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Barbell Shrugged is the leading CrossFit based podcast and web show online! Every Wednesday the Barbell Shrugged crew sits around and talks CrossFit, Strength, Conditioning, Weightlifting, potty humor.... you name it.

Barbell Shrugged is the leading CrossFit based podcast and web show online! Every Wednesday the Barbell Shrugged crew sits around and talks CrossFit, Strength, Conditioning, Weightlifting, potty humor.... you name it.
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Barbell Shrugged is the leading CrossFit based podcast and web show online! Every Wednesday the Barbell Shrugged crew sits around and talks CrossFit, Strength, Conditioning, Weightlifting, potty humor.... you name it.




Training to be a Superhero w/ Brandon Routh - 282

Today's episode is a something unique. Today we look at Hollywood and what's it's like to get in shape for the big screen. Brandon Routh is a Hollywood actor who currently plays The Atom in the TV show DC's Legend's of Tomorrow on Netflix. Brandon is best known for playing Superman in the movie Superman Returns (2006). Yup, he's a superhero. In this episode we discuss the kind of training and nutrition he used to get in shape to portray a character who has seemingly unlimited physical...

Duration: 00:57:26

The Strongest Bodybuilder in the World w/ Stan Efferding - 281

IFBB Pro bodybuilder Stan Efferding holds the all-time raw world powerlifting records in the 275-pound-class and is often referred to as the "world's strongest bodybuilder". It's no accident that Stan is jacked, lean and incredibly strong. He's dialed in his training and nutrition with decades of consistent focus, intense study and a lot of trial and error. If you want be lean, muscular and very, very strong then sit back and learn from the master, "The Rhino", the strongest bodybuilding...

Duration: 01:10:42

The Science of Biomechanics and Human Movement w/ Dr. Scott Lynn - 280

This was one of the most enjoyable shows we’ve done all year. Really, really enjoyed speaking with Dr. Scott Lynn. He earned a PhD in Biomechanics and is now an associate professor of Kinesiology/Biomechanics at Cal State Fullerton. Loosely put, biomechanics is the study of how forces effect your body (stress —> adaptation) as well as how the forces produced by your body effect the world (moving yourself and objects… in our case heavy barbells). Want to know how front squats are...

Duration: 01:07:57

National Champion Weightlifter and Team USA Coach Derrick Johnson - 279

Derrick Johnson has won 6 senior national titles, 8 American Open titles and is a world team member (scoring the most points of any athlete in over 10 years for United States at the 2014 World Championships). Bursting with passion for the sport, with decades of knowledge to share, Derrick one hell of an athlete and may be an even better coach (the youngest Level 5 Senior International Coach in history and has coached weightlifters for the Olympics). Competing in weightlifting for over 20...

Duration: 00:55:01

Navy SEAL and 3 Time CrossFit Games Athlete Zach Forrest - 278

From training and operating with the elite of the elite Navy SEALs, to going to the CrossFit Games as an individual 3 times (2009, 2011, 2013), Zach Forrest has attacked some of the hardest physical training in the world. He's now a Level 4 CrossFit Trainer and since the Navy opened the first CrossFit affiliate in Las Vegas in 2008, CrossFit Max Effort (go train there next time you're in Vegas, great gym!). He's been in the game for over a decade, from not newbie, to competitor, to...

Duration: 01:12:59

Blood, biomarker, genetic testing... and poop w/ Ben Greenfield - 277

Ben Greenfield was voted as America’s top personal trainer in 2008. He's competed as one of the top ranked amateur triathletes in the world, completing over 120 races and 12 Ironman triathlons. A relentless self-experimenter and biohacker, Ben became a professional obstacle course racer, completing the coveted Spartan Delta, training with the Navy SEALs, competing across the globe in open water swims, mountain runs and adventure races, winning multiple USA bowhunting competitions, and...

Duration: 00:48:41

Power, Mobility, and Discipline w/ Jesse Burdick - 276

Jesse Burdick, the funniest coach that can lift your whole family, visits Barbell Shrugged ► Subscribe to Barbell Shrugged's Channel Here- Listen to the audio version on the Apple Podcast App or Stitcher for Android Here- Barbell Shrugged helps people get better. Usually in the gym, but outside as well. In 2012 they posted their first podcast and have been putting out weekly...

Duration: 01:15:02

Going Wild with the Fat- Burning Man Abel James - 275

What’s better than peeing in a cup every two weeks? If you thought, “listening to this week’s podcast of Barbell Shrugged,” then you’re more than right. On today’s episode, we spoke with the [Fat-Burning] Man himself, Abel James (@fatburningman), about his super-successful Wild Diet, how the philosophy behind it is nothing new –– yet still absolutely revolutionary –– in terms of helping one achieve physical success, and why making the most of the food that you eat every day is so important...

Duration: 00:58:56

Position, Movement, and Purpose with Carl Paoli - 274

This week, we spoke with movement expert and all-around badass Carl Paoli (Instagram and Twitter: @carlpaoli), coach and author of Free+Style: Maximize Sport and Life Performance with Four Basic Movements. Carl explains his Three Tricks to be jacked as hell, using his own Free+Style connection framework of position, movement, and purpose. Carl’s varied background has informed his path, leading him from gymnastics; breakdancing (yes); his athletic shoe business, Strike Mvmnt; and of...

Duration: 01:01:09

Moving Through Injury with Dan Pope and Ryan DeBell - 273

What’s more fun than working out when you’re in crazy amounts of pain? If you answered, “Uh, like, everything,” you are correct! Injury is the biggest factor that can keep a person away from realizing their full physical potential. So today, we went to Physical Culture in Encinitas, California, to meet up with Dan Pope (@fitnesspainfree) and Ryan DeBell (@themovementfix). Unlike other strength and fitness coaches we’ve interviewed, Dan is also a physical therapist specializing in pain...

Duration: 01:13:35

Biohacking with Dave Asprey - 272

This week, we went to Bulletproof to meet with founder Dave Asprey (Twitter: @bulletproofexec), a company you might know best for the “butter in your coffee” craze. But Dave’s work, and Bulletproof, are so much more -- they’re in the business of “biohacking,” or changing your environment inside and out so that you can have the most possible control of your biology. As an executive at a non-profit for anti-aging research, Dave began to understand the nutritive shortcuts -- the biohacks --...

Duration: 00:38:58

Total Human Optimization with John Wolf - 271

This week we traveled to Onnit Academy in Austin, Texas, to talk to their Chief Fitness Officer, John Wolf. Onnit’s mission is to help people achieve total human optimization, and John’s the one to get you there. He’ll be the first to tell you that movement and training is just a part of total human optimization. You might know Onnit best from their nutrition supplements and fitness accessories (like these kettlebells, for example). When John was brought on as CF[itness]O, he was tasked...

Duration: 01:05:08

Meet the Athletes of Invictus

This week, we went over to CrossFit Invictus in downtown San Diego to meet up with some of the very best athletes in the world. This week’s six-for-one special includes insights from four Games competitors and two Invictus coaches about what it takes to go from great to the greatest. In our first segment, we talk to training partners Garret Fisher and Holden Rethwill about how their workout styles compliment each other, how they train for such an unpredictable athletic event, and how to...

Duration: 01:09:17

Flow States & the Consciousness Revolution with Aubrey Marcus

This week we stopped by Onnit in Austin, Texas, to talk about some pretty big ideas with CEO and founder Aubrey Marcus. If, for example, you want to know how to change the world for the better, then this is the episode for you. “If you want to be of service for society at large, you’ve got to be fit for service. And to be fit for service, you have to do these personal practices. You have to get yourself in a state where you’re able to affect change and really help people.” Aubrey shared...

Duration: 00:46:55

Moving All Your Cells with Katy Bowman

“You need to cross-train your balls, is basically what I’m saying.” Biomechanist Katy Bowman gets straight to the point in this week’s podcast. We interviewed Katy at Paleo (f)x Austin, where she’s a featured speaker on the concept of movement -- not to be confused with what we often refer to as “exercise.” “There are more muscles than you’re working in the gym, and those muscles will go on to affect your health,” says Katy. We’re big fans of her book, Move Your DNA, which mentions the...

Duration: 01:11:25

Being the Boss of Your DNA with Mark Sisson

At this year’s Paleo F(x) conference in Austin, we had a chance to interview one of the primary spokespeople for the Paleo movement, Mark Sisson. You know him from Mark’s Daily Apple, his website and blog dedicated to “primal living in the modern world.” A true Paleo hipster, Mark has been preaching the primal diet gospel since before it was cool. Mark’s interest in primal living can be traced back to college, where he became really interested in evolution and human DNA. He later worked...

Duration: 01:07:55

The Science on Motivation W/ Lenny Wiersma

As athletes, the pressure to win has a very strong effect on us. The best athletes in the world are not only the strongest, or the fastest, but the ones who can keep their emotions in check during competition. Emotions before and during competition can define and influence how you perform. These emotions aren't just limited to the negative ones like fear, and anxiety, but the positive ones too. For example, too much confidence and a cocky attitude can leave an athlete ill prepared for a...

Duration: 01:21:26

The Road to A 4x Bodyweight Deadlift W/ Stefi Cohen

This week on Shrugged, we are talking to one of the strongest, intelligent and most athletic women we have ever interviewed. At a bodyweight of 123lbs, our guest this week, Stefi Cohen, pulls a 445 pound deadlift, squats 370 pounds, and benches 205 pounds. Stefi is also an accomplished and competitive Olympic-style weightlifter competing as a 53kg lifter, snatching 87 kg and clean and jerking 105 kg. Relative to her bodyweight these numbers, needless to say, are impressive. In this...

Duration: 00:58:24

Eating For Performance & Longevity W/ Mike Dolce

“If you are ONLY counting macros, are you really healthy?” That may seem a loaded question, but this week on the show, we have just the guy to answer it. On today’s show, we chat with Mike Dolce and bust some commonly misguided beliefs around nutrition. Mike works with some of the top athletes in MMA world and has been a nutrition coach since before it was popular to post your food on Instagram. He has seen the evolution of the health and fitness industry and cuts through the BS that you...

Duration: 01:09:44

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