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A podcast featuring Josh, Brendan, The Apprentice & friends talking about sport from Australia and around the globe.

A podcast featuring Josh, Brendan, The Apprentice & friends talking about sport from Australia and around the globe.
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A podcast featuring Josh, Brendan, The Apprentice & friends talking about sport from Australia and around the globe.




124 - NRL GF, AFL GF, NFL, Masters, MLB, World Cup Quals, Bathurst

Pies took Mad Monday a little too far, and The Producer couldn't get off the couch for a week. But we're back to finish up the NRL and AFL seasons and to talk about a bunch of other sports including World Cup Qualifiers, NFL, Masters of Rugby League, Major League Baseball, Bathurst 1000 and Formula 1. 0:00:00 - AFL GF 0:13:00 - NRL GF 0:35:00 - World Cup Quals 0:37:00 - NFL 1:27:00 - Masters 1:28:00 - MLB Playoffs 1:31:00 - Motorsport Brought to you by Twitter -...

Duration: 01:40:58

123 - Grand Finals, NRL, AFL, Masters of Rugby League, NFL, NBA

After 29 and 26 weeks of NRL and AFL it's all come down to this. The final game of the season. The ultimate sudden death game. It's Grand Final weekend and it promises to be massive. Storylines aplenty. Cooper Cronk in his last game for Melbourne. Cameron Smith putting another stamp on his stellar career. Michael Morgan emerging from the shadow of Johnathan Thurston. The Richmond Tigers and their long suffering fans. New Brownlow medallist Dusty Martin. The great Adelaide Crows. Eddie...

Duration: 02:07:08

122 - NRL Finals, AFL Finals, NFL, Motorsport

An abnormal Wednesday morning recording this week. So The Producer and Pies discuss the NRL and AFL Semi Finals and predict the winners of the Prelim Finals. Then Big Zacko joins us on the phone for the NFL wrap. Plus Formula 1 and the Sandown 500 V8 Supercars. 0:00:00 - NRL 0:18:00 - AFL 0:31:00 - NFL 1:10:00 - Motorsport Brought to you by Twitter - @batsandballspod Brendan - @brendansmith05 Josh - @PiesJosh Zac - @BigZacko Email -...

Duration: 01:22:46

121 - NRL, AFL, NFL, Football, Fake Political Outrage

It's episode 121 and Pies is back at the helm of the ship. Big Zacko and The Producer are in the studio and we've got a huge show. We try to avoid all the controversy from the NRL Finals, but Brendan can't help himself. Plus we recap the AFL Finals which got off to a slow start but finished with a belter in Adelaide. Plus we go through the first week of NFL Football, tip all of next weeks games and talk a little Fantasy Football. Then right at the end, THAT photo of Malcolm Turnbull at...

Duration: 02:05:45

120 - Footy Finals, Masters, Rugby, NRL, AFL, Football, Formula 1, Supercoach

Big Zacko was out shopping for black shorts and socks, so Pies is back in the driver's seat for the first time in 2 months. Colbee calls in to talk about the upcoming Masters of Rugby League module at Newcastle. We get Swainy on to talk about the Shute Shield Grand Final and the heartbreaking loss for the Wallabies. Plus we preview the footy finals in NRL and AFL. All while Pies watches Australia v Thailand. 0:00:00 - Masters 0:12:00 - Rugby 0:42:00 - NRL 1:12:00 - AFL 1:23:00 -...

Duration: 01:45:12

119 - NFL Preview Show

We've given the NFL Preview Show stand alone status this year. No more sifting through the rest of our gibber to get to the real football analysis. Steve is crook this year, so it's left to Big Zacko to carry most of the workload with Pies coming in on 3rd down to help out. Brendan does his best as a change of pace type back. 0:00:00 - NFC East 0:20:00 - NFC North 0:36:00 - NFC South 0:43:00 - NFC West 1:00:00 - AFC East 1:15:00 - AFC North 1:22:00 - AFC South 1:28:00 - AFC...

Duration: 01:44:35

118 - NRL, AFL, Cricket, NFL, F1, Supercoach

Pies is hiding his face after weighing in with a stiffy, so it's just Brendan and Zacko again this week. Alternate facts are that Pies was out with flu like symptoms. The boys cover all the games of NRL and AFL and the Finals repercussions. Australia were chasing down Bangladesh in the 1st test. Plus the latest news from the NFL and the Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix recap. And the AFL Supercoach GF has been played, and the NRL Supercoach GF is set for next week. 0:00:00 - NRL 0:40:00 -...

Duration: 01:33:28

117 - NRL, Rugby, AFL, Horse Racing, NFL, Supercoach

We miss the start by 7 lengths, but Big Zacko doesn't panic and has us humming along just right in the final furlong for a famous victory. Or something like that. Two weeks out from the NRL Finals and there's still a couple of spots up for grabs. And all appears sewn up in the AFL, but is it?! Swainy goes above and beyond by taking some time out between the main course and dessert to discuss everything going on in the world of Rugby including the Western Force, Shute Shield Final and the...

Duration: 02:01:53

116 - NRL, Masters, Rugby, AFL, Supercoach

No Pies no worries it seems. After Brendan almost got decapitated at work, he's risen from his death bed to record with Big Zacko behind Pies' back. This should be good.... 0:00:00 - NRL 1:05:00 - Masters of Rugby League 1:19:00 - Rugby 1:24:00 - AFL 1:46:00 - Supercoach Brought to you by Twitter - @batsandballspod Brendan - @brendansmith05 Josh - @PiesJosh Zac - @BigZacko Email -...

Duration: 01:54:42

115 - IAAF World Champs, NRL, Rugby, EPL, Tennis, Masters, NFL, AFL, Supercoach

Big Zacko is still in control and seems to be getting the hang of it. This week is a bit of a mixed bag with plenty of random sports talk this week. No Swainy this week, but we still battle our way through some Rugby talk. Plus EPL, Tennis and we preview the next module of Masters of Rugby League at Dragon Dreammasters. Plus the regular NRL, AFL and Supercoach talk. 0:00:00 - Random Talk & IAAF World Championships 0:25:00 - NRL 1:15:00 - Rugby 1:24:00 - EPL 1:28:00 - Tennis 1:35:00...

Duration: 02:32:35

114 - NRL, AFL, Supercoach

Quick show tonight but that just means our rant to minute ratio is up. Pies rants about the Daily Telegraph, Big Zacko rants about the footy in general and Brendan has more ref rants. We cover the latest round of AFL and put in our tips for the coming round. And Supercoach is hotting up with AFL finals starting and the last week of the NRL season. 0:00:00 - Daily Telegaph, NRL 0:47:00 - AFL 1:15:00 - Other Sport 1:19:00 - Supercoach Brought to you by Twitter -...

Duration: 01:42:59

113 - Masters of Rugby League, Tour de France, NRL, AFL, Supercoach

Seeing as Pies and Brendan haven't been past 112 before, Big Zacko takes over and runs the show as part of his Second Year Project. Robbo joins us in the studio and Seamus is on the phone to recap the Bats and Balls Cup Masters game. Pies rates the Waratahs food offerings in the latest segment of Masters Chef. Robbo and Zac recap the Tour de France. Plus all the results and tips from the NRL and AFL. And among all the injuries and suspensions, we have to get ready for the Supercoach...

Duration: 02:34:54

112 - NRL, Rugby, Masters of Rugby League, AFL, Supercoach, Tour de France

It's the show before the big Bats and Balls Masters of Rugby League Cup and Brendan drops a bombshell. We get Colbee and Seamus on the line to preview the Masters module. Plus Swainy catches us up with everything going on in the world of Rugby. Plus all your NRL, AFL and Tour de France news. And Brendan and Pies had huge weekends in Supercoach. 0:00:00 - NRL 0:33:00 - Rugby 1:01:00 - Masters of Rugby League 1:35:00 - AFL 2:22:00 - Supercoach 3:04:00 - Tour de France Brought to...

Duration: 03:11:23

111 - NRL, AFL, Tour de France, Supercoach

It's episode 111 and we're podcasting on one leg. Pies is on location deep inside the Blues camp. Brendan and Big Zacko are alone in the studio discussing everything going on in the world of sport. There's plenty on the NRL and AFL including more ladder debate and finals predictions. Plus Big Zacko recaps another crazy week in the Tour de France. And Brendan once again lets us know just how good he is at Supercoach. 0:00:00 - NRL 0:52:00 - AFL 1:22:00 - Tour de France 1:34:00 -...

Duration: 02:12:16

110 - Rugby, NRL, Tour de France, AFL, Supercoach

It's Swainy and Rugby from the top of the show! Followed by NRL talk and Big Zacko has done Pies' homework from a few weeks ago. Plus Tour de France, AFL, and Supercoach talk. 0:00:00 - Rugby 0:26:00 - NRL 1:46:00 - Tour de France 1:56:00 - AFL 2:16:00 - Supercoach Brought to you by Twitter - @batsandballspod Brendan - @brendansmith05 Josh - @PiesJosh Zac - @BigZacko Swainy - @Swainy7 Email -...

Duration: 02:48:28

109 - Tour de France, Masters, NRL, AFL, F1

Masters coach and cycling enthusiast Robbo joins Big Zacko to preview the Tour de France. Colbee calls in to cover the latest Masters of Rugby League module at Toukley and Katoomba. Brendan watched most of the footy and recaps the crazy Azerbaijan Formula 1 Grand Prix. Pies went camping and brings nothing to the table this week. 0:00:00 - Masters of Rugby League 0:23:00 - NRL 1:27:00 - AFL 2:02:00 - AFL 2:03:00 - Formula 1 2:18:00 - Tour de France Preview Brought to you by...

Duration: 03:09:46

108 - NRL, Rugby, AFL, Masters, Sports History Conference, Raelene Castle Tom Brock Lecture, Supercoach

Published author and historian Erik Nielsen raises the braininess of the pod this week. The lack of Big Zacko means Swainy goes uninterrupted discussing the troubles at the ARU and we devise a ploy to get him to the Rugby World Cup in 2019. Erik enlightens us to the Australian Society for Sports History Conference and the 19th annual Tom Brock Lecture featuring Raelene Castle. Plus all your NRL, AFL and Supercoach news. 0:00:00 - NRL 0:44:00 - Rugby 1:13:00 - Masters 1:17:00 -...

Duration: 02:50:49

107 - NRL, Rugby, AFL, Masters, Football, Supercoach

Big Zacko is back to his best as we bring in NRL expert Craig to pump up his Panthers and the transition of Matt Moylan from fullback to five eighth and captain. We get Swainy on the line to discuss the Wallabies win over Fiji, the British and Irish Lions tour of New Zealand and Swainy's debut Super Rugby call #SwainyRWC2019. Plus Big Zacko and Pies recap the NRL Masters event at St Marys over the weekend. 0:00:00 - NRL 1:01:00 - Rugby 1:24:00 - AFL 1:45:00 - Masters and...

Duration: 02:17:42

106 - NRL, AFL, Masters, Supercoach

We had grand plans for a few special guests, but instead, thanks to the Big Wet, we've got Big Zacko. Pretty quick show this week. Just the NRL, AFL and Supercoach with a quick preview of the St Marys NRL Masters day on Saturday. 0:00:00 - NRL 0:46:00 - AFL 1:13:00 - NRL Masters 1:25:00 - Supercoach Brought to you by Twitter - @batsandballspod Brendan - @brendansmith05 Josh - @PiesJosh Zac - @BigZacko Email -...

Duration: 02:08:22

105 - Cabramatta Masters Wrap, NRL, AFL, Supercoach

Pies and Big Zacko are backing up after backing up at the Cabramatta Masters of Rugby League Module. Colbee gets on the phone to wrap it up. Plus we recap the NRL and AFL rounds, give our tips for Origin 1 and the upcoming round of footy and talk a little Formula 1, Cycling and NBA Finals. Plus we're in the chaos that is Supercoach bye rounds. 0:00:00 - NRL 0:46:00 - AFL 1:10:00 - Masters of Rugby League 1:46:30 - The Man Shake 1:52:00 - NBA Finals 2:01:30 - Monaco F1 2:04:40 - Giro...

Duration: 02:40:36

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