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Episode 3-5: The All-new Super Friends Hour

With the Justice League movie arriving in theaters, we sell out again, this time talking about the animated and friendly adventures of the Justice League from 1977 in The All-new Super Friends Hour. Yes, you get Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and even Aquaman, but you also get Robin, the Wonder Twins Zan and Jana and their space monkey Gleek, and Native American hero Apache Chief! Plus safety and health tips, craft segments, and the hard-to-beat Decoder. Also, the Secret Four, an escaped...

Duration: 01:33:36

Episode 3-4: The Sandbaggers "Decision by Committee"

This week, we look at The Sandbaggers, a classic British espionage series from the late seventies. Action takes a backseat to palace intrigue and political maneuvering as Director of Operations Neil Burnside (Roy Marsden) tries to rescue his primary operative from a hijacked plane. One of us compares this one to the prestige dramas of today, plus we offer "startling" evidence about the whereabouts of missing and presumed dead show creator Ian Mackintosh. NOTE: "Startling" means completely...

Duration: 01:10:40

Episode 3-3: Celebrity Bowling

Celebrity Bowling: seventies celebrities strive to strike in a modified and slightly confusing version of the Sport of Kings! Leslie Nielsen and Susan Saint James face off against Angie Dickinson and Lloyd Bridges. What's not to love? You can almost smell cigarettes and fried food from here, and you never know who might stop by (hint--an Oscar winner!) We picked the wrong week to stop using our Amana Radar Range.

Duration: 00:59:16

3-2: Three's Company Roper v. Farley

This week, we tackle not one but two episodes the zaniest of zany comedies Three's Company and try to decide once and for all: Roper or Farley. In "Ground Rules," Jack, Janet, and Chrissy try to establish some rules for alone or alone-with-someone time in the apartment, and Jack has a man-to-man discussion with Mr. Roper about "building shelves." In "Double Trouble," Jack has to convince Farley that he has a macho twin brother named Austin. Wait till Farley tries to throw a party...for...

Duration: 01:23:16

Season 3-1: Eight is Enough "Who's on First?"

In our season three premiere, we tackle the ABC light drama Eight is Enough and its season two finale "Who's on First?" Daughter Joanie needs help putting on a show to raise money for orphans, Nicholas gets put out when no one believes he was abducted by UFOs, Tom gets fed up when Nicholas won't commit to Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First?" routine, and everyone piles on David when he won't lend his "star power" to the show. Magic, comedy, music, and more! Will David come through? Did...

Duration: 01:13:39

Season Two BATTY Awards

The special blue ribbon nominating panel has convened and issued its nominations for the season two BATTY Awards. Now Rick and Mike have to decide the winners in categories including Best Show, Best Episode, Outstanding Conrad, Best Performance by a Youth, and of course Best Facial Hair/Mustache! Plus, the first ever GENIUS Award!

Duration: 01:38:37

Episode 2_12: Battle of the Network Stars 1

For our season two finale, we finally take a look at perhaps the ultimate example of the Battle of the Network Shows era, our namesake, Battle of the Network Stars. In this first-ever Battle from 1976, Robert Conrad, Telly Savalas, and Gabe Kaplan lead teams from NBC, CBS, and ABC in athletic competitions for bragging rights and a sizeable prize. Celebrities, Howard Cosell, controversy, swimsuits, short shorts, Speedos, mustaches, the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat! This one has it...

Duration: 01:08:00

Episode 2_11: "Face the Music" and "$ale of the Century"

This week, we dive into the world of game shows with a look at the syndicated "Face the Music" and NBC's fast-paced "$ale of the Century." Plus, an all-new TV Guide Game! Will one of us go home with a brand-new car?!

Duration: 01:15:26

Episode 2_10: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe "Castle of Heroes"

In this episode, we take another look at the animated toy tie-in phenomenon of the mid eighties with the granddaddy of them all He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Skeletor's "friend" Monteague, a toad-like wizard, unleashes Hannibal and Black Beard on Eternia in a plot to recruit He-Man into his army and, um, take over the universe or something. Listen. He drank a bunch of martinis with his pinky before he hatched the plan. He probably doesn't even understand it. Will Monteague...

Duration: 01:01:58

Episode 2_9: Wonder Woman "Disco Devil"

This week in a crass attempt to cash in on the Wonder Woman movie, we take a look at the 1970s TV show and Lynda Carter's definitive performance as the Amazon princess. This one features some of our favorite discussion topics: superheroes, seventies fashion, unique guest stars, and disco. Wonder Woman has to stop an espionage ring using telepathy to steal state secrets, but she also has to survive going to a disco.

Duration: 01:07:37

Episode 2_8: Mork and Mindy "Mixed Emotions"

In 1978, aliens walked among us in the form of Robin Williams in his breakout role as Mork from Ork. In "Mixed Emotions," a little encouragement and a kiss from Mindy (Pam Dawber) release Mork's emotions all at once. They overwhelm in a flurry of comic activity. We discuss this and more, including the complexities of Orkan anatomy, the shape of Jay Thomas' face, and Conrads.

Duration: 00:59:55

Episode 2_7: Search "The Murrow Disappearance"

This week, we introduce you to one of the shows that inspired the podcast. In Search, private security agents use a high-tech approach to solve problems. "The Murrow Disappearance" features Hugh O'Brian, one of three rotating lead actors, as suave, unflappable Hugh Lockwood plus a crew of technicians led by the grouchy Burgess Meredith and the sassy Angel Tompkins. Plus, we say the word "cool," like, 300 times.

Duration: 00:58:13

Episode 2_6: Silver Spoons "Me and Mr. T" and "Twelve Angry Kids"

This week, we look at two episodes of classic eighties sitcom Silver Spoons. First, Ricky (Ricky Schroder) struggles to fit in at his new school and deal with a bully named Ox. Ricky's dad Edward (Joel Higgins) doesn't help matters by hiring a bodyguard for Ricky...Mr. T (Mr. T). After a different incident, Ox sues Ricky, and Ricky requests a jury of his peers--kids. Plus, the BOTNS return of Erin Gray and the BOTNS debut of Leonard Lightfoot!

Duration: 01:32:06

Episode 2_5: Run, Joe, Run "Homecoming"

Loyal listener Amy recommended this Saturday-morning drama about an Army-trained German shepherd on the run for a crime he didn't commit! Kristy McNichol guests as a girl who takes in Joe against her father's wishes. Plus, "What We'd Like to See"!

Duration: 00:56:47

Episode 2_4: The Golden Girls "Ladies of the Evening"

Tickets to the world premiere and after party for Mr. Burt Reynolds' latest movie land the Golden Girls in exactly the wrong place--jail...for prostitution. Will they get out in time to meet Burt and the rest of the Burt Pack? Will Rose ever get over losing Butter Queen? Will Burt lead a game of Win, Lose, or Draw? It all depends on the kindness of Sophia! Uh-oh.

Duration: 00:56:13

Episode 2_3: Real People, season 6, episode 1

This week, we talk about early reality show Real People, featuring hosts Sarah Purcell, Skip Stephenson, Byron Allen, Bill Rafferty, and Peter Billingsley plus a whole bunch of real people. Topics in the the show include arm wrestling, rodeos, and guppies. Topics in the podcast include Byron Allen's interviewing skills, a live "mishap" in Sarah Purcell's later career, and the show's attitude towards Peter Billingsley. We also confirm whether or not Rick and Mike are, in fact, real people.

Duration: 00:55:39

Episode 2_2: Magnum P.I. "J. Digger Doyle"

Quintessential eighties private investigator Thomas Magnum (Tom Selleck) might have met his match in J. Digger Doyle (TV's Erin Gray), but what kind of match--romantic, professional, nefarious, or all three? He also has to protect Robin Masters (voice of Orson Welles), navigate his prickly relationship with Higgins (Jonathan Hillerman), and negotiate with pals T.C. (Roger Mosley) and Rick (Larry Manetti). All in a day's work for a man and his 'stache!

Duration: 01:11:04

Episode 2_1: Diff'rent Strokes "The Adoption" Parts 1 and 2

Season two begins with a look at a special two-part Diff'rent Strokes. The time has arrived for Mr. Drummond to officially adopt Arnold and Willis, but a con man played by the great Whitman Mayo (Sanford and Son's Grady) has different ideas. What will happen, how does Mrs. Garrett feel about all of this, and--more importantly--what's the bathroom situation in the Drummond household?!

Duration: 00:55:59

Season One Awards Show

The glitz, the glamour, the guffaws! Rick and Mike roll out the red carpet, welcome the stars, and paint the town as they take a look back at season one with the first ever Batty Awards! Who will win? Only they and a random number generator know, but you can find out in this episode! Plus, an UPDATE on season two.

Duration: 01:15:54

Holiday Special

In our first ever Holiday Special, we try to unpack the complex mythos of Rankin-Bass' The Leprechauns' Christmas Gold, then make a heartwarming visit to the Keane family in A Family Circus Christmas. Plus a holiday-themed "TV Guide Game." A note to our listeners loyal and new. This marks the end of season one, but we'll return in January with a look back on season one and details on season two. Stay tuned and happy holidays!

Duration: 01:52:06

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