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Barnhardt Podcast #038: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

In this episode we discuss lies and the lying liars who lie them… err, tell them. Whether it’s DDoS attackers lying to internet service providers that their traffic is legitimate, parents who tell their kids that Santa Claus is a benevolent breaking-and-entering artist, or NBC news in general or Matt Lauer in particular, liars are going to lie and when you tell enough lies then Faith suffers or dies. And don’t neglect the Sacrament of Confession where Truth and our hope in joining the Church...

Duration: 01:30:52

Barnhardt Podcast #037: Satan’s Smorgasbord of Secular Substitutions for the Sacred

In this episode we discuss a very non-exhaustive list of ways that modern man seeks a substitute to fill the God-sized hole in his heart, namely though consumerism, politics, fantasy, entertainment, and sports. Whether we’re making gods of our bellies (Philippians Chapter 3) or pursuing pseudo-intellectuals as our idols and role models, or worshiping the temple of the Holy Spirit instead of the Godhead who ought to be dwelling therein, man’s heart will never rest until it rests in God, no...

Duration: 01:08:44

Barnhardt Podcast #036: Prophecy, Patton, Post-menopause and Pumpkin Pie!

In this episode we discussed many tangents diverging from a listener’s email, covering the state of the papacy, prophecy, spiritual combat, military combat, private revelation, artificial intelligence, post-menopausal women claiming to have witnessed supernatural events, papal infallibility… but not all of the tangents in the world can distract from one indisputable fact: we must pray like our salvation and that of our neighbors depends on it! Feedback: please send your questions and...

Duration: 01:06:01

Barnhardt Podcast #035: Un-Moored and Cruising for Mallrats

In this episode we discuss the hot mess the Alabama Senate race has turned into, reminding ourselves of the Barnhardt Axiom and wondering why this doesn’t happen more often. It’s all of a piece and elements of the Roy Moore story overlap with Weinstein, Spacey, Netflix, Amazon, traditional media, Ted Kennedy and the kingdom of Satan in all sorts of direct and indirect ways. Remember to keep your focus on the Divine Throne — it’s the only “game” that matters! Feedback: please send your...

Duration: 01:10:01

Barnhardt Podcast #034: Candy Corn and Other Freemasonic Conspiracies

In this episode we dig into the mailbag to address queries sent in by email — and other methods of communication — about whether we’re okay, the recent mass-shooting at a non-Mass at a Protestant building in Texas, the natural law, culture, baby boomers, generational spirits, millennials, and the realization that once a society descends to open occultism there isn’t a succeeding generation. And we make absolutely no predictions of when the next podcast will be! Feedback: please send your...

Duration: 00:50:08

Barnhardt Podcast #033: Declarations of Nullity Et Cetera

In this episode we discuss the epidemic of declarations of nullity of marriage in the Church today. Like divorce, declarations of nullity are skyrocketing, especially in the United States, and the effects are devastating not only on the marriages and families being affected but on the Church and society as a whole. Feedback: please send your questions and comments to The Barnhardt Podcast is produced by SuperNerd Media; if you found this episode to be of value you...

Duration: 01:26:33

Barnhardt Podcast #032: There’s No Such Thing As An On-Side Sodomite

In this episode we discuss the tactic of trolling: doing something provokingly to get a reaction. One such troll in the political sphere is Milo Yiannopoulos who causes polarization and helps establish a false dichotomy where one didn’t exist before, all while inserting the notion that crass people with deviant lifestyles have a place in public discourse, even among conservatives and Catholics. Feedback: please send your questions and comments to The Barnhardt...

Duration: 00:53:38

Barnhardt Podcast #031: Jesus said blessed are the MEEK, not the WEAK!

In this episode we discuss the need to act on your convictions, even if it means a loss of pay or could result in you being deployed to pagan lands during a time of war. Similar but less dramatically, it’s important to realize that meekness does not mean weakness and we should mentally prepare for, and have a plan of action in advance, for scenarios where someone disturbs the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, whether mentally ill or intending to commit violent acts. Feedback: please send your...

Duration: 00:59:38

Barnhardt Podcast #030: Cowering in the Stairwell and on the Curial Casting Couch

In this episode we discuss Karl Denninger’s article, which described the LVPD’s response team cowering in the stairwell instead of directly confronting Stephen Paddock like they should have, and how this cowering in the face of a diabolically narcissistic bully only invites a more vicious attack. Lessons to learn from this episode include realizing that the police WILL NOT come to your aid in a perilous situation and that you MUST PREPARE NOW both physically (buy more guns and ammunition)...

Duration: 01:15:34

Barnhardt Podcast #029: Catalonia, Secession, Odious Debt and the Winds of War

In this Financial Friday episode we discuss the recent Catalan vote for independence, how the sovereign debts incurred by Madrid are a big reason why Catalonians are moving to secede at this time, and how this makes it more likely that Spain will default on its debts… which will lead to a general devaluing of the Euro which will spark a global currency war which could end in a hot war — unless the bankers decide nothing extraordinary is happening in Spain and we move on, business as...

Duration: 01:22:48

Barnhardt Podcast #028: Oh, Death

In this episode we discuss the very peculiar lack of details surrounding the Las Vegas shooter, but remind the listeners that Jesus told us not to fear the likes of Stephen Paddock — who can only kill the body — but to fear those who can kill both the soul and the body (even if they are members of the Society of Jesus). We also talked about the Filial Correction delivered to the occupant of Casa Santa Marta and which factors are working to destroy the Papacy and the Church at the moment....

Duration: 01:28:14

Barnhardt Podcast #027: Father James Martin, Eth Jay: Uniter of Trads

In this episode we discuss the error of Donatism and how the scandal caused by many who wear Roman Collars understandably is causing a resurgence of this once mostly-dead heresy. We also continue our review of the ORIGINAL schema document on Marriage and the Family which was thrown overboard by the liberals at Vatican 2, and we briefly touch on the topic of canonizations in the Vatican 2 era. Links: Alan Keyes on the principle of marriage being dependent on procreationCatholic...

Duration: 01:25:05

Barnhardt Podcast #026: A Dog’s Breakfast in a Dumpster Fire: The Second Vatican Council

In this episode we discuss Flammantem Receptaculum Repleti Jentaculum Canis (the flaming dumpster filled with a dog’s breakfast) more commonly referred to as the Second Vatican Council (or Vatican 2 for short). The documents which were discussed and voted on at the Council weren’t based on the original schema assembled by Cardinal Otavianni and his preparatory team; rather, they were a substituted agenda put in place after the council was hijacked during its first week! We look at part of...

Duration: 01:12:48

Barnhardt Podcast #025: Should Steve Bannon Wear Lip Gloss to Mass?

In this episode we reprise an old theme, wondering whether Cardinal Dolan believes in dogma as much as he believes in DACA. Ultimately, if you believe in the dogma and doctrines of the Catholic Church — and if not, why not?! — you will express it through the devotion of Praying The Mass, which we discuss for the bulk of this episode. So rich is the treasure of the Divine Liturgy that at the end of an hour we barely got through the prayers at the foot of the Altar, and that’s even skipping...

Duration: 01:16:28

Barnhardt Podcast #024: 90 Minutes of Full-blown Convert Neurosis

In this episode, where one tangent led to another, we started with the assertion from some Catholics that converts should “just keep their mouths shut” once they join the Church (despite the Gospel saying something contrary). We also talked about the state of the Papacy and the Church, what to be wary of if you attend the Byzantine Catholic liturgy, the Sacrament of marriage in general and the situation of many marriages in particular, and about the Poor Souls in Purgatory. Mentioned in...

Duration: 01:30:25

Barnhardt Podcast #023: It Ain’t Just Houston That Has A Problem

In this episode we discuss the manifest mendacity of the web hosting provider Site5 and their inability to give a specific explanation for last Friday’s suspension and termination of the web hosting account on which was being hosted — and whether this betokens the need for people expressing the authentic Catholic Faith need to look to places like Russia for hosting their websites. We also discussed the multiple calamities which have befallen the city of Houston (hurricane,...

Duration: 01:11:11

Barnhardt Podcast #022: Tinker, Tailor, Gunsmith, Nerd: Let’s Talk Trades!

In this episode, after dispensing with the notion that everyone should go to college, we discuss and recommend some trades that one might consider in lieu of taking on a sentence of 20 years to life of paying back student loans. Traditional trades are high on the list — and virtually impossible to outsource overseas — but nerdy skills are a viable option as well. We also talk about some fields where higher education (going to college) are pretty much a requirement but are solid fields to...

Duration: 01:08:56

Barnhardt Podcast #021: Total Eclipse of the Truth

In this episode we discuss the gangster-like tactics of groups like the American Defamation League, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and ProPublica and explain how it will be groups like this who will be compiling the hit-lists of conservatives for the Alt-Left and musloids to “take care of.” We also review the situation of the two bishops in white in Rome and what it would take to clear up the question of who the Pope is… and also why clearing up that question is only the beginning of...

Duration: 01:17:21

Barnhardt Podcast #020: One Hour War College: Charlottesville, Kayfabe and Schizophrenics in the Foxhole

In this episode we discuss the events of the last week in Charlottesville, Virginia, and whether this is the opening round of the Great American Civil War: a war that will be fought without defined battle lines everywhere throughout the united States — and beyond? — and could be the opening act for the End Times. Feedback: send your questions, comments, or photos of leftists posing as right-wingers to You can support SuperNerd Media and the production of this...

Duration: 01:05:21

Barnhardt Podcast #019: Let’s Talk About Bitcoin

In this “Financial Friday on Satoshi Saturday” episode we discuss what bitcoin the software (wallet) is, what bitcoin the currency (BTC) is, and spend more than a little time talking about globally distributed ledger which stores all bitcoin transactions (The Blockchain). We go over what is good about bitcoin, what is bad about it, and conclude by introducing a concept which we’ll talk about much more in the future: smart contracts. Feedback: send your questions, comments, or ideas for...

Duration: 01:22:17

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