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Attorney General Schimel wants to arm teachers

We review this week’s Spring Primary Election results and looking forward to April 3rd General Election. Robert reviews the latest Gov. Walker healthcare scheme which vainly attempts to cover one of his greatest political vulnerabilities. We dive into Attorney General Brad Schimel’s shameful election year call for arming teachers in Wisconsin schools in an effort to fire up gun advocates. Finally we review explosive new research from the ACLU documenting that that hundreds of thousands of...


Tim Burns for State Supreme Court: A breath of fresh air in corrupt Supreme Court

We welcome Tim Burns, Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s endorsed candidate for State Supreme Court (primary next Tuesday, February 20) to discuss his novel willingness to run on his progressive values and fight for average people against the big corporate interests that are rigging the system. We also talk about the latest mass school shooting in Florida and the GOP’s serial appeasement of gun extremists. We also are joined by Citizen Action Western Wisconsin Organizing Cooperative member Sarah...


You get a Foxconn deal, and you get a Foxconn deal...

We discuss Gov. Walker’s plan to lure Kimberly-Clark a Foxconn-style public subsidy. We then dig into what elected Democrats from the region and the some of the Democrat governor candidates are saying and proposing as alternatives. We preview our Democratic Governor candidate forum in Eau Claire this Saturday at 9:30 am that will kick off Citizen Action's endorsement process. We also talk about the new data showing unexpectedly high enrollment in Obamacare. What are the implications for...


Walker punishes poor families to help his re-election

Gov. Walker rightly understands that he and Republicans are in serious political danger heading into his 2018 campaign. In an attempt to cover up political failings, Walker called a special session this week to further punish the working poor and struggling families in Wisconsin. Instead of calling a special session to address the shortage of family supporting jobs in most parts of the state, Walker chose to divide us by scapegoating the poor. Next we discuss a new reports revealing that...


Scott Walker’s SOS distress signal to voters

Our panel reviews Gov. Walker’s State of the State (SOS) address which reveals a massive re-branding effort heading into the 2018 election. Robert analyzes Walker’s 11th hour conversion on health care designed to address his biggest electoral vulnerability. We welcome AFSCME Council 32’s Mike Horecki to talk about Walker’s belated effort to close Lincoln Hills after 7 years of pressure from workers and advocates to address the destructive impact of his policies. Health Care Co-op Organizer...


SD 10 Surprise

We start with the electoral wave that hit the west coast of Wisconsin on Tuesday with the surprise victory of Democrat Patty Schachtner in Senate District 10. We welcome Eric Couto, executive director of Wisconsin Progress, to discuss the implications of the SD 10 upset and the critical role of recruiting and training great candidates to run for office. Our panel takes a closer look at the Governor’s race following the release of campaign finance reports and the first public poll. Robert...


Walker Beckons Disillusioned Chicago Millennials

We discuss the Trump administration’s decision to legalize the imposition of Medicaid work requirements designed to force people off health coverage. We look closer at the historic number of GOP House resignations that are increasing the odds of a Democratic sweep in 2018. The panel analyses the state of Wisconsin’s gubernatorial election with this week’s addition of Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, and Walker's curiously overwrought reaction. We dissect the laughable $7 million WEDC ad campaign...


Witch Hunt at the Election Commission

We welcome Mark Thomsen, Chair of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, to discuss the highly partisan and potentially slanderous attack by Senate Leader Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Vos on commission administrator Michael Haas. We also talk about the increasingly combative GOP Senate primary between Leah Vukmir and Kevin Nicholson, revealing deepening fault lines within the Republican Party. We review news that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has determined it doesn’t have jurisdiction...


Draining wetlands on GOP holiday wish list

After reviewing the draconian implications of the GOP tax scam bill that was forced through Congress this week, we welcome State Rep. Jonathan Brostoff to educate us on the GOP effort to expand Foxconn’s wetlands exemptions statewide, putting one million acres of wetlands at risk. Republicans are looking to ram the wetlands destruction bill quickly through the Legislature. Robert also tells us about Citizen Action’s 12th annual Health Insurance Cost Ranking Report which examines the cost...


Alabama Crimson Blue Tide

We are joined by former state representative and Citizen Action Board member, Mandela Barnes, to discuss lessons from Tuesday's Alabama Senate election. Robert educates us on this week’s launch of the End Child Poverty campaign that Citizen Action is leading with WISDOM, Kids Forward and Wisconsin Council of Churches. We also discuss: New legislation from Rep. Goyke to cut Wisconsin’s prison population; Wisconsin now has 50 counties in a lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies for "being...


GOP ideology: The pig has no pants

Following the passage of the GOP tax scam in the Senate, we discuss how two GOP senators reveal the true conservative ideology behind their scheme. We also look closer at the negative implications of Walker’s economic and healthcare policies. We welcome Eric Couto, executive director of Wisconsin Progress, to educate our listeners on the candidate recruitment and training program they offer progressive candidates. We also discuss Milwaukee judge Joe Donald’s call for the closure of Lincoln...


GOP Tax Scam

We dive into the rushed vote in the U.S. Senate on the GOP tax cut scam that will widen economic inequality and reshape America, from education to healthcare. We also discuss Walker’s plan to spend $7 million on ad campaign to “get more bodies” in the state of Wisconsin. We also welcome Emerge Wisconsin executive director Erin Forest to discuss their growing training program to inspire and train Democratic women to run for office with the goal of changing the face of power, politics, and...



On the week Gov. Walker launched his quest for a 3rd term, former panelist Jorna Taylor joins us to review election results on the east coast and predict their implications for Wisconsin in 2018. This week Wisconsin officially joined the Koch Brother-fueled right-wing conspiracy to radically reconstruct the U.S. Constitution. Ken Taylor, executive director of Kids Forward, joins us to talk about the State Senate approval of the "ConCon" and why it is a threat to democracy. We also discuss...


GOP Seeks Sanctuary from Democracy

We discuss the latest Foxconn news including a new Democratic appointment to WEDC and the GOP desire to keep the details of the deal from public scrutiny. Kevin Kane joins us to educate listeners on the ACA open enrollment process and our role in preventing health care sabotage. We review Gov. Walker’s dirty effort to deregulation of CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations). We also discuss immigrant rights efforts to stop a new state anti-sanctuary bill that threatens fundamental...


WEDC hammered by Carpenter

We welcome WEDC board member and State Senator Tim Carpenter to discuss the secrecy surrounding the Foxconn contract with WEDC, which is so extreme that board members are expected to vote without seeing the contract. Ahead of open enrollment sticker shock on November 1st, the panel reviews new Citizen Action research documenting that because of Scott Walker's sabotage Wisconsinites will pay thousands more on average for health insurance than Minnesotans in 2018. We also talk about the U.S....


Foxconn Goes Nuclear?

This week the panel digs into Donald Trump and Scott Walker's reckless sneak attacks on health care, before turning to potentially explosive developments in the $3 billion Foxconn giveaway. We then discuss Scott Walker's soft announcement for re-election though a misleading video, the Governor's bizarre attempted intervention into the NFL national anthem protests, and finally Cory Mason's victory in the Racine Mayor's race.


Scott Walker's Hemp Problem

This week we dig into Donald Trump's latest illegal attempt to sabotage ObamaCare, and a new initiative by Legislative Democrats to reign in price gouging by prescription drug corporations. We evaluatue a shocking move to expand charter schools in Wisconsin coming from a surprising source. We also bat around a bizarre statement by Scott Walker panning an industrial hemp bill being moved by GOP legislators, Trump's arrogant response to the climate disaster in Puerto Rico, the latest Foxconn...


Supreme Gerrymander

We introduce the show's new panelist, Rebecca Lynch, the political director for Wisconsin Working Families Party. We welcome the director of the Fair Elections Project, Sachin Chheda, who attended the oral arguments this week at the Supreme Court for the historic gerrymandering case challenging Wisconsin’s legislative maps. The panel also discusses the economic dynamics that enable conservative efforts to lift the mining moratorium. We also talk about the conservative conspiracy to...


America Abandons Americans

We welcome Acción Ciudadana organizer Luz Sosa to discuss the disgusting and immoral abandonment by the Trump administration of Americans in Puerto Rico, Vieques and other U.S. territories following last week’s devastating (climate change induced) hurricane. Luz also tells us what members are doing to help. We review this week’s implosion of TrumpCare 3.0 and talk with Healthcare for All Organizing Cooperative member Christine Rahlf about how members organized against this week's threat...


It's Back

The GOP health care zombie bill is back and worse than ever! We discuss the latest conservative effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act and welcome Healthcare for All Cooperative organizer Katie Dunn to discuss next Monday’s 1:30pm rally in opposition to the GOP repeal plan at Sen. Ron Johnson’s Milwaukee office. We also welcome Cooperative organizers, Jeff Smith and Joel Lewis, to discuss the Western and North Central Wisconsin Organizing Cooperatives, including member-led organizing on...


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