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The Importance of Self-Defense with Barny Foland

In Wade’s mid-30s, he knew he wanted a change — he wanted to begin training in a Martial Art. He did his research, he tried a few different styles, but hadn’t quite found the fit he was looking for. When he discovered Krav Maga, he was intrigued. And as the saying goes, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive.’ So he went to his first Krav Maga class where he met his instructor — and guest today — Barny Foland. Barny Foland has run the Krav Maga studio in San Francisco for the...

Duration: 00:43:08

From Plumber to Proprietor of a Popular Boxing Gym

This episode, Wade Pitts interviews his guest, Paul Wade, of 3rd Street Boxing in San Francisco. As an immigrant from Dublin, Ireland, Paul Wade found there to be an incredible amount of opportunity in SF. Paul was a plumber by trade which allowed him to find work anywhere — but ultimately, it wasn’t his dream. After traveling to SF and meeting many inspirational people along his journey, he opened up his own gym: 3rd Street Boxing. 3rd Street Boxing is the epitome of old-school boxing,...

Duration: 00:43:33

Arjun Dhingra: Balancing Business and Taekwondo

Arjun Dhingra is an accomplished Martial Artist of over 30 years. He has tested himself on the National and International stage and currently coaches Martial Arts as well as runs his own Mortgage Practice in the Bay Area. Arjun studies and practices Taekwondo — which, as he loves to explain — is a fusion of two ancient Martial Arts: Karate and Taekkyon. He got started at the young age of 8 and now has been training for a little over 30 years. Arjun originally got into Martial Arts as a...

Duration: 00:36:39

James Hidalgo’s Martial Arts Philosophies

Today, Wade Pitts interviews James Hidalgo — owner of Infinite TKD, a Martial Arts studio based in the Marina District in San Francisco. James has been training Martial Arts for over 20 years, has competed on a professional level, and started his own school here, just 8 short years ago. James got into Martial Arts fairly simply; he was nine years old and his sister was putting her kids into Martial Arts and had asked if he wanted to try it out as well. After a couple of weeks, his...

Duration: 00:40:08

The Overlaps Between Business and Martial Arts with Ryan Gallagher

Today, Wade Pitts interviews Ryan Gallagher, CEO of IOVOX Enterprise, a tech data company based in Mill Valley, California. Ryan has a broad background in Martial Arts from his time in Wales, Australia and the US but was originally born in the UK. Ryan Gallagher has practiced traditional boxing, wrestling, Thai Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Shotokan Karate, and Kung Fu — with his favorite being Thai Boxing. Beyond Martial Arts, Ryan and his wife run their own business called IOVOX, which they’ve...

Duration: 00:41:48

Staying True to the Martial Arts While Still Making a Profit

Today, Wade interviews Phil Des Rosiers. Phil was born and raised in Marin County, California. He began training in the Martial Arts in ‘87 after he got his start from making a wrong turn down an alleyway on 15th and Mission, San Francisco. A man suddenly accosted and attacked him when his boss — James “Kimo” Aven — clotheslined the perpetrator, then turned to him said, “Have I ever told you about Kenpo Karate?” Kimo was a 3rd-degree black belt right under Ed Parker, trained with Ralph...

Duration: 00:29:13

Brannon Beliso on Building a Successful Business through Martial Arts

Wade Pitts joins his guest Brannon Beliso in his studio in Millbrae, California. Brannon Beliso first began practicing Martial Arts back in 1967. His father was his first teacher and taught him from his own home, in the studio in their basement. His first introduction was when he was only 4 years old and would have to sit in the kneeling position for 2 hours at a time, 4 times a week to prove he was ready to train. It was all about discipline — even from a young age. In ’79, at 17 years...

Duration: 00:43:27

Danny Zelig, Premier Self Defence Expert and Founder of Tactica Krav Maga Institute, on the Goals of Krav Maga and His Three Schools in the Bay Area

Danny Zelig is a Premier Self-Defence Expert and the Founder of Tactica Krav Maga Institute. He owns three schools in the Bay Area that provide training for over 700 students. At Tactica, there is a strong emphasis on education. As described by Danny, the schools’ goal is to train, educate, build your skills, and to have you walk out more knowledgeable and healthier. Tactica is beyond the physical training, serving as a lighthouse to all their students that is always there for...

Duration: 00:34:37

Director at HighCom Security Services, Ami Toben on Covert Surveillance and his Background in Aikido and Krav Maga

In this episode of the Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast, Wade interviews Ami Toben, Director of consulting, training and special operations at HighCom Security Services and author of Surveillance Zone: The Hidden World of Corporate Surveillance Detection & Covert Special Operations; A book that offers a sneak peek into the world of the corporate surveillance detection, covert operations, and special operations. Ami Toben grew up in Israel, just off the coast of the Mediterranean. Around...

Duration: 00:41:18

Starting up a Nonprofit Martial Arts Gym with Ben Kovacs of Guardian Gym

About your host: Wade Pitts is a Krav Maga Instructor and Financial Advisor. He is inspired to help people, personally and financially protect themselves and build confidence. In this podcast, he interviews Bay Area Martial Arts practitioners who are leaders in business and/or Martial Arts. The podcast provides an opportunity to share the strong culture and history of martial arts in the Bay Area. Ultimately, the goal is to provide distilled understandings of how training in martial arts...

Duration: 00:54:46