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Barnhardt Podcast #048: The Germans Can’t Be Wrong — Right?

In this episode we discuss the recent Lettergate news and the myriad layers of indirection and redefinition of who said what.. which tends to happen when they don’t believe all of that [solemn nonsense] in the Vatican. We also debate the relative merits of sticking your neck out for the Truth in a time of seemingly universal deception and the critical questions of “Are the Germans always right?” and “Was Anakin Skywalker’s birth legend” a blaspheme against the Immaculate Conception or are we...


Barnhardt Podcast #047.1: Praise God and Pass The Robitussin

In this episode Ann reveals that rumors of her coughing fits have not been exaggerated, and regardless of the amount of cowbell the fever took a few days to pass. However, she’s on the mend and there will be a full podcast later this week. And SuperNerd reveals he takes sufficiently cryptic notes for a podcast that he almost forgot what he was writing to himself. And we’ll be back with a full episode soon! Feedback: please send your questions and comments to The...


Barnhardt Podcast #047: Go Not Softly Into the Darkness of Self

In this episode we plumb the depths of the darkness of the human soul, from soliciting sin in the confessional to shooting defenseless children to refusing to rush to the defense of those children when it’s your solemnly sworn job to do so. Ultimately, if we do not subject ourselves to the natural and Divine positive law we will be subjected by force under the boot of a diabolically inspired human tyrant. We cannot let our light shine forth to others until we kindle and feed the fire of...


Barnhardt Podcast #046: Byzantine Vespers and Smoked Salmon

In this episode we discuss Lenten fasting and Catholic Legalisms, what to expect (and ask) when you’re considering going Byzantine, as well as the proper protocol for a valid confession — because, eternity. Some more resources and recommendations for Lenten reading and listening were discussed and SuperNerd eats some humble pie regarding citing scripture and says something about an IBO which will be a topic for the podcast in eight weeks or so. Lenten Links (new this week): Paperback...


Barnhardt Podcast #045: Abeyance, Biathlon, and Chaos

In this episode we discuss the ongoing sellout of Chinese Catholics by those in power in Rome, the case of Bishop Juan Barros’ promotion by Bergoglio when both Chilean and CDF (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) authorities had significant evidence of Barros’s crimes against nature, and why it’s good to pray for those didn’t die a holy death (because prayers are never wasted in the Divine Economy). General Links: NYT: Worries Rise as Pope and China Edge Closer to DealPietro...


Barnhardt Podcast #044: Dividing and Conquering Church Traditions with Modernist Bee-Ess

In this episode we discuss the antics and power politics in play between Rome and the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA)**, especially the significance of the current Roman Bishop in White ordering a duly-appointed Bishop in China to step down in favor of an excommunicated, schismatic member of the CPCA. As long as a given tactic of Satan works he will continue to use it, and the “divide and conquer” tactic is one that has worked all too well throughout human history. We also...


Barnhardt Podcast #043: Shadow Ban the Pig Wrestlers!

In this episode we discuss the recent revelations that Twitter actively engages in shadow-banning of conservative and “redneck” content, both through machine learning and manual intervention, as well as Twitter employees reading the “private” messages and content of users of the service. Additionally we question whether these social media platforms are even needed for conservative writers or if they are counter-productive sources of interruptions where the trolls and “pig wrestlers” love...


Barnhardt Podcast #042: Fasting From Off-Color Titles

In this episode we discuss fasting — though we do abstain from bringing it up for almost half an hour while we cover some news concerning cyptocurrency, “latrine-crater” countries, the legally expedient reason why Hillary Clinton’s concubine is staying legally married to Anthony Wiener (and why he needs to fear for his life). And then we covered fasting and how it is MASSIVELY beneficial to both the body and the soul, as well as how fasting can apply to all appetites, not just food. And at...


Barnhardt Podcast #041: Eleven Thoughtful Themes Thoroughly Threshed

In this first episode of the new year we whittled down the original list of eleven topics and ended up with: Dow 25,000 and other Wall Street fictions; Steve Bannon doesn’t like Trump, his kids, or anyone else apparently; North Korea could set off a continental war with their rocketry hobby (with a generous side-bar on the Persian empire past and future); and if you’re reading this your computer has vulnerable hardware. Oh — and narcissists, narcissists everywhere! Feedback: please send...


Barnhardt Podcast #039: Let Net Neutrality Die, Kill It If You Must

In this episode we discuss the recent repeal of the Obama Administration’s regulation on net neutrality and why this is a good thing, Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox and why this is a bad thing, Ann breaks down the blasphemous and scandalous nativity scene in Saint Peter’s square, and SuperNerd vents on the demise of Star Wars (from a certain point of view, of course). Links and reading: Seven Reasons Net Neutrality is IdioticVatican Nativity Scene a Clear Winking Signal to Sex...


Barnhardt Podcast #038: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

In this episode we discuss lies and the lying liars who lie them… err, tell them. Whether it’s DDoS attackers lying to internet service providers that their traffic is legitimate, parents who tell their kids that Santa Claus is a benevolent breaking-and-entering artist, or NBC news in general or Matt Lauer in particular, liars are going to lie and when you tell enough lies then Faith suffers or dies. And don’t neglect the Sacrament of Confession where Truth and our hope in joining the...


Barnhardt Podcast #037: Satan’s Smorgasbord of Secular Substitutions for the Sacred

In this episode we discuss a very non-exhaustive list of ways that modern man seeks a substitute to fill the God-sized hole in his heart, namely though consumerism, politics, fantasy, entertainment, and sports. Whether we’re making gods of our bellies (Philippians Chapter 3) or pursuing pseudo-intellectuals as our idols and role models, or worshiping the temple of the Holy Spirit instead of the Godhead who ought to be dwelling therein, man’s heart will never rest until it rests in God, no...


Barnhardt Podcast #036: Prophecy, Patton, Post-menopause and Pumpkin Pie!

In this episode we discussed many tangents diverging from a listener’s email, covering the state of the papacy, prophecy, spiritual combat, military combat, private revelation, artificial intelligence, post-menopausal women claiming to have witnessed supernatural events, papal infallibility… but not all of the tangents in the world can distract from one indisputable fact: we must pray like our salvation and that of our neighbors depends on it! Feedback: please send your questions and...


Barnhardt Podcast #035: Un-Moored and Cruising for Mallrats

In this episode we discuss the hot mess the Alabama Senate race has turned into, reminding ourselves of the Barnhardt Axiom and wondering why this doesn’t happen more often. It’s all of a piece and elements of the Roy Moore story overlap with Weinstein, Spacey, Netflix, Amazon, traditional media, Ted Kennedy and the kingdom of Satan in all sorts of direct and indirect ways. Remember to keep your focus on the Divine Throne — it’s the only “game” that matters! Feedback: please send your...


Barnhardt Podcast #034: Candy Corn and Other Freemasonic Conspiracies

In this episode we dig into the mailbag to address queries sent in by email — and other methods of communication — about whether we’re okay, the recent mass-shooting at a non-Mass at a Protestant building in Texas, the natural law, culture, baby boomers, generational spirits, millennials, and the realization that once a society descends to open occultism there isn’t a succeeding generation. And we make absolutely no predictions of when the next podcast will be! Feedback: please send your...


Barnhardt Podcast #032: There’s No Such Thing As An On-Side Sodomite

In this episode we discuss the tactic of trolling: doing something provokingly to get a reaction. One such troll in the political sphere is Milo Yiannopoulos who causes polarization and helps establish a false dichotomy where one didn’t exist before, all while inserting the notion that crass people with deviant lifestyles have a place in public discourse, even among conservatives and Catholics. Feedback: please send your questions and comments to The Barnhardt...


Barnhardt Podcast #031: Jesus said blessed are the MEEK, not the WEAK!

In this episode we discuss the need to act on your convictions, even if it means a loss of pay or could result in you being deployed to pagan lands during a time of war. Similar but less dramatically, it’s important to realize that meekness does not mean weakness and we should mentally prepare for, and have a plan of action in advance, for scenarios where someone disturbs the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, whether mentally ill or intending to commit violent acts. Feedback: please send your...


Barnhardt Podcast #030: Cowering in the Stairwell and on the Curial Casting Couch

In this episode we discuss Karl Denninger’s article, which described the LVPD’s response team cowering in the stairwell instead of directly confronting Stephen Paddock like they should have, and how this cowering in the face of a diabolically narcissistic bully only invites a more vicious attack. Lessons to learn from this episode include realizing that the police WILL NOT come to your aid in a perilous situation and that you MUST PREPARE NOW both physically (buy more guns and ammunition)...


Barnhardt Podcast #029: Catalonia, Secession, Odious Debt and the Winds of War

In this Financial Friday episode we discuss the recent Catalan vote for independence, how the sovereign debts incurred by Madrid are a big reason why Catalonians are moving to secede at this time, and how this makes it more likely that Spain will default on its debts… which will lead to a general devaluing of the Euro which will spark a global currency war which could end in a hot war — unless the bankers decide nothing extraordinary is happening in Spain and we move on, business as...


Barnhardt Podcast #028: Oh, Death

In this episode we discuss the very peculiar lack of details surrounding the Las Vegas shooter, but remind the listeners that Jesus told us not to fear the likes of Stephen Paddock — who can only kill the body — but to fear those who can kill both the soul and the body (even if they are members of the Society of Jesus). We also talked about the Filial Correction delivered to the occupant of Casa Santa Marta and which factors are working to destroy the Papacy and the Church at the moment....


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