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blath·er ˈblaT͟Hər/ verb To talk long-windedly without making very much sense. Basement Blather is a podcast that is just that. Three brothers Dan, Jeremy, and Jimmy talk for as long as you care to listen, about anything and everything.

blath·er ˈblaT͟Hər/ verb To talk long-windedly without making very much sense. Basement Blather is a podcast that is just that. Three brothers Dan, Jeremy, and Jimmy talk for as long as you care to listen, about anything and everything.
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blath·er ˈblaT͟Hər/ verb To talk long-windedly without making very much sense. Basement Blather is a podcast that is just that. Three brothers Dan, Jeremy, and Jimmy talk for as long as you care to listen, about anything and everything.




Episode 34 ” Heavy Jimmy Petting”

Episode 34 ” Heavy Jimmy Petting” Hey guys! We are back a week early because the mighty sun god granted us permission to speak when not spoken to. This week it’s Jimmy and Dan getting into some stuff without Jeremy. We start off with usual check ins. Then continue to check in until break! Thats fucking right! After the break Jimmy gives us a word that he made up to make us better understand life. To add a little extra christmas cheer to the end of the year, jimmy gives us one last gift...

Duration: 01:09:50

Episode 33- “Assulty the Snowman’s Christmas Special”

Episode 33- “Assulty the Snowman’s Christmas Special” Happy Christmas every butthole! Sorry for the large gap inbetween shows. We give an explaination why in the episode along with our other checkins. We have some good stories this week from living in a hotel for two weeks, to Jeremy using strange tatics to find out who was touching his office furniture while his legs were broken. It takes a while to get into, but after the crazy stories and banter we finally get into a Christmas themed...

Duration: 01:56:37

Episode 32- “November 20th”

Episode 32-”November 20th” Happy Happy Joy Joy! Welcome back to “Basement Blather”! We start off as usual with a check in. Next is “All in Time”. Then is “Kooky Kriminals”. After that is “Would you Blather?”. After the break we finish off with “Basement Bunker” and “Jeremy’s fucked up gross Dusty Den”. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:02:26

Episode 31 “Beautiful Double Da Vincis”

Episode 31- “Beautiful Double Da Vincis” Hello you gorgeous basement baddies!Welcome back for another episode of “Basement Blather”! We start off this episode by checking in just like we do for every episode. Very exciting. Next we do a little music check in for you audiophiles out there. After that we delve into a sensual chapter in Jimmies life titled “Basement Bewbs”. After that crazy fucking shit and the break we do another special edition of “Storytime” but this time with Jimmy. He...

Duration: 01:16:33

Episode 30 ” Ol’ Hallows Dumpster Fire”

Episode 30- “Ol’ Hallows Dumpster Fire” Hello spooky basement buddies! Welcome to the halloween spectacular! Just because this is a special spooky episode does not mean that this episode would start any differently than any other. That means we jump right into a check in. After we get all up to date we mix things up a bit for our halloween special by doing a “Gory time with Dan“. After that we hear not from [...]

Duration: 01:34:25

Episode 29- “Jimmys Cookin’ Wet Shower Farts”

Episode 29- “Jimmys Cookin’ Wet Shower Farts” Hey Basement booty blasters! On this episode we start off as usual by checking in! There are absolutely no suprises hidden in this episode! Next we discover laws that may, or may not, be true in “Whos Law is it Anyway?” After that we do an “All in Time.” I dont remember when writing this what it was about but you will see. After the break we try a new segment wherein Jimmy emparts his wisdom upon us in “Jimmy’s Facts of Life.” In the segment...

Duration: 01:34:01

Episode 28- “Cock Rocks and Kooks”

Episode 28- “Cock Rocks and kooks” In this very special episode of Basement Blather we bid Jimmy a proper adieu in the form of verbal harassment. It begins with our check ins where Jimmy mansplains his reasons for departure from The Commonwealth mostly by dodging questions. Next we do a “Storytime with Jeremy” in which we hear about an amputated bird which is actually a rock. After that we have brand new segment called “Whos Law is it Anyway?” We have to determine if the laws Jeremy tells...

Duration: 01:21:06

Episode 27 “My Name is Bread with a TH

Episode 27-”My name is Bread, with a T H” Hello again and welcome to another episode of Basement Blather! Getting right into it, we check in on why Jimmy is missing and other things going on. Next we get in to a few “Kooky Kriminals” stories about a man and his cucumber, a man and his pornos, and just a really stupid man. Next up is a “Storytime with Jeremy” titled “Eel trapped in a cage”. After that we delve into “Would you Blather”, where we make decisions on very important questions in...

Duration: 02:04:09

Episode 26-”Avoid Foods High in Sandy Sands”

Episode 26-”Avoid Foods High in Sandy Sands” Hey guys! Welcome back! I’m really starting to wonder if anyone besides Jimmy reads these things. If you do, let me know at and tell me how im doing. Jimmy is back and we start of this episode with an unusually short check in. Next we jump into a “Story Time with Jeremy”. After that we once again battle to the death to figure out if Jeremy is lying about things that happened today in the past in “All in Time”. After...

Duration: 01:31:17

Episode 25 “Basement Betrothal”

Episode 25-”Basement Betrothal” Welcome back guys and gals! On this very special episode we hear the epic return of the illusive wife and girlfriend of the basement brothers. This is a different than usual format for the show because we only play a game called “Basement Betrothal”. Also Jeremy fills us in on why hes going to be laid up on the couch for a while. Apolgies for not always being able to hear Jeremy or Jen, they had to share a microphone. Thanks for listening and as always you...

Duration: 01:06:52

Episode 24 “Awful Andrew’s Banus Cream”

Episode 24-”Awful Andrew’s Banus Cream” Welcome back to Basement Blather and thank you for listening! We have a nice long episode for you to enjoy while you excercise, work, masturbate, bury your grandmother but assume her identity to still recieve her government checks, or whatever it is that you do while listening to these things. For starters, as usual, we check in with everyone to see how we are all holding up in this crazy world we live in. Next we getinto”Storytime with Jeremy” that...

Duration: 02:02:53

Episode 23 “Shitnado Dinglebeard”

Hello Basement Bastards! Welcome to another episode of Basement Blather! We have an exciting episode for you today that begins just like every other episode, which actually, does not make it exciting. Enjoy anyways! Next up is the segment that you may or may not recognize as “Storytime with Jeremy”. Following that we get into “All in Time”. Moving along we jump right into an oldie but goodie known as “Kooky Kriminals”. After that we enter into the realm of “Would you Blather?” formally...

Duration: 01:06:38

Episode 22 “For John”

%systemroot%system32. This file contains error messages in the range NERR_BASE (2100) through MAX_NERR(NERR_BASE +899). Just Kidding. WELCOME to another episode of Basement Blather! This episode is like a blast from the past because Jimmy called in sick and Jeremy and Dan are left to pick up the pieces. We start off with a brief check in that turns into a heartfelt eulogy for friend among other realisations of life and the pursuit of happiness. Then, like you may have expected, Jeremy...

Duration: 00:38:41

Episode 21 “Sperm Javelin”

Greetings dick lickers! Welcome to episode 21 of Basement Blather! Jumping right in we do our usual check ins, but fear not, we have lots of suprises in store for our devoted fans. All one of them. Next we mosey on in to a segment where we try to figure out whether or not Jeremy is telling the truth about an event that happened in times gone by in “All in Time” After Jeremy attempts to fool us we get a confusing but typical shoutout from Jimmy. Next up is an equally confusing “Storytime...

Duration: 01:58:52

Episode 20 “Vagankle”

HEY! Hey you. Welcome back to another episode of Basement Blather. Thank you for coming back time and time again to listen to us three idiots stumble our way through the english language. Per usual we start of with a check in that is thankfully much shorter than last weeks. Next we try a new take on our segment “All In Time” by allowing Jeremy to read us things that may or may not have happened in the past and we try to guess if they are real or not. Jimmy follows that segment up by giving...

Duration: 01:51:58

Episode 19 “Twinkle, Twinkle little condom”

Hello dedicated fans! Thank you for coming back, although we are not sure why you did. Get some help. First off we get an extended check in. Lots of shit is going on and Jeremy has a fantastic story to tell. Next up Jimmy has sexy story, wink wink. After that we jump into another fabulous installment of “All in Time”. Thankfully, work was slow for Jeremy so he gives us a story time for the ages. After the break we jump into several versions of would you rather. One is sort of the normal...

Duration: 02:34:16

Episode 18 “Broken Blather”

Hey everybody!!! This week is a very special episode in which the boys go on a road trip to rescue Jeremy because his truck broke down on the way to come record the podcast. We recorded this on dans phone so the sound quality is utter shit, although it could be worse.Jeremy and Dan explain to Jimmy that they are going to see their favorite podcast later on that evening, and the boys do some old school gamer talk. Enjoy the stubby episode!

Duration: 00:29:14

Episode 17 “Gross disgusting happy hour”

Hello our few but wonderful listeners! Lets cut right to the chase. We start off this week with a lengthy check in on the guys. We are all very busy and interesting, for reals. Next we get in another installment of “All in Time”. We learned a few things that happened in times past for March 25th,2017. The underlying messages remains that the three of us are pretty stupid. Right before the break we get a special guest that has not been on the podcast for quite some time. After the break our...

Duration: 01:20:29

Episode 16 “Ow! My God Damn Nipple”

Hello, and welcome to Ow! My god damn nipple!! First, we give the listeners a rare insight into our mysterious lives by providing you with a check in. Jimmy would like you to know he is still single and ready to mingle. What are you gonna do about it? Nothing. That’s right. You don’t even read this do you? In any case, we move on to a blast from the past in this week’s “All in Time”. A celebrity dies and you wont believe who it is. Click to find out! We promise there is no more clickbait...

Duration: 00:55:20

Episode 15 “The Golden Girls are back in town”

Happy New year everybody!! We apologize for the significant delay in our podcast episode production. Rest assured, we love you and we did not forget how to swear. First off this episode we catch up with the boys and make sure no one has died or quit the podcast. Luckily for you if you are still reading this, no one quit or died. Next we get in to a new segment created by Jeremy called ” All in time”. This is a flashback into memories past, where Jeremy explains to us what happened on this...

Duration: 02:03:25

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