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Join us as we discuss the present and future of the music industry, interview up and coming talent, and enjoy live in-studio performances from our guests.






No More Running And Hiding With Nate Ford. Beat To Beat Podcast Episode 16

AAANNDD we're back! In this episode I interview Nate Ford - kind of a big deal if ya'll don't know he's going places. In this episode we discuss Nate's ideas around his career and the future of hip hop and really all music. Check him out at https://soundcloud.com/nate_ford and look out for future collaborations between he and I and the other members of Eastern Cut. [GAVEL SLAM]

Duration: 00:44:31

Music Is The Hardest Drug With Brett Koprowski - Beat To Beat Podcast Episode 14 HOLIDAY SPECIAL

In this first of several HOLIDAY SPECIAL episodes I interview my good friend Brett Koprowski (not a musician) about his solo transcontinental voyage in hopes of inspiring songwriters large and small to live a little. I also perform a few of my originals for you guys (B2B first). ENJOY>

Duration: 00:47:49

How To Be The Batman Of Music With Caleb Strong - Beat To Beat Podcast Episode 13

In this Episode I interview Caleb Strong a talented musician and music producer. We discuss our respective recording setups, how he can juggle a day-job and still make music, and how being Batman might be easier than you think. Enjoy.

Duration: 00:56:17

Making Music With No Pretense With Alec Gaston - Beat To Beat Episode 12

In this episode I interview Alec Gaston, one of the most alive people you're ever going to meet- and we discuss the state of the country and our duty as songwriters to be politically conscious. We also get to hear an amazing post-election song fresh of the press, and another beautiful original from Monsieur Gaston! Enjoy!

Duration: 00:50:59

How To Cultivate Superfans With Aubrey Haddard - Beat To Beat Episode 8

In This episode of Beat to Beat I interview Aubrey Haddard a 22 year old singer, guitarist and songwriter. We discuss how she spreads herself between four different music projects, and the challenges and rewards she faces in doing so. We also discuss how she will grow her career in the future and the importance of really connecting with your fans to cultivate a group of superfans who, if involved correctly, can allow artists to fulfill their dreams. Bon Appetit to your ears.

Duration: 00:58:53

How To Break Into Playing the Drums with Mason Andruskiewicz

In this episode I interview Mason Andruskiewicz the drummer for - you guessed it - Eastern Cut. We discuss the nature of breaking into an instrument like the drums. We discuss the way technology like YouTube and Craigslist make an impact on our growth as musicians. We also get to hear a Mozambique rhythm on snare drum from Mason while I accompany him on guitar- and of course your weekly beat. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:49:58

The Key To Music Marketing and Jazz Singing With Liz Tobias - Beat To Beat Episode 3

In this episode I interview Liz Tobias a Jazz vocalist, pianist, composer, teacher and doctoral student at the New England Conservatory. Liz also teaches at MIT and the University of New Hampshire. We discuss how Liz got into jazz, the role of jazz in modern music, and her main vocal influences. We also talk about the role of streaming in todays industry, and how subscriptions and patronage will help mold the coming decades of music. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:54:41

How to Become a Professional Musician with Joel Chavarria - Beat To Beat Podcast Episode 2

In this episode I interview Joel Chavarria a Boston based Bassist, singer and songwriter. We discuss the future of the way musicians will interact with their fans and how they can use that to make the music more multi-dimensional. Joel shares his history and his future, and discusses his adaptation of his favorite Conor Oberst songs which he performs for us here live in the Beat to Beat studio.

Duration: 00:59:25