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Skip Schumkaer tells TLR, Waino, Holliday stories, looks at what 2017 Cards v 2011 team and more

Brad Straubinger interview with Skip Schumkaer. He tells TLR, Waino, , Pujols, Carp and Holliday stories. He talks about the nerves and having to throw up driving into the ballpark for the 2011 World Series, the bizarre circumstances around his first game in 2005 and so much more.

Duration: 00:41:18

Comedian Tom Green talks Trump, MTV, Letterman, Jackass, TV Guide worst tv show lists and more

Brad Straubinger interview with Tom Green, as we cover his career from public access to feature films. Does Tom still talk to Trump, eat mice, or stay in touch with David Letterman? What about an article ranking his MTV show 40th worst tv show of all time? What does he think about Jackass basically copying his template? And how did he come from public access to still tour comedy clubs to this day? It's all here...

Duration: 00:30:30

Jack "the ripper" Clark rips the Dodgers, gets mugged in NY and more

Brad Straubinger interview with Jack Clark. The former Cardinal slugger (and Giants, Yankees, Padres and Red Sox hitter) talks about his memorable first at bat as a Cardinal, as he had a situation at his hotel he dealt with, keeping him up all night. He also talks about blasting the home run at Dodger Stadium to put the Cardinals in the World Series in 1985, and blasts the Dodgers in Jack Clark fashion. And he also tells the story behind why he blew up Mike Scioscia at home plate, almost...

Duration: 00:23:52

Larry Walker to the Hall? Presented by Massa's Restaurant's

Brad Straubinger interview with the great Expo, Rockie and Cardinal Larry Walker. We look back at his shocking trade to St. Louis, his possible hall of fame career and why he might see an uptick in HOF votes as his time on the ballot winds down, riding in cars with Randy Johnson, Blake Street Bombing in Colorado, and so much more.

Duration: 00:38:08

Jeff Suppan talkin GM7s shaking off Yadi and more

Jeff Suppan talks starting two NLCS GM7's-both victories, baserunning troubles in the World Series, shaking off Yadi--TLR, Steve Kline, Soctt Spiezio and other crazy Cardinal character stories, trips to Grants Farm, the 2006 World Series parade, and off the field shenanigans that take us way off track!

Duration: 01:16:59

Mark McGwire & Johnny Bench go off! Plus Brett Hull, Stan Kroenke & Jerry Jones

I dig into the archives for classic interviews, including one with Johnny Bench taking me to task for a Pete Rose question, and Mark McGwire in 1998 not liking my line of questioning as well. Plus Brett Hull torches Mike Keenan, says screw having his number retired in St. Louis as he leaves and signs with Dallas. And the ever elusive Stan Kroenke gushing over St. Louis getting the Rams in does Jerry Jones in 1998. Little did we know they would be the main players helping the team...

Duration: 00:34:16

Former Cub Ryan Dempster tells all

A chat with former Cubs starter and closer Ryan Dempster who tells us about classic Tony LaRussa v Dusty Baker dustups during the 2000's Cards v Cubs rivalries, Calros Zambrano, Big Papi, and Julian Tavarez stories. Plenty of Harry Caray talk and being part of the 2016 Cubs championship.

Duration: 00:24:39

Cardinals Spring Training Episode

A couple interviews from Jupiter Florida, including Dexter Fowler. And a chat with some fun stories from '09 Cardinal and MLB Network analyst Mark DeRosa.

Duration: 00:33:18

EP29 Jason Simontacchi

A visit with former Cardinal Jason Simontacchi. The Simo-Man tells about the day he learned Darryl Kile died, his incredible 2002 season, partying at Paddy O's as a rookie, stories about characters he played with, including fun stories about Garret Stephenson, Dustin Hermanson and Julian Tavarez...and much more

Duration: 00:28:56

EP 28 2017 Cardinals Winter Warmup

A different take for this podcast, as we give you a taste of the Cardinals Winter Warmup. Adam Wainwright takes the main stage to talk about 2017 and then sings a tune, Stephen Piscotty joins me for 5 good minutes, Jim Hayes and Charlie Marlow give their hot takes on these Redbirds, and much more.

Duration: 00:31:15

EP 27 Jack Buck & 1996 Cardinals roundtable

Brad Straubinger interview with former Cardinals announcer and CBS Sports broadcaster Jack Buck from 1997 where he talks about his health, his career and more. And a roundtable with members of the 1996 Cardinals as they look back at the tumultuous start with Tony LaRussa, a players meeting that changed the course of that season, and the disaster in Atlanta.

Duration: 00:19:53

Ep 26 Jamie Rivers Former Blue

Brad Straubinger interview with former St. Louis Blue Jamie Rivers, as we he tells fun stories about Keenan, Hull, Twist, Pronger and a bunch more. Plus, a crazy tale about being left literally for dead, and scaring the doctors when he popped up appearing alive.

Duration: 00:35:18

Ep 24 Mike Bush-St. Louis TV legend

Brad Strubinger interview with St. Louis tv broadcast legend, Mike Bush. The KSDK news anchor came to St. Louis in 1985 and became the stations sports director during a successful run in the 90's. On this podcast, he talks about the behind the scenes stories of fights during Sports Plus, his Blues pipeline for information, his hair, a possible relationship with Ron Burgundy, telethons and everything else I could think to ask!

Duration: 00:39:54

EP 23 Joe Buck

Brad Straubinger interview with Joe Buck. We talk about his book, his fan bases that are most heated, his hair, and what is in the future, which includes apparently not much more baseball!

Duration: 00:35:29

EP22 Harry Caray, Bill Maher, Dennis Miller & Dierdorf

Brad Straubinger interviews with Harry Caray, Bill Maher, Dennis Miller and Dan Dierdorf from the 90's. Classic interview from my previous tv program

Duration: 00:19:16


Brad Straubinger interview with Ozzie Smith, where we talks about his still simmering and cold relationship with Tony LaRussa, he breaks Ozzie interview style to tell some stories about being at the hall of fame dinners, brawls with the Giants and Mets, and Willie McGee stories!

Duration: 00:42:48

EP 19 Vince Coleman

Brad Straubinger interview with Vince Coleman. We talk everything from what happened to the stolen base, to the tarp, to his fireworks incident, his thought about how he would have been a hall of famer...and so much more!

Duration: 00:38:14

EP18 Chip Caray

Brad Straubinger interview with Chip Caray. We talk about his legendary grandfather Harry Caray and as legendary father, Skip. We look at his time with the Cubs during Sosa-mania, and his time with Shaq and the Magic as well.

Duration: 00:16:59

EP16 RICK HUMMEL Baseball and Beyond

Brad Straubinger interview with the MLB HOF writer Rick Hummel. He tells Whitey Herzog and Tony LaRussa stories!

Duration: 00:26:23

EP15 Don Sutton Baseball and Beyond

Brad Straubinger interview with Hall of Fame pitcher Don Sutton. We talk his involvement on the Match Game back in the 70's, a run in with Mike Shannon after beaning the former Cardinal, the long road to the Hall for the 326 game winner and other amazing stats about the RHP and a run i.

Duration: 00:15:33

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