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Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy is a weekly "best of" podcast where we deliver to you the best 60-90 min from Barstool's daily show on Sirius XM. This podcast focuses on the inner workings of Barstool Sports while also hitting on many of the viral topics of the week.

Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy is a weekly "best of" podcast where we deliver to you the best 60-90 min from Barstool's daily show on Sirius XM. This podcast focuses on the inner workings of Barstool Sports while also hitting on many of the viral topics of the week.
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Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy is a weekly "best of" podcast where we deliver to you the best 60-90 min from Barstool's daily show on Sirius XM. This podcast focuses on the inner workings of Barstool Sports while also hitting on many of the viral topics of the week.




Happy Hour 1/16/18 - The Michael Portnoy Show Featuring Cousin Murray

After much anticipation, we have Mr. Michael Portnoy Esq. and Cousin Murray on the line at the same time. While Mr. Portnoy dislikes the idea that this call was an "audition," their undeniable chemistry is put on display in front of the Barstool audience. Mr. Portnoy calls back after he hears Dave tell the Saturn story again.

Duration: 00:09:59

Best Of Week 54 - Judgment Day

On Barstool Radio's last full week on Rush 93, we start off on a sad note. Kevin addresses the Barstool audience after getting caught cheating on his wife over the weekend. Nate battles with Dave over a blog about Johnny Manziel, and refuses to make content with Smitty for Rough N Rowdy. Blackjack Fletcher joins us in studio to discuss his developing rivalry with Rico Bosco. Mr. Portnoy is still trying to convince Dave to give him and Cousin Murray a SIRIUS Show, and we discover Grant the...

Duration: 01:54:25

Happy Hour 1/12/18 - Grant The Trucker

After making his debut yesterday, Grant the Trucker makes a triumphant return. He made his own Twitter just to follow the show so we encourage the audience to follow him. We take calls about delivery drivers and Frankie gets roasted when he won't make a Call Of The Day noise without Dave on the show.

Duration: 00:09:59

Happy Hour 1/11/18 - The Death Of Rico Bosco

Blackjack Fletcher has been picking winner after winner after winner. We bring him in studio to discuss how his gambling prowess has created a rivalry with Rico Bosco. Rico calls in, but is clearly affected by the news that broke about Kevin over the weekend. The fire Rico calls with clearly isn't there, which makes it clear that Blackjack has taken the throne of Barstool gambling shark away from him.

Duration: 00:10:28

Happy Hour 1/10/18 - Nate Just Wants To Blog

Nate and Dave go at each other after Nate takes several shots at Dave in his latest blog trashing Johnny Football. This leads to Dave questioning whether or not Nate is a company man, specifically because he wouldn't do video content where he is Smitty's trainer for his upcoming Rough N Rowdy fight. Smitty comes in to yell at Nate for not wanting to do what he perceives is best for the company.

Duration: 00:09:58

Happy Hour 1/9/18 - InFocus With Michael Portnoy Esq. Featuring Cousin Murray

Dave was a guest on Tucker's Carlson show on Friday so we call up Mr. Portnoy to hear what he thought about Dave going on FOX News. Mr. Portnoy thought Dave did pretty well aside from the shape his hair was in. A stoolie made what looked like a video intro for Mr. Portnoy's not-yet confirmed SIRIUS show, and it duped Mr. Portnoy into thinking his show had been greenlit. Mr. Portnoy wants to do an interview-style show because he can be better than Larry King, especially with the help of his...

Duration: 00:09:59

Best Of 2018 Week 1 - A Show Of Ice And Fire

After a long holiday break, the first week of Barstool Radio got off to the hottest, yet coldest start you've ever seen. The show broadcasted from the frigid Barstool Radio studios that were so cold a space heater couldn't even warm them up before blowing out all the technology in the control room. Despite the room being so cold all week, Dave was able to bring the heat on Fran for taking an extended vacation, the boondoggle boys for boondoggling again, Office Manager Brett just because, and...

Duration: 02:24:20

Happy Hour 1/5/18 - Power Outage

Dave calls up his dad to ask him if there were any legal ramifications of naming his source of information in relation to today's Patriots story. After a short phone call with Mr. Portnoy we merge shows with WEEI so we can talk to Mike Lombardi about the Patriots. When we realize Lombardi is no longer on the show we hang up on Glenn Ordway and WEEI. We call Mr. Portnoy back and all hell breaks loose when the power goes out in the Barstool Radio control room.

Duration: 00:09:58

Happy Hour 1/4/18 - Cuncel The Boondoggle Boys

It was one of those days around the office where everyone was feeling Dave's wrath. Dave asks Office Manager Brett what exactly his new promotion entails, and that conversation ends up bringing an issue with the Foreplay boys to light. Dave accuses the Foreplay boys of boondoggling again, so Riggs throws a tantrum and cancels their coverage of the Waste Management Open.

Duration: 00:09:54

Happy Hour 1/3/18 - Francation

Fran makes a bold move by taking an extended vacation after the holiday break, and Dave notices. He would have liked her to be a part of today's radio show but she is nowhere to be found. Fran calls in and does her best to explain herself, but she gets stuck with a new nickname that probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Duration: 00:09:56

Happy Hour 1/2/18 - New Year, Same Ol' Bullshit

The first show of 2018 was done from inside a refrigerator a.k.a. the Barstool Radio room. Even though it's 2018 we still haven't figured out how to keep the radio room above freezing. Dave and Francis randomly saw each other out in NYC three days in a row, so they are basically best friends now. Carrabis has slowly become one of the biggest hardos in the office and it is starting to annoy Dave.

Duration: 00:09:56

Best of 2017

The first year of Barstool Radio was so damn good they gave us a channel. The Best of 2017 podcast has all the best moments from 2017 including: Our very first segment (0:32-14:54) Grudgement Day (14:56-52:55) the birth of Frank the Tank (53:49-1:07:15) the battle for Nate's WSOP winnings (1:07:16-1:32:37) discovering Zah, and his first day in the office (1:33:35-1:52:50) Feitelberg after the Pats lost to the Chiefs Week 1 (1:52:51-2:04:46) Chaps fuckin weird (2:04:48-2:16:21) Big Cat...

Duration: 03:29:59

Best Of Week 52 - Closing Out The Year In Style

The final week of Barstool Radio in 2017 had just about everything. Handsome Hank joined the show to recap his victorious weekend in Rough N Rowdy, and got congratulatory calls from Rico Bosco and Mr. Portnoy. Roger Goodell tried to pull a fast one on us by selling 'Sundays Are For The Boys" t-shirts, but we wouldn't let that slide. Zah has been working at Barstool since the summer, and never told anybody that he's seen aliens before. He tells us all about his firsthand experience of the...

Duration: 02:28:30

Happy Hour 12/22/17 - Jeff Wilpon Makes KFC Lose His Mind

It's the last show of 2017 and not much has changed. Once again, Mets ownership causes Kevin to lose his mind. Kevin has another all-time Mets rant because Jeff Wilpon has no idea what he is doing.

Duration: 00:09:39

Happy Hour 12/21/17 - Jacketgate

Dave has worn the same jacket in his pizza reviews for the last month, so he was pretty pissed to see Office Manager Brett wearing the same one at the company Christmas party last night. He can't believe the advertisers thought it was smart to send an entire box of jackets to HQ so guys like Brett and Robbie Fox end up wearing them. Dave gets the co-founder of the jacket company on the phone to ask them how they let this happen.

Duration: 00:09:31

Happy Hour 12/20/17 - Zah's Alien Encounter

Zah has been working at Barstool for 5 months and never told anybody that he's seen aliens. How is this possible? Zah details his firsthand experience of the historically documented "Ariel School UFO sighting" when he was 5-years-old. He also tells a bonus story of using a witch doctor to punish one of his enemies.

Duration: 00:09:59

Happy Hour 12/19/17 - Cease And Desist, Roger!

Nobody knows how merciless the merch game can be better than Feitelberg, and this time he's the victim. Roger Goodell and the NFL are jacking his idea by selling "Sundays Are For The" themed shirts for every team. Kevin and Feits actually respect the hell out of this move, however villainous it may be. We call Mr. Michael Portnoy Esq. for some legal advice and his accent incepts Kevin's brain.

Duration: 00:09:56

Best Of Week 51 - Rough N Rowdy Fight Week featuring Judd Apatow and Brendan Schaub

The intensity of the Barstool office was at an all time high. Eagles fans were upset over the Carson Wentz injury, Mets/Red Sox fans were angry at the Giancarlo Stanton trade, and everyone else was getting jacked up for Rough N Rowdy on Friday night. We reminisce about the Blackout Tour days where we were making a ton of money, throwing crazy foam parties, and fighting entire fraternities for our survival. Judd Apatow appears as a guest on the show for the second time. Brendan Schaub calls...

Duration: 02:26:19

Happy Hour 12/15/17 - Pres Calls In From West Virginia

Dave calls in live from a Chick-fil-A in West Virginia. The animosity between Hank and Tex is growing after Tex said some shit about Ria, and Hank pantsed Tex. Dave tells a wild story about going to a West Virginia strip club and seeing something insanely strange.

Duration: 00:09:44

Happy Hour 12/14/17 - The Bad Boys Of Barstool

A caller asks the KFC Radio guys if Hank has secretly been training in underground fight clubs, which reminds Feitelberg of the time he and Gaz had to fight off a ton of frat brothers during the Blackout tour days. A picture surfaces from around the time of the incident where Feits has a shaved head, Gaz has hair, and they both have black eyes.

Duration: 00:09:53

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