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Bass Grifters 20 -- The Dom Friend Part 2: Los Quesos Gapos w/ Justin Gibson

Justin Gibson stopped by this week and this episode is one of my favorites. Most of it takes place in a fictional Mexican Restaurant someone opened up in a room on the upper floors of a hotel. Needless to say confusion ensues. We manage to keep someone on the phone for over an hour. All the while we try to figure out who is the Dom Friend once again, this time we're keeping score, kind of. Don't spill the cheese dip! Oh, and shout out to that one guy's dick!** For more episodes check out...

Duration: 02:44:12

Music Mash-Up 20

Music Mash-up from Bass Grifters Podcast Episode 20 -- The Dom Friend Part 2: Los Quesos Gapos

Duration: 00:03:46

Serious Bull$#!+ Episode 15 -- The Gap

Hey guys, this weeks episode was short, but sweet. Sters got himself into a little squeench with his professor over the gender wage gap and just might be in over his head. We go over some of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "unnatural" orgy allegations while discussing whether or not one's influence should be tarnished by their personal lives. Is Gorilla Zoe a fecalpheliac? Is that a real word? Find out on the latest SBS Podcast! A Bass Grifters Production Check out for...

Duration: 00:53:25

Episode 19 Music Mash-Up

Music Mash-up from Bass Grifters Podcast Episode 19 -- The P.E.T.A. Files

Duration: 00:03:16

Bass Grifters 19 -- The P.E.T.A. Files

This week the boys start yet another podcast within a podcast, this time to get information on upcoming P.E.T.A. operations. They learn about how to respect various phones the phone in the South from the original phone sheriff himself. Then a game of "Would You Rather" turns into a potential terrorist situation. Find out whether or not Mike is on a watch list now. The Talking Grift Aftershow Vol. 1 & more! Check out more on Share and show some love!

Duration: 02:27:17

Serious Bull$#!+ Episode 14 -- Hump With Your Heart w/ Andrew Locklair

What ups! This week We had Greenville and Stone Grown comic Andrew Locklair on to talk about a range of topics from blood farms to butterflies and bump stocks. Is it really better to buy local? Did Sterling get the math right?!?! Find out on SBS 14 -- Hump With your Heart! More of Andrew Locklair & his album here- Facebook - @lolocklair Check out for more SBS and the Bass Grifters Prank Call Podcast!

Duration: 02:36:43

Bass Grifters 18 -- Do You Have Time For Some Bullshit?

What's up guys? This week Christian tells a story about the time he waxed his wheels. The boys hot box the hotel bathroom and find a portrait of a nude man above the toilet. Mike smokes himself gay while lifting free weights. A couple penalties flags get tossed out. Mostly we just find out who has time for some bullshit though. Cool Check out for more! Support the boys and spread the absurdity!

Duration: 03:46:04

Episode Music Mash-Up 17

Music Mash-up from Bass Grifters Podcast Episode 17 -- Jacked

Duration: 00:04:34

Bass Grifters Episode 17 -- Jacked

This week the boys get pretty drunk and make some ridiculous calls. Mike becomes the ultimate Rogan fanboy and spends almost 4 hours trying to figure out who's jacked, yolked, smacked, and cranked. We let a homeless guy in and he starts cheifin' all the hoes. We find out which hotels are "down with the weed". We try to figure out what a "twomp" is. Fart Rebels. Something about plush & more only on the most ridiculous podcast on the internet. Share the love!

Duration: 03:56:02

Serious Bull$#!+ Episode 13 w/ Adam Shulte

This week Sters and I sit down with Greenville comic Adam Shulte to discuss some touchy, touchy topics ranging from snitching, to mass shootings, to getting older, comedy, and more. The last 30-45 mins is a complete metal/punk/hardcore nerd out after Sterling takes his leave. This one went the distance! Adam is recording his second comedy album "Coffee and Triggerettes" tonight, Oct. 15 at Radio Room in Greenville, SC. I'll provide more info on how to get the recording once its published....

Duration: 03:02:17

Serious Bull$!+ Episode 12 -- Butthoused

This week Sters brings us an ethics question that sends us off on some usual tangents. We talk about being a hot air balloon pirate. We get into B.M.I., health, didgeridoos, personal flying devices, and we figure out what the hell "butthoused" means. That and more Bull$#!+ on SBS. A Bass Grifters Production Check out for more! Share the love!

Duration: 01:33:58

Bass Grifters Episode 16 -- The Mad Pooper's Confession

This week on Bass Grifters the boys invent some sex toys, steal Reggie Watts' material, setup some breakfast play with a hooker, the conversation coach stops by, smoke Romulon, and try to figure what this sound is in our room. Also, Mike is the real troll and you'll find out why. Plenty more nonsense plus a dope beat to top it off. Squeench life. Check out for more! Support the boys and spread the squeenchery!

Duration: 03:07:21

Episode 16 Music Mash-Up

Music Mash-up from Bass Grifters Podcast Episode 16 -- The Mad Pooper's Confession

Duration: 00:04:22

Serious Bull$!+ Episode 11 -- Three's Company ft. Travis The Band Travis

This week we had comic Travis the Band Travis on to talk about his alternative style marriage and how it works. Mostly we just discussed bird dicks, old man strenf, necrophiliacs, assholes on Mt. Everest & more extraneous bullshit. Could you be in an open relationship? Can Travis beat up 60% of men above the age of 40? Is Sterling on a secret military base? Find out on this episode of Serious Bull$#!+ Podcast. for more episodes.

Duration: 01:19:33

Bass Grifters 15 -- CONSPIRACY CAST 1

What up everybody, this is our first cast with my dad. He goes deep on conspiracies and gets into everything but the flat earth shit (he says that's gay). This time we talk ghosts, aliens, Boystown, Nixon, Osama Obama, and Ron Jeremy. After that me and Mike chat for a while and discuss more crazy shit like human trafficking and Bigfoot's dick. I spend a couple minutes at the beginning talking shit and getting to the bottom of the corn starch phenomena. If you wake up, and your boxers were...

Duration: 01:31:45

Bass Grifters 14 -- Wood stock 99'

This is a very special episode of the Grifters. This week we had our friend Travis The Band Travis come by once again and after some seriously funny phone calls we all experience one of the greatest trolls in podcast history compliments of another friend of the show. Shouts out to Fred Durst on this one for changing all of our lives, especially Travis! This is pre-audio fix so some mic are hot sometimes especially when Christian turns into a sea bird several times throughout the episode....

Duration: 02:03:06

Serious Bull$!+ Episode 10 -- The Block Chain

This episode features a formal presentation by Sters on block chain technology and crypto-currency. It also features me and Justin Gibson confusing and shitting all over the topic during said presentation. We discuss the free lunch theory of the universe, nerd dabs, and a super riskay talk on race closes it out. This is still pre-ASIO driver so my mic gain is all fucked up on this one but it's listenable. All that and more bullshit on the latest SBS!

Duration: 01:31:36

Serious Bull$!+ Episode 9 -- The Latest Fad Is Protest

This week Sters and Christian take on a range of touchy subjects from autism to population and reproduction. We discuss old lady bathrooms. Christian gets grifted by Mike, who is now fake news. Sters goes deep on some math, and makes a very strange claim about the origin the Fahrenheit measurement system. All that and more bullshit on the latest SBS!

Duration: 01:52:17

Episode 13 Music Mash-Up

The music mash-up featured at the end of Episode 13 -- "Peel N' Ass Out". Support us on Check out Please rate the podcast and spread the love

Duration: 00:03:43

Bass Grifters 13 -- Peel N' Ass Out

This week our shitter tank is full in the dayum RV, so we decide to pay a guy 50 bucks to let us run a hose through a hotel window and flush our load into their toilet. Then we call the front desk and tell them about for some reason. We also gives Mike's brother Dylan a buzz for some stories. Oh, and whoever Christopher is, uh, our bad dude. -Recorded Live on Twitch and Youtube. -Support us on -Check out all things Grifter at -Please rate the...

Duration: 01:56:13

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