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Episode 5: Team Huddle - A New & IMPROV-ed Way to Review Team Performance

“How much more helpful would a review process be if it got people focussing forward. IMPROV-ed performance reviews do just that! They ask for ideas and insights into what opportunities exist for growth, and encourage more impactful collaboration among teammates beyond completion of tasks and routine processes” Dan Stones Episode 5 is here and it’s a real game changer! Welcome to team huddle! Here’s how it goes; Every second week on Barnraisers we release an episode that features a...


Episode 4: Adam Hembree | Actor, Producer and Co-founder of the Improv troupe Soothplayers

“When you find a group of people that you learn to really trust and communicate with, you have confidence to lead when you have to, and you also have humility to listen and be led when you need to be.” Adam Hembree has been collaborating with others onstage in some form or fashion since he was 13. Back then, his big break came when he tackled the venerable role of ‘Orphan’ in a smash hit high school production of Oliver. Since 2008 though, Adam has been performing and studying...


Episode 3: Fran Strine | Filmmaker & Director of the Award-Winning Documentary Hired Gun

“Are you a cool guy on the road, or are you a jerk, prima donna or diva? I’ve toured with all of them, and if you’re not cool to hang out with, if you bring a lot of drama and baggage with you, it won’t last long.” Fran Strine - Filmmaker & Director of the Award-winning Documentary HIRED GUN Fran Strine first picked up a camera 25 years ago, and hasn’t put one down since. He started out as a freelance photographer for Metal Edge Magazine in 1989 where he developed his unique style and...


Episode 2: Team Huddle | Why We Must Stop “Developing” Leaders

“We spend billions every year to develop the best leaders possible. Only one problem: It’s not working” Dan Stones on Twitter (@barnraiserspod) Episode 2 and we’re already switching things up! For today’s show it just you and I. It’s our very first team huddle! And here’s how it works; Every second week we will be releasing an episode that features a conversation with a special guest. Every other week is a Team Huddle. Sound simple enough? Now you all know about the conversations...


Episode 1: Annie La Fleur | Ultimate Team Player

“It all comes down to whether your team can gel. You’ve got all these egos, and personalities and there’s only one basketball. And that creates a problem for some people.” Annie La Fleur (Olympic Medallist, WNBA star and Basketball NSW Hall-of-Famer) Welcome to Barnraisers Episode #1…So glad you could make it! Thanks for dropping by and checking out this interview with someone who epitomises what Barnraisers is all about. There can be no question that the title of “Ultimate Team...


Episode 0: Dan Stones | Welcome to Barnraisers

Welcome to Barnraisers, I’m so glad you made it! So what is this show about? (Hint: It’s not about big red wooden buildings!) Barnraisers is all about conversations with the world’s ultimate team players. We’re here to focus on teams and the people that give their all at home, work and play to help others grow and succeed. I like to say it’s a show about getting behind the spotlight and under the pedestal. That simply means we focus on all of the pieces that make up the team puzzle....