including their reactions to both "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Lucy." Plus, the two wax poetically about the oft overlooked sitcom "Gimme a Break." This somehow leads to discussion of Kit Kats and Peanut Butter Cups. Also in the mix this week: Israel on Facebook, spiteful apple pie purchases at Burger King, and Robin Williams. Come...

#93: Tinder, World Cup, Personal Trainers, Summer Movies; Special Guest Marcos Luevanos

Writer Marcos Luevanos joins Ben Mandelker ( to banter about all things pop culture. Going into the Banter Blender this week: Tinder behavior, the World Cup, personal training quandaries, summer movies, and just a dash of Big Brother. It's lots of fun —come listen!