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..and I feel fine.

Today, September 23rd, 2017, is the end of the world. I saw it on the internet, so it's true. Never mind that it wasn't true 2 years ago the last time it was predicted. Never mind that every doomsday date is wrong since ever. Never mind that the Bible itself says don't bother setting dates because it doesn't work. It's a pity the doomslingers don't read that bit. Bad for business. Somebody is selling the doomsday de jeur for clicks or attention, citing the return of Planet X, or spooky...

Duration: 00:05:51

New podcast! Finding your true Voice with SORNE

After a considerable hiatus, Beating a Pale Horse returns triumphant! With me this time is Morgan Sorne, a multi-dimensional artist working in color, story, and voice. As SORNE, he has produced an amazing catalog of transcendental music ranging from opera to "space folk" and genres unnamed, singing in a stunning 5 octaves and weaving worlds between your ears. SORNE was here in Tucson performing in the All Souls Procession, and I was fortunate to interview him at legendary gallery and...

Duration: 01:12:39

Beating a Pale Horse Episode 2: Mark Devries of Speciesism: The Movie

I return with guest Mark Devries, creator of Speciesism: The Movie via the magic of Skype! We talk about the grim realities behind the smokescreen of Big Ag, the true cost of animal exploitation, veganism as direct activism, and the future of mankind. You know, just regular coffee talk. Visit to learn more about Mark's landmark debut documentary, and keep an eye out for him in your local theater!

Duration: 01:04:45

BPH Blipvert #1: Consider the seed

You can't spell shell without "hell," y'all.

Duration: 00:02:37