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#55 - Programming Is Secondary

The novice LP is a simple program - simple, but hard, and effective. The path beyond into intermediate training is winding and multi-headed. It's easy to get seduced by complexity as programming needs evolve beyond the novice stage, but, as the data reminds, compliance is still king when it comes to getting results. Today Matt and Scott parse data gathered from Starting Strength Online Coaching clients on workout compliance and gains, and discuss the importance of doing your workouts...


#54 - Texas Strong: A Talk with Mike Cordova

Matt and Scott chat with the uber strong yet humble Mike Cordova. Mike is top competitor in strengthlifting and boasts personal bests of 672lb squat, 255lb press, and 701lb deadlift, all while standing at 5'9" and weighing around 230lbs. Mike shares his story about discovering the iron, meeting his close friend and training partner Clint Case, and talks about working with Matt to prepare for the USSF Nationals Meet. Check out Mike's gravity-defying feats on Instagram @mkcordova Connect...


#53 - Minimum Effective Dose

Matt and Scott revisit the concept of minimum effective dose, elaborating on this bedrock concept of strength development for novice lifters and beyond. The minimum effective dose, as it relates to strength training, fulfills both the "simple" and "effective" conditions of the simple/hard/effective philosophy of training. Why do more in the gym, if less will drive progress? The coaches reflect on some of the intermediate concepts introduced thus far, and how they maneuver a lifter through...


#51 - Meet Day

Matt and Scott talk about the day that you've been training so hard for... meet day. This is the day where all your hard work comes to fruition, distilled into nine attempts on the bar. Having handled dozens of lifters in numerous strengthlifting and powerlifting meets, Hambrick and Reynolds know a thing or two about squeezing the most out of a lifter's performance. Today they touch on developing a positive mindset, managing arousal during the meet, nutrition, and equipment and clothing...


#50 - Barbell Logic Extra: Intellectual Linear Progression

In the 50th episode Reynolds and Hambrick talk about, Scott’s online great books project. They discuss why people should read the great books, what the process does for the reader and how to stay on task. Scott describes how he has applied the barbell training paradigm of linear progression to approaching the great books. It's nothing new, it's an idea that has been abandoned. The idea is to start at the beginning of western thought and read the...


#49 - Prepping for Your First Meet

Matt and Scott walk through the preparation for your first strengthlifting or powerlifting meet. Once you've paid your membership dues and registered for the event, it's time to think about equipment, tapering for the meet, selecting your attempts, preparing yourself mentally, and more. Tune in for everything you need to know about your first competition. If you are on the fence and haven't signed up for a meet yet, check out the US Strengthlifting Federation for a list of upcoming...


#48 - Barbell Logic Extra: An Interview with Robert Santana, RD, SSC

In the second episode with Robert Santana, Matt and Scott interview the man about his history with strength training, how he started studying nutrition, and becoming a Starting Strength Coach. Don't Forget to Buy your Barbell Logic webinar ticket here! Connect with Robert Robert on InstagramRobert at Starting Strength Online Coaching Connect With Matt Matt on InstagramStarting Strength Online Coaching — Matt’s websiteMatt on FacebookMatt on TwitterConnect With Scott Scott on...


#47 - Nutrition Basics with Robert Santana, RD, SSC

Matt and Scott talk nutrition with Registered Dietician and Starting Strength Coach Robert Santana. In the first of a two-part series, Robert lays out the basics of nutrition for barbell trainees. Robert talks about his philosophy for nutritional intervention, including the importance of habits, incremental changes, and the role of various macros in driving results. Connect with Robert Robert on InstagramRobert at Starting Strength Online Coaching Connect With Matt Matt on...


#46 - Barbell Logic Extra: Tom Campitelli and the US Strengthlifting Federation

Matt and Scott catch up with Tom Campitelli during the inaugural nationals meet for the US Strengthlifting Federation. The USSF is a new lifting federation hosting competitions in the squat, overhead press, and deadlift, with some notable rules deviations from traditional powerlifting meets. Tom talks about creating the USSF, his background as an early Starting Strength Coach and longtime staff member, and his many extracurricular pursuits, including photography, writing and performing for...


#45 - You Can Still Use Linear Progression

By now we're familiar with the Novice LP as used by rank novices. But does the usefulness of LP end there? Hardly! Today Matt and Scott talk about the effectiveness of LP beyond the initial novice phase, including rehabbing from injury, sickness, and significant time off, increasing loads following a form breakthrough, and programming for older lifters that detrain quickly. Connect With Matt Matt on InstagramStarting Strength Online Coaching — Matt’s websiteMatt on FacebookMatt on...


#44 - Barbell Logic Extra: Harder to Kill with James Yeager

Matt and Scott talk to firearms and tactical expert James Yeager, founder of Tennessee based Tactical Response. James was also joined by his daughter Heather, owner of Camden Strength and aspiring SSC. The group talks about becoming harder to kill, the warrior mentality and its application to barbell training. James Yeager - Tactical Response Tactical Response website Tactical Response podcast James on Instagram Heather Glover - Camden Strength Heather on FacebookHeather on...


#43 - A Clarification

Matt and Scott clarify their stance on some of the topics introduced thus far, including learning to grind as a novice, the role of volume and intensity in driving progress in the novice LP and beyond, and adjusting programming for different populations. Connect With Matt Matt on InstagramStarting Strength Online Coaching — Matt’s websiteMatt on FacebookMatt on TwitterConnect With Scott Scott on InstagramSilver Strength – Scott’s websiteScott on FacebookScott on TwitterConnect With...


#42 - Barbell Logic Extra: Catching Up with the Barbell Medicine Crew

Matt and Scott talk to everyone's favorite docs who lift, Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum and Dr. Austin Baraki of Barbell Medicine. The crew chats about Barbell Medicine's recent endeavors including writing entries on resistance training for Up to Date, the launch of the Barbell Medicine seminar, and specialized barbell-centric teladoc services offered through SteadyMD. Whiskey of the Week Willett 3 Year Rye Barbell Medicine linkage Catch Jordan on the Insta...


#41 - Transitioning from Stronglifts to Starting Strength

Matt and Scott address followers of the popular Stronglifts 5x5 program and how they can continue the gainzZz train by switching to the Starting Strength Linear Progression. As Stronglifts prescribes a substantially higher work volume than SSLP, trainees often leave a lot of pounds on the table following Stronglifts as they fail to recover workout to workout. Moving to the lower volume SSLP allows for additional recovery and, consequently, more strength adaptation. Connect With...


#40 - Barbell Logic Extra: Catching up with the Inimitable Niki Sims

Matt and Scott catch up with Starting Strength Coach and general badass Niki Sims. Aside from being a veteran SS staff coach, Niki is a team leader at Starting Strength Online Coaching and, more recently, has become the Relationships Manager at SSOC. In today's episode Niki talks about her strength journey and growing as a coach from humble crossfit beginnings. When she's not coaching at Atlanta Barbell, Niki Sims can be found on Instagram @vera_nahce or by email at...


#39 - Merry Christmas from Barbell Logic

Sincerely from your friends at Barbell Logic - Matt Reynolds, Scott Hambrick, and Producer Trent - we wish you a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to come. As we reflect on the closing year, Scott shares with us a selection of treasured music from his library. Connect With Matt Matt on InstagramStarting Strength Online Coaching — Matt’s websiteMatt on FacebookMatt on TwitterConnect With Scott Scott on InstagramSilver Strength – Scott’s websiteScott on FacebookScott on...


#38 - Barbel Logic Extra: Rehabbing and Excelling after Shoulder Surgery, Charity Hambrick

Matt and Scott chat with Charity Hambrick SSC about her rehab experience following shoulder surgery. Just four months after surgery, Charity went on to press the second highest lift among women at the 2017 Starting Strength Fall Classic in Wichita Falls. No whiskey-of-the-week today - keeping it dry! You can reach Charity on the Insta @charity_silverstrength or by email at Connect With Matt Matt on InstagramStarting Strength Online Coaching — Matt’s...


#37 - How to be a Coachable Client

Today Matt and Scott discuss coachability and the qualities that define the ideal student of the barbell. Whether you are a new trainee just beginning your training, an experienced lifter working with a coach for the first time, or even someone who has trained with a coach for a while, there are a handful of things you need to do to optimize your experience and be a coachable client. Whiskey of the Week Elijah Craig 18-Year-Old Single Barrel Connect With Matt Matt on...


#36 - Barbell Logic Extra: Hambrick's Story

In this week's Extra Matt interviews the man of mystery himself, Barbell Logic co-host Scott Hambrick. Scott talks about growing up in rural Oklahoma, walking out of a college degree to become a business mogul with Data Storage Inc, and transforming from fat, out of shape to strong, beefy husband and father of two. Whiskey of the Week Old Bardstown Bottled in Bond Recommended Reading How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler - this is where the intellectual linear progression...


#35 - The TRUTH about the Bill Starr Rehab Protocol

Matt and Scott discuss Bill Starr's legendary method for rehabbing muscle injuries. They discuss the types of injuries appropriate for Starr rehab, why it works, and Matt discusses his own experience rehabbing a bad pec tear. Whiskey of the Week Sazerac Rye Further Reading Matt's Article on Starr Rehab for Art of Manliness Connect With Matt Matt on InstagramStarting Strength Online Coaching — Matt’s websiteMatt on FacebookMatt on Twitter Connect With Scott Scott on...


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