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The Cool Marm - A Time-Travelling Educator

A 19th Century teacher leaps into the future and back again to save minds everywhere! The Be Mega Podcast invites you to join writing partners Adam and Luke for a fast-paced session of collaborative creativity. Each episode focuses on the development of a character or story about the imagined Megaton City and the daily struggles and aspirations of a growing population of super powered heroes and villains. Support Adam and Luke's Mega work at


The Imaginaire Origin Story

Clive Farber is a socially anxious cashier who pours his active imagination into the pages of journals and sketchbooks until a mystical ink transforms him into a Mega-powered champion of creativity! Be you. Be creative. Be Mega! Join writing partners Adam and Luke on the Be Mega Podcast for rapid-fire sessions of collaborative creative writing. Each episode features the brainstorming of a character and story from the world of Megaton City, where super powers are as common as donuts and...


Parrots, Pigeons, Pirates

Welcome to the Be Mega Podcast - where writers Adam and Luke turn ideas into stories right in front of your ears. This week our fearless hosts create a hero who is equally at home fighting injustices at sea or in midair. Get ready for swashbuckling and potatoes as we launch season three of the Be Mega Podcast! The Be Mega Podcast invites you to join writing partners Adam and Luke for a fast-paced session of collaborative creativity. Each episode focuses on the development of a character or...


The Heroic Type

Adam and Luke meet at the Mega HQ once again to create the story of Courtney Keye, a hero with a history of reading difficulties. All she wants to do is connect with people, so she becomes an expert at using text messages, emojis, and GIF files to overcome her reading deficiency. The story gets weird after a chance encounter with the world's first consumable communications device! She is the champion of conversation and mistress of multimedia - it's Qptn Qwerty!


Video Game Heroics - Be Mega Podcast Episode 20

A video game playing injury sparks an idea for a tech-savvy hero searching for her lost family. Artificial intelligence, wifi, and the Swiss family Hesler combine with a bunch of other wackiness on the way to creating a good-hearted hero out there saving both the real and digital world for the innocent. Find a strong wifi signal in your coffee shop or living room of choice and get ready to meet the 20th hero to be created on the Be Mega Podcast!


A Hero Who Helps

An idea captures Adam's attention while spring cleaning and develops into an elderly hero out there trying to make life easier for everybody. This one proves that if your mind is open and the creative juices are flowing, heroic characters and unexpected stories can emerge from unlikely places. And a character created in a previous episode makes a cameo appearance, playing a critical role in the origin of a most obliging hero. Thanks for joining us for another Be Mega Podcast, where writers...


The Imaginaire - Episode 17

Anything is possible for a hero with megafied imagination. In a lively brainstorming session, Adam and Luke ponder the exotic doo-doo bird, goldfish dongles, and time-travelling Nazis on the way to making a character who begins incapable of human interaction and emerges as an unstoppable force of creation. Get your ears ready for a hero specially made for all you long-suffering creatives like us.


Episode 15: A Caffeinated Crusader

A character takes shape out of Adam's coffee shakes and Luke makes matters mystical on the fifteenth edition of the Be Mega Podcast. Press your ears to door of the Mega HQ, get your brain ready for some serious storming, and try not to laugh so hard you choke on the coffee.


The Pork Problem

Drawing on a shared interest from childhood, the boys throw down a professional wrestling inspired hero with a salty smokey twist. Find out what Spam is made of and how Ham hands work with your weekly imagination boost on the Be Mega Podcast. Visit our sponsor Fatcow to start publishing your own Mega web content:…ame=BeMegaPodcast


Episode 10: Of Man or Mandolin

Adam and Luke create a new hero who helps people make decisions with clarity and confidence - a super power for the ages! Both Luke and Adam also forget the name of a common musical instrument and decide that they should eat before writing a story. Check out this week's sponsor Fatcow to start publishing your own Mega content:…ame=BeMegaPodcast


Episode 9: Toxic Road Rager

In the first Be Mega Podcast of 2016 a hero emerges from toxic sludge to defend safe drivers and clean roads. Give your imagination a jump-start in the Mega HQ as we bounce around our wackiest ideas to create an original character. Also, Luke gets real about his fear of math and Adam curses at the mayor. Visit this week's sponsor Fatcow to start publishing your own awesome content:…ame=BeMegaPodcast


Episode 7: A Sticky Situation

This week Adam and Luke discuss a trendy gym that is not what it seems, where a meaty hero emerges from the ranks of casual fitness fans. Eat good food and try to get some exercise at the Mega HQ this week! Visit this week's sponsor Fatcow to start publishing your own awesome content:


Episode 6: The Cryptid Avenger

Adam and Luke venture to the Pacific Northwest in search of the legendary Sasquatch. If Bigfoot exists, could he be a super hero? More importantly, does he like Bill Murray movies? Learn the answers to these and other pressing questions as Adam and Luke create the newest (and furriest) character to join Megaton City News.


Episode 5: Hot & Spicy Heroism

Adam and Luke get abstract with a hero obsessed with certain condiments. Another hero based on food? What else would you expect from the creators at the Mega HQ? Grab a handful of pretzels and a tall glass of your favorite beverage. It's time to make a new super hero!


Episode 3: Supplemental Shenanigans

Adam and Luke create their strangest character yet. The word "fart" appears more than once. Grab a handful of multivitamins and enter the Mega HQ once again!


Episode 2: Feet Most Foul

Creators Adam and Luke find inspiration in the laundromat. A brand new super power is discovered. Something sinister is a foot. Just another day at the Mega HQ!


Episode 1: Juicy Justice

The epic first episode, Adam and Luke dare to create an original hero based on a book title that Adam read incorrectly.