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BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 29 | Interview: Damian “Big Dog” McGillicuddy

In this weeks episode of the Be More George podcast, I chat with the super awesome "Big Dog", otherwise known as Damian McGillicuddy. Damian has been in the industry for a long time and was one of the first photographers who's work I discovered and admired when I started taking photography seriously. Damian has a [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 28 | Facebook

In this weeks episode I talk Facebook. It's changing! How those changes will affect your business and why Facebook advertising is the greatest thing since sliced bread... and that's saying something! Listen to the Podcast: Important Moments: 00:00 - Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes 04:03 - How I Use My Facebook Page 06:17 - [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 27 | Interview: Maggie Sienicka

In this episode I chat with fine art portrait photographer Maggie Sienicka. Maggie creates amazingly detailed and styled portraits. In this episode she talks us through her career, where she gets inspiration and how she ended shooting with she shoots. Listen to the Podcast: Important Moments: 03:13 - From Making [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 26 | Brand Planning

In this weeks episode I talk about something we all should be doing, brand planning. Every year my wife and I sit down and do a brand plan for my business for the next year. This doesn't have to be something done at the end of the year, that just happens to be when we [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 25 | Interview with Gary Hughes

In this weeks episode I chat with commercial head shot photographer Gary Hughes. Based out of Orlando Florida, Gary has built a headshot photography empire. This empire was started at possibly the worst time, the beginning of the 2008 financial crisis. But with perseverance and fear of not trying, Gary has built a solid and [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 24 | Interview with Terrie Jones of The Societies

In this weeks episode I chat with Terrie Jones of The Societies of Photographers. We talk about everything to do with photographic competitions. Why you should enter. What the judges are looking for. What the process is for entering. If you have never entered a photographic competition before, you should! Have a listen to [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 23 | Interview With Von Wong

In this weeks episode I chat with the truly awesome, and truly inspirational Ben Von Wong. Ben has a very unique journey into photography. From being a mining engineer, becoming an event photographer, and then finding a way to use photography to make the world a better place. This is a must listen interview. [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 22 | Why We Work For Ourselves

Why do you work for yourself? Or, why do you want to work for yourself? Not everybody has a clearly defined reason. This episode should help with that as I give you my reasons for working for myself. More time for my family, I get to do what I love, and I can do it [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 21: Customer Service

Customer service... it's an area a lot of photographers are just really bad at. Seriously... there are some photographers out there that are really, really bad at customer service. But, it doesn't have to be this way! Providing good customer service is easy, and it all starts with empathy and not being defensive...which is where [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 20: Interview with James Musselwhite

James Musslewhite, some of you know him for his amazing wrestling portraits (Portrait of a Wrestler) and others will know him from his newborn and family portraits or workshops. James is an all around awesome photographer, and a helluva nice guy. In this weeks episode I chat with James Musselwhite, and while we don't really [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 19: Exposure – Is It Really Bad?

Exposure, the ultimate dirty word in the world of photography. But, is it really that bad? Is working for exposure always a bad thing? No, no it's not. In this weeks episode I talk about the two types of exposure that you are likely to encounter - Useless and Not Useless. There are times when [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 18: Interview with Anthony Gould-Davies

Interview with Anthony Gould-Davies, otherwise known as AGD or that funny photographer that wears two pairs of glasses on his head that was on Come Dine With Me. In this weeks episode of the Be More George podcast, I chat with said awesome AGD. We talk through everything from his chance meeting with a "good [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 17: Stop Moaning

It's a big problem in the photography industry....moaning. Too many photographers would rather blame Joe's cousins, brothers, nephews, neighbor for their business failing rather than looking at themselves. There is a lot of jealousy and feelings of being threatened in the photography industry, and it's something that needs to change. In this episode I, [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 16: Interview with Dave and Luke Edmonson

Dave Edmonson is the creator of the best photograph I have ever seen in my life. I was privileged to have been on the judging panel when this image came up in the 20x16 print competition back in January of 2016 and the image has lived on in my mind ever since. I have [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 15: Mindfulness, Creativity, and How You Should Be Doing It

Mindfulness, it isn't just for hippies! Seriously, I am a big fan of meditation and the benefits that it can bring to your life overall. For photographers, creativity is key, and mindfulness can help with your creativity. There are four stages to creativity - Preparation, Incubation, Illumination, and Verification. Mindfulness will help the incubation [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 14: Interview Kevin Mullins – Documentary Wedding Photographer

In this weeks episode I chat with documentary wedding photographer Kevin Mullins. A chance magazine on a train lead Kevin into photography and he has never looked back since. His style is uniquely his own, and he is amazing at it. Besides being an amazing photographer, Kevin is a brilliant businessman and offers some [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 12: Interview Clay Cook – Editorial and Fashion Photographer

In this weeks episode of the Be More George podcast I chat with the absolutely amazing Clay Cook. Clay is a former musician turned graphic designer turned photographer... and what a photographer he is! In a few short years, Clay went from being a full time musician to being a full time photographer with a [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 11: The Importance of Personal Projects

Personal projects are something all photographers should be doing. Sadly, most of us don't make the time for them when we are busy. I was guilty of this in 2016, and my portfolio and mojo were affected as a result. In this weeks podcast, I talk about the benefits of shooting personal projects, and why [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 10: Interview Martin Hobby – Commercial and Wedding Photographer

In this weeks episode I chat with the awesome Martin Hobby. Martin is a full time commercial and wedding photographer and splits his work nearly 50/50 between commercial and wedding photography. Martin is also the man that created the name Be More George and has a wealth of knowledge and insight into life as a [...]


BEMOREGEORGE | Episode 9: The Day I Saw Gary V

If you don't know who Gary V is, you need to stop now, find out who he is and then come back and have a listen to this weeks episode. I saw Gary V back in the beginning of May at an event I was attending. Gary was the keynote speaker and was everything I [...]


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