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All Things Ireland

The wonderful city of Dublin, Ireland is on tap for discussion today. Chase and Cator will let you know where to stay and what to check out within the city itself, with amazing bars and museums all within walking distance. There are also some great day trips to be had, including a castle. We also have a discussion of why Irish food is amazing (hint: ingredients matter). Sam Slaughter has great recommendations for beers and spirits. On today's episode: Greg Nibler, Sam Slaughter, Cator...


Anthony DiBernardo, Swig and Swine, BBQ techniques

What is your favorite region for BBQ? South Carolina, Texas, KC, or Memphis? It's a tough question that we start off with, as we welcome the Pitmaster of Swig and Swine himself, Anthony DiBernardo! We cover his history in BBQ, the kind of techniques he likes, how to cook a good brisket, a whole hog, and so much more. You'll get some recommendations and tips that can help everyone from a beginning BBQer, to the seasoned professional. On today's episode: Anthony DiBernardo, Sam Slaughter,...


Angie Mar, Dry-aged Beef, Charleston Wine + Food Festival

Angie Mar, owner of the Beatrice Inn in New York and world-renowned Chef is our special guest this week! She's in South Carolina for the Charleston Wine and Food Festival. We discuss her origins, how she purchased the iconic restaurant, how they select their meats, how they use whiskey to age it, what drinks to pair and so much more. You'll come away from this interview hungry and far more knowledgeable in dry-aging beef! On today's episode: Angie Mar, Cator Sparks, Jake Rossman, and Greg...


Morocco Travel Guide, Mahia Brandy, Korakia Pensione

If you've ever been interested in traveling to Morocco, this is the episode for you! Our Editor-in-chief, Cator Sparks recently spent some time there and discusses everything from how to get there, what to do, shopping in the souk, what tours to take, riding camels and everything in between. Our Spirits and Food Editor, Sam Slaughter let's you know about Mahia, a fig-based brandy and Chase McPeak, Associate Editor, discusses the fascinating history of the Korakia Pensione hotel. On...


The Winter Olympics, Sports we'd like to see, Olympic drinks

The Winter Olympics are upon us in all their glory and we start off the show by discussing our favorite sports, leading to a discussion of the winners so far (the US rules at Snowboarding). There are also a number of weird sports both past and present from the Olympics, such as Dueling, Ski Ballet and Surfing. We also discuss the sports we'd like to see. Finally, when watching the Olympics, drinks are a must! Sam gives some great and unique recipes to try. On today's episode: Chase...


For The Love Of Food and Valentine's Day

We start off with an interview with Lauren Utvich, a food stylist, recipe maker, writer and more. She fills us in on her backstory and the importance of learning proper technique when cooking. For the Valentine's Day, there are some great recipes, gift ideas, cocktails and more, all at The, including the beef bouquet! We also have gifts for those that are single, or anti-Valentine's Day. On today's episode: Lauren Utvich, Cator Sparks, Nicole Raney, Jake Rossman, and Greg Nibler.


Music Festivals, Concert Drinks, No Kind Of Rider interview

Music is the theme this week, with our special guests Sam and Joe from No Kind Of Rider, the creators of our intro music! We'll discuss what it's like going on tour, where we find our favorite new music and what Festivals are on our ultimate wishlist. Plus, we cover the most important thing about going to a concert; how do you sneak in the booze? On today's episode: Sam and Joe from No Kind Of Rider, Nicole Raney, Sam Slaughter, Jake Rossman, and Greg Nibler.


Coffee Talk

Coffee is the theme of today's episode! We'll discuss our first coffee experiences and how you can love it, need it for fuel, or use it for a combination of both. Our guest today is Katie Weinberger, Marketing Director of King Bean, in South Carolina. She fills us in on the history of her incredible business and how she got into the coffee business. Nicole will let us know about some of the great coffee making implements available to you at home. Then, Sam covers the history of the Irish...


BBQ History; BBQ Sauce; What to drink with BBQ

BBQ is the topic of the day and we start off by giving a bit of a history of what we all love so much and some of our favorite places to find it! Cator gives us the details about the variations in BBQ Sauces regionally, including Alabama White Sauce. Finally, Sam details some of his favorite alcoholic beverages to pair with BBQ. On today's episode: Cator Sparks, Chase McPeak, Sam Slaughter, and Greg Nibler.


New Year Fitness and Diets; Healthy Cocktails

Happy New Year! We all make resolutions, but at The Manual, we're also realistic. Chase will cover some great ways to exercise at home and a unique Keto Diet that he is on. Sam dishes out his opinions on Dry January and why moderation with better cocktails would be his suggestion. They sound amazing! On today's episode: Chase McPeak, Sam Slaughter, and Greg Nibler.


Alcohol-infused Ice Cream; Las Vegas Dune Buggy Adventure; Drones

Alcohol-infused ice cream is now a thing and we can't wait to try it! Cator will let us know how it happens, what it's like, and where to get it. Chase recently went on a trip to Las Vegas and took a very off-the-strip Polaris RZR Desert Dune Buggy Ride/Adventure. Then we are joined by Drew Prindle from Digital Trends, to discuss some of the latest and greatest drones currently available. On today's episode: Drew Prindle, Cator Sparks, Chase McPeak, Jake Rossman, Sam Slaughter, and Greg...


The Holiday Special

For our Holiday Special, we are joined by Chef Brandon Parsons, from Portland, OR. The show begins with the topic of our own Family Traditions, which vary from old videos, shooting a Bow and Arrow, Cookie rationing and a Christmas Pickle. Brandon provides us some great ideas and recipes for various Holiday Meals that he has cooked and recommends for you at home. We also discuss some great alcohol pairings. We learn about everything from great spiced drinks, burying a bottle of Mezcal and...


Beard and Booze Gifts, Cuffing Season, Star Wars, The Anti-Gift Guide

Cator let us know what the term Cuffing means and why Cuffing Season is upon us. Then, we cover several of the amazing gift guides on The Manual, including some great Beard Gifts, some fantastic holiday Booze Guides, and Star Wars gifts or the nerds in your life (Greg)! Finally, we write an article for The Manual, live on the Podcast, called the Anti-Gift Guide. Send in your ideas to Today's episode features Cator Sparks, Chase McPeak, Sam Slaughter, Nicole Raney...


The Cuba Episode

Taking a trip to Cuba has been a dream vacation for many of us and it's more attainable than ever right now. Cator fills us in on his recent trip, including how to get there, what the people are like, where to eat and a little about the history of this amazing place. Sam then let's us know all about the history of the Daquiri and that famous Cuban Rum! On today's episode: Cator Sparks, Sam Slaughter, Chase McPeak and Greg Nibler.


Multnomah Whiskey Library

The crew from The Manual goes on location today, as we record live from the Tasting Room at the Multnomah Whiskey Library! We're joined by Colin Howard and Stephen Price, who walk us through everything from how the Multnomah Whiskey Library formed, whether you should use ice, how they make their selections, what their desert island spirit would be and everything in between. We were live on Facebook for this one and it was a blast!


Madison Rowley, World Beard Champion

We are joined by World Beard Champion, Madison Rowley! Madison discusses his road from merely being just someone with facial hair, to competing in and winning beard and mustache competitions. He also has some great advice on how to take care of your facial hair and even has his own line of products called Rides Classic. Sam also gives us a list of famous historical people who both had facial hair and liked to drink, which should provide you with some great trivia for your next party....


Thanksgiving Special

For this very special Thanksgiving episode, we'll cover some of our favorite (and least favorite) dishes, including some unique ones from the Midwest. Chase will give you a guide on how to Deep Fry a Turkey, without burning yourself, or your property. Sam will give the run down on some really great drinks that you can make at home for Thanksgiving Day. On today's episode: Chase McPeak, Sam Slaughter, Jake Rossman and Greg Nibler.


History of the Old Fashioned, Whiskey-infused Products

This history of cocktails is fascinating and today we discuss one of the most traditional of alcoholic drinks, the Old Fashioned. Sam walks us through the origin story, the many variations of the drink and how to make them. Cator also discusses some of the other whiskey-infused products on the market, all while providing us with the hilarity of a slide whistle. On today's episode: Cator Sparks, Sam Slaughter, Jake Rossman and Greg Nibler.


Best Ways To Cook Bacon, Bacon Boxes, Sustainable Farming, Fat-washed Spirits

Bacon can be a passion for some of us at The Manual. Today we'll walk you through some great tips on how to cook it, in the best possible ways and how you can get in on some great Bacon Boxes. Cator discusses the importance of sustainable farming practices and how a farm he visited does just that. Sam will then tell us all about fat-washed spirits and how you can make your own at home. On today's episode: Cator Sparks, Sam Slaughter, Chase McPeak and Greg Nibler.


Migration Brewing, Starting A Brewery, Naming Beers, Learning About Hunting

McKean Banzer-Lausberg & Eric Banzer, two of the founders of Migration Brewing, stopped by and we discuss everything from how they started their Brewery, how they name their beers, how they choose what to brew & much more. Then Cator and Jake discuss hunting, some of the history behind it in the US, the important role it plays in protecting our environment and where you can go to learn more about it. On today's episode: Cator Sparks, Jake Rossman, McKean Banzer-Lauserg, Eric Banzer, Greg...


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