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Ep. 35 Cornell Williams - Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentlemen

Cornell Williams is one of my favourite 'pocket' style players, in that his time, tone and taste (note choice) are pretty much perfect for the material he is performing, and on the odd occasion when he does step forward he is super lyrical yet still so funky! It was a real pleasure to get to hang and jam with Nell while he was in town with Jon Cleary, I even got to play THAT Modulus, what a bass! Remember to share, subscribe and drop a review for the podcast anywhere you see fit!...

Duration: 01:06:25

Ep. 34 - Jonathan Dimond - Bass Ryaz

Jonathan Dimond is an incredibly accomplished musician, composer and educator based in Melbourne. Having studied Indian classical music to an extremely high level, his rhythmic understanding is exceptional, coupled with his formidable technical facility and knowledge of western classical and jazz music, Jonathan is a truly inspiring bass player. In this episode we discuss some of his practice methods using a kick drum pedal and a woodblock, his bass journey, studying in USA and India and...

Duration: 01:24:00

Ep. 33 Evripides Evripidou - Virgil Donati/Frank Gambale/Dave Weckl/Mike Portnoy/Warwick

Evripides Evripidou is one of those rare bass players that seems to be able to straddle opposing genres with ease and authenticity. Playing bass for such fusion giants and Virgil Donati, Dave Weckl and Frank Gambale would be enough to catapult any bass player into the history books, but Evri has neither rested on his laurels or adhered to the stereo types associated with such complex music and has continued to forge his own musical and dare I say spiritual path on the bass. It was a...

Duration: 01:01:45

Ep.32 Drew Dedman - Made in Melbourne/Superheist

Like myself, Drew Dedman is a self professed bass nerd and we get deep into a lot of topics in this interview like Drew's roots in speed and prog metal, his gigging philosophy, practice tips, his time with Melbourne Nu Metal kings Superheist, the current music industry climate and of course: bass gear! Youtube: Facebook: Drew Dedman the Electric Bassplayer Debut solo record "Made in...

Duration: 01:07:51

Ep. 31 Neil Kennedy/Cole Clark - The Luthier's Perspective #2

Bass player, educator and luthier Neil Kennedy stopped by with a few examples from his stunning new line of basses soon to be released in conjunction with legendary Australian guitar company - Cole Clark. We discuss a range of bass building topics ranging from fingerboard radius, wood choice (including indigenous Australian woods), neck construction, bridge material etc etc; and we also hear about his bass journey and thoughts on technique and the science of bass building. Follow his work...

Duration: 01:01:43

Ep. 30 Michael Manson - George Duke/Kirk Whalum/Larry Carlton/Jeff Lorber

Chicago native Michael Manson has filled the bass chair for some of the top names in jazz and gospel music such as George Duke, Larry Carlton and Kirk Whalum. I caught up with him while he was in town with Jeff Lorber Fusion and we chatted about what it takes to be prepared for a high profile gig like that as well as the importance of developing your own voice on the instrument, his classical upbringing and his solo career. Manson not only has blazing chops but his sense of melody and...

Duration: 00:49:29

Ep. 28 Claire Cross - "Enthusiasm goes a long way..."

I was excited to have Claire on the podcast as not only is she a fantastic bass player, composer, band leader and educator, but she has a passion and drive for music and self improvement that is really inspiring. In this episode we hear about how Claire ended up falling in love with the bass, her penchant for classic artists like Steely Dan and Duran Duran, touring America with the outrageously talented 'Kneebody' and why enthusiasm has been so important to her musical development....

Duration: 01:06:24

Ep. 28 René Flächsenhaar - Bass The World

If you've ever trawled YouTube for bass gear demos (and let's face it, who hasn't), chances are you've come across Gregor Fris's 'Bass The World' YouTube Channel which will have exposed to the immense bass playing of René Flächsenhaar. After watching a few videos of René playing numerous exotic basses, I was struck by the depth and variety of grooves he could demonstrate with seemingly effortless ease. I reached out to René during my recent trip to Europe and we caught up at local music...

Duration: 00:45:40

Ep. 27 - David Searle - The Luthier's Perspective

David Searle is a Melbourne based luthier who hand-crafts incredible instruments with a wide variety of tone woods and design aspects. In this interview we talk about what to look for in your first bass, tone woods, scale length, designing your own custom bass, active vs passive and a whole lot more! Be sure to visit the Melbourne School of Guitar Making website to find out more!

Duration: 00:49:31

Ep. 26 - Jon Wilson - Education & Entertainment

Jon Wilson is one of Adelaide's finest bass players and music educators. With a packed gigging schedule and healthy work ethic, Jon sets a strong example for any bass player to follow. In this interview we learn about his beginnings as a player, his thoughts on breaking into a scene, the importance of musical diversity, teaching and also some great technique tips.

Duration: 00:19:10

Ep. 25 Dave Anderson - Bill Evans, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Art Garfunkel

Dave is one of those players that really can do it all, from blazing fusion chops to tasty, reserved singer/songwriter supporting lines and everything in between. As enthusiastic about bass playing and music as he's ever been, it was a blast to hang with Dave and get to learn more about his bass journey and his take on being a sideman in today's current music climate. Dave Anderson is a bass player with over thirty years' experience performing and recording in a wide range of genres. His...

Duration: 01:35:02

Ep. 24 - Neil Corcoran - Mother Earth

Born out the 90's acid jazz scene in London, Neil shared the stage with the likes of Jamiroquai as part of the pioneering group 'Mother Earth. A fellow F Bass player, Neil has a great ear for tone as well as being a superb groove player with some insane chops up his sleeve. In this video we discuss his 'bass journey', including his early basses and influences, as well as his writing process and what he believes are good qualities for any bass player. Thanks Neil! Website:...

Duration: 00:32:04

Ep. 22 Ben Wicks - Blues Roulette

Ben Wicks is the guy you call when you need a tight, tasty, experienced roots & blues bass player with killer tone and a pro attitude. Sporting a beautiful custom P Bass made right here in Melbourne and over 20 years experience backing some of Australia's top blues and rnb acts, Ben is no stranger to touring and has played some of the country's premium festival stages. In this interview we get deep into the thinking behind his choices in gear, specifically is custom P Bass, as well as some...

Duration: 01:17:55

Ep. 21 Karl Rasheed Abel - Laura Mvula

Laura Mvula has taken the global pop scene by storm in the last few years, with entrancing melodies, complex African rhythms and cutting edge sonics, it would be a challenge for most bass players to comfortably find their role. Karl Rasheed Abel fulfills the bass duties flawlessly, with a deep understanding of jazz, rnb, neo soul and Afrobeat, Karl manages to not just fill out the bottom end, instead his basslines enhance the music and at times are all that is required to tell the story....

Duration: 00:45:46

Ep. 20 Michael League - Snarky Puppy

Michael League, bass player for Snarky Puppy, Bokante and Forq, is a modern master of the instrument and one of the hardest working band leaders around. Comfortable in a number of genres on electric, upright and key bass, Mike is not only a world class musician, but a prolific composer, record label executive and all round expert in the modern music industry. It was truly and honour to get to sit down with Michael while he was in Melbourne for two shows with Snarky Puppy and it was great...

Duration: 00:36:50

Ep. 19 Lauren Pierce - Discover Double Bass

Now based in Melbourne, Lauren is a professional double bassist and educator. Her hugely popular YouTube channel features virtuosic performances of double bass solo repertoire. Lauren has studied with many notable bassists such as Craig Butterfield and Jeff Bradetich and is renowned teacher in her own right. It was great to sit down with Lauren and talk about her journey as a musician, career paths, overcoming nerves, youtube and much much more! Lauren Pierce:...

Duration: 01:08:45

Ep. 18 Lucas Taranto - Gotye

Fodera artist and bass sensei Lucas Taranto has an enviable reputation around town as the guy you call when you need the best of the best. Pocket, feel, chops, tone, vibe, Lucas has them all in spades and rightfully earned him a place in the world conquering Gotye lineup during the 'Somebody that I used to know' era. It was super cool getting to chat with Lucas about his bass journey including his influences in the form of Gary Willis and James Jamerson, his decision making process with...

Duration: 01:06:43

Ep. 16 Teymur Phell - Mike Stern

Teymur Phell is one seriously heavy cat! Currently Mike Stern's bassist of choice he has also performed with Oz Noy and trumpet legend Arturo Sandoval. A resident of NYC, Teymur grew up in Israel, studying classical upright bass along side developing his burning chops on electric. In this interview we discuss his approach to walking, what it's like to play for Stern, his beautiful 6 string F Bass and much more!

Duration: 00:42:50

Ep. 16 Junior Braguinha - Virgil Donati

I first saw a video of Junior playing about 18months ago and immediately I was hooked. He has an incredible facility on the instrument and coupled with deep harmonic knowledge, huge pocket and a Brazilian music background, you have the recipe for one of today's rising stars of electric bass. I was lucky to catch up with him for an hour or so while he was in town playing with Virgil Donati and we discuss his approach to learning that intense repertoire as well as his evolution as a bassist...

Duration: 00:23:28

Ep. 15 - Evan Tweedie - Angus & Julia Stone/Dub Fx/Husky

Evan is one of my favourite Melbourne bass players, with a massive pocket, rock solid time and a phat tone it's no wonder he's held down the low end for the likes of Angus and Julia Stone, Dub Fx and Husky to name a few. In this episode we discuss topics such as domestic vs overseas touring, the importance of practicing super slow, the parallels between tai chi and music, in ear monitoring systems, complex live FX set ups and much more! *apologies for the audio issues in this episode,...

Duration: 01:09:57

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