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33 - Batman: Year One

This is it, folks! The last (regular) episode. And just for old times' sake, it's a few hours late. We'll be back with a retrospective episode in the near-ish future. And of course with a Batman Ninja episode in May. Until then, remember: everyone's worth it. Thanks for listening.


32 - Scooby Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Batman: The Brave and the Bold is all about crossovers. But crossing over with... Scooby-Doo? It's more likely than you think. Does this classic teamup still work in a modern context? This TV movie answers that question and more. Give it a listen and we'll give you a Scooby Snack... facebook: twitter: email: website:


31 - Batman: Gotham By Gaslight

The latest Batman movie is a blast from the past! The world's greatest detective versus the first famous serial killer. Who will emerge victorious? And who is the man behind the blade, ripping Gotham's streets asunder? Listen and find out! facebook: twitter: email: website:


30 - Batman: Bad Blood

Kevin and Thaddeus discuss Batman: Bad Blood, the sequel to Son of Batman and Batman vs Robin. How does it compare to the first two? Does it hold up as a movie on its own? How many characters can they cram into seventy minutes, anyway? Listen, and find out!


29 - Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

Happy Holidays, chums! We didn't realize this was going to be a holiday episode when we recorded it, but... anyway, please enjoy the episode! Bat the Movies is going on a little bit of a holiday break, but we'll be back in the new year! Until then, comrades! facebook: twitter: email: website:


28 - Batman Vs Robin

Hey: how come this movie was named after an actual comic, but adapted a totally different comic? What's up with that? Huh? Anyway, I'm tired. Please listen to this episode of Bat the Movies, and furthermore, please enjoy it. Thank you we're on Facebook and twitter. You can figure it out


27 - Batman vs. Two-Face

No two ways about it: it's another episode of Bat the Movies! This time, Kevin and Thaddeus discuss the recent Batman vs. Two-face, a film featuring William Shatner as the titular villain and, sadly, Adam West's final performance as his heroic counterpart. How does it compare to Return of the Caped Crusaders? How does it stand up as a film? Better listen to find out, on the double! facebook: twitter: email:...


26 - Son of Batman

Happy Sunday! Or is that son-day? This episode, Kevin and Thaddeus discuss the film Son of Batman, wherein Batman meets his son. It's like Daddy's Home but in reverse. Or is it??? Listen and find out! facebook: twitter: email: website:


24 - Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

Bat the Movies returns from hiatus, now based in NYC! Kevin and Thaddeus dive into Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, the sequel to Public Enemies. Can this installment improve on the original, or will it be receiving another pair of Bat-thumbs down? Listen and find out! (Apologies for the poor audio quality on this episode. It was a very hot day in New York when we recorded it so we had a fan going. It won't happen again) Join the conversation! facebook:


23 - Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem & Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs Mutants

Double your Batman, double your fun! Sorry this episode was a bit late, folks. It was a doozy. Hopefully you enjoy listening to it! Hear tell of giant bat-mechs and hacking the bat-matrix! All this and more in the sequels to Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts. facebook: twitter: email: website:


22 - Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

All is going according to plan: It's another episode of Bat the Movies! This time, Kevin and Thaddeus take on one of the earliest DC Universe Animated Original films. Luthor's the President. Superman and Batman are on the lam. There's a giant kryptonite meteor headed for Earth. Just another Sunday. How does it hold up after nearly a decade? Listen and find out! facebook: twitter: email:


21 - Batman: Assault on Arkham

We're back! We're now releasing every other Sunday so get ready to get ready. This fortnight we're discussing Assault on Arkham, aka: the good Suicide Squad movie. But is it good enough to warrant a Bat-thumbs up or two? Listen and find out! Join the conversation! facebook: twitter: email: website:


20 - Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders

Dedicated to the memory of Adam West.


19 - Batman Forever

Our final live-action Batman! Our final theatrical Batman! (At least until they make a new one.) How does Batman Forever hold up? Is it as good as Returns? Is it as bad as & Robin? Listen and find out! Join the conversation! facebook: twitter: email: website:


18 - Batman Returns

We're finally revisiting Tim Burton's vision of Batman in his 1992 film Batman Returns! How does it hold up 25 years later? Can it hold a candle to the original? Or is it left out in the cold? Listen and find out! Join the conversation! facebook: twitter: email: website:


17 - Batman: The Killing Joke

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains discussion of sexual assault and rape (bc the movie in question depicts these things). This movie is kind of a joke, and it's not "ha-ha" funny. This episode is pretty fun, though (apart from the content I warned you about earlier)! Give it a listen. Join the conversation! facebook: twitter: email: website:


16 - The Dark Knight

Let's put a smile on that face! This week we discuss The Dark Knight. Perhaps you've heard of it. This episode was long-awaited for us! If it was for you as well, then go ahead and give it a listen. Fair warning: we talk about the Joker a lot. But honestly that's to be expected. We talk about Alfred surprisingly little. Join the conversation! facebook: twitter: email: website:...


Bonus Episode: Nananana Batmail!

Surprise, motherbutler! It's a bonus episode of Bat the Movies! We read a few emails from our #1 fan Greg Arnold (@fearthenoodle). In the future we hope to incorporate this into episodes as a segment, but for now enjoy the bonus! Join the conversation! facebook: twitter: email: website:


15 - Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Apologies for this episode being late, and for the sounds of one of Kevin's housemates cooking dinner in the background! This was the only time we could record this week. Last week the Dark Knight rose and this week he... returns? What could this mean? Is this movie a must-watch, or should you just read the comic? Listen, and decide for yourself! Tune in this weekend for a brief bonus mailbag episode! Join the conversation! facebook: twitter:...


14 - The Dark Knight Rises

Apologies, chums, for the slight tardiness of this episode! At least all our microphones are working this time. This week, Kevin and Thaddeus discuss the third entry in the Dark Knight trilogy: The Dark Knight Rises! Does it demand to be watched, or can you sort of skip it? Listen and find out! Join the conversation! facebook: twitter: email: website:


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