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Urban music from Far-East Asian communities worldwide!

Urban music from Far-East Asian communities worldwide!
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Montreal, QC


Urban music from Far-East Asian communities worldwide!






7141 Sherbrooke Street West Suite CC-430 Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4B 1R6 514-848-7471


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 01/02/2018 Special Guest : Namoo Nara

On this episode, we are joined in-studio by Montreal's Downtempo/Dream Pop/Trip-Hop singer/producer duo Namoo Nara! Check out our fun interview and do pick up their debut EP "Imaginary Places"! Year of the Ox - Street Fight Talk Spot DS455 - Check Tha Number feat. Tha DSC (BIG RON, RICHEE, KOZ) Namoo Nara - Playground Talk Spot Namoo Nara - Noonchi Talk Spot Namoo Nara - Electricity Yungin & Illphatic - Pleasure Talk Spot Bruno Mars - Calling All My Lovelies


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 18/01/2018 - Special Guest : Yify Zhang

This week on Beats From The East, on @cjlo1690am , I will be interviewing NYC Singer/Songwriter/Pianist Yify Zhang about her debut EP : Vagrant Bird! Ruby Ibarra - US (ft. Rocky Rivera, Klassy, and Faith Santilla) Talk Spot Chong Ali - Universal Yify Zhang - Come Alive Talk Spot: interview w/Yify Zhang Yify Zhang - Take a Look Tracy Cruz - My Heart Says to You Maya Hirasedo - See Me Talk Spot Miss Ko - Let It Go


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 04/01/2018

Back from a very cold Holiday Season, we are coming at you hard with soem pure underground hiphop, a sprinkle of dancehall, and a side dish of vintage RnN sounds! This is one or the jeeps! Dumbfoundead - Rocket Man Talk Spot Year of the Ox - Thoughts and Prayers Bao Vo - Do The Move (Outer Night Remix) Little Dragon - Push Namoo Nara - Noonchi Talk Spot Common Kings - Lost in Paradise Kehlani - Distraction Talk Spot Bruno Mars - Finesse (Remix ft Cardi B) MC Jin - Check to...


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 07/12/2017 - Holiday Heat 2017

Emi Meyer and The Shanghai Restoration Project - A Winter Song The Skyywalker All-Stars - Its Christmas Time Traphik - We Wish You a Merry Christmas ft. Andre Garcia Untouchable - Merry Christmas BoA - Christmas Time Megan Lee - Everyday Christmas Sam Ock - Tidings and Joy B 12 feat. MC Alfonso - Wish To Be With You (On Christmas Day) Notorious MSG - Double Happy Christmas Far-East Movement - Christmas in Downtown L.A. (ft MNEK) Chloe Flower - Drummer Boy ft. Babyface and Questlove


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 30/11/2017 - Special Guest : Cynthia Lin

Just in time for the holidays! NY/SF Singer/Songrwriter Cynthia Lin makes her return to BFTE! Topics covered include : Cozy Christmas Jin - Christmas Rap Soul Company - Soulful Christmas ft. The Quiett and Kebee Cynthia Lin - Little Saint NickInterview with Cynthia Lin Cynthia Lin - Mele Kalikimaka Clara C and Nataly Dawn - Sleigh Ride As One - All I Want For Christmas Buga Kingz - Jingle ft. Bobby Kim Paul Kim - This Christmas


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 09/16//2017

This week, a bit of hiphop, but definitely more mellow. More spins for the songsters and songstresses! Cynthia Lin / Wicked Game Talk Spot Big Kish / Stand for That (ft. Adrian Rezza) Year of the Ox / Hajima feat. Manifest & DJ Zo (prod. by Manifest) Infinity Funk Project / The Fight Back Prosperus 1 / watch me (ft. Shogunna and Anthai) Talk Spot Franki Love / Bloom Tracy Cruz / Wish I Could Keyrei / Stone Cold Talk Spot Bao Vo / Do The Move Talk Spot Franki Love / Notes...


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 02/11/2017

A Good mix of boom bap with Rnb and Comedy-oriented hiphop! Masia One / One Way RZ Refix Talk Spot Tai Chi Fist / Days Before you Notorious MSG / Egg Rollin Chunk Dirty / Yo Bitch Is not Cute Ill Again / Next Talk Spot Jay Park / ALL I WANNA DO (Feat. Hoody, Loco) Miss Ko / Selfie Addict ft. Amber An Suboi / Ticki Ticki Tock Talk Spot Jae jin / I Used To See (Colors) Talk Spot Fresh Kid Ice / Dance to the Rhythm


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 09/11/2017 - Special Guest : Ruby Ibarra

Bay Area MC Ruby Ibarra returns to speak on her brand new debut album “Circa91″. Other topics covered include: Garlic Fries, Fresh off the Boat, and the NFL/National anthem controversy. And if you haven’t already bought her album yet, what are you waiting for? Head over to and get it done! Dumbfoundead / History of Violence (feat. Chancellor) Talk Spot Hoody / Hangang Chops / Revolution ft Kiwi, Ruby Ibarra, DJ Neil Armstrong, Ann One Talk Spot: Ruby Ibarra...


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 19/10/2017

Still on my underground/boom bap binge, but I did manage to sneak in some RnB in one of the segments. You will definitely love this one! HIP HOP HOO-RAY! Shanghai Restoration - Jade Buddha Temple Talk Spot Big Kish - The Last Word Jason Chu - GLENN Year of the Ox - YOX ft. DJ Zo Ruby Ibarra - The Other Side, Welcome ft. Ann One Talk Spot No Riddim & Megan Lee - Young & Broken Franki Love - Truth Cynthia Lin - Here Comes the Sun Talk Spot DS455 - Believe in Me ft. Maccho Talk...


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 28/09/2017

Getting back into our hiphop roots, this episode focuses on the Boom and the Bap! Traphik - In The ghetto ft. Lil Crazed Bohan Phoenix - Jala Kero and Azure - Winning Lyrics Born - I changed my mind (Stereo MC's Rattlesnake Remix) Dhozi T - Sky Triple Dancing ft Little Jysa BP - Betrayal Honey Cocaine - He's The One Peggy Hogan - Sure Enough Dumbfoundead - Battle Year of the Ox - Jet Lag Remix (ft Lyrics born and G Yamazawa)


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 14/09/2017 - Special Guest : Boa Vo

In this episode, DJ Mister Vee interviews Bao Vo (Los Angeles Funk-Pop-Rock-New wave singer/songwriter/producer) about his debut solo self-titled EP! Cynthia Lin - Creep George Nozuka - Plastic Doll Ming and Ping - Old Haunts New Feels Interview w/ Bao Vo Bao Vo - 4th on the Floor Masia One - Telephone Love August Rigo - Here Comes Trouble ft Busta Rhymes


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 31/08/2017 - Special Guest : Jysa BP

REAL HIPHOP is in the house as we are joined by Minnesota's very own JYSA BP! Tune in as we play tracks from his debut album Triumphant and speak to the man himself! Kawehi - The Way You Make Me Feel Prosperus 1 - The Hustlers Ft. Big Rob, LewisM, and Shogunna (Prod. By Anthai) Jysa BP - Wasn't Down (feat. Illphatic & Miccz) Jysa BP - Way OutVenus/Mars - Victory The Juan Maclean - I've Waited for so Long Feelghood Music - Panorama


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 20/07/2017 - Special Guest : FRANKI LOVE

Tune in as DJ Mister Vee interviews one of L.A./N.Y.’s finest! Singer/Songwriter Franki Love joins in to speak to us on lots of awesome topics, such as : funnel cake, In-n-Out Burgers, Prince, Julie Andrews, and of course, her latest album OTIAS, David Choi / Don't Forget MC Jin / So Precious ft. Heesun Lee and Chris Belmont Franki Love / Shadow Interview with Franki Love pt 1 Franki Love / First Degree Interview with Franki Love pt 2 Franki Love / Shoes Tia Carrere and Daniel Ho...


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 06/07/2017

Souleaf - Cali Sunshine Jazmin Sisters - PYT Dumbfoundead - Water ft. G.Soul Mona a.k.a. Sadgirl - MAP Novelists - Morning August Rigo - Beg For it Feat. Ginette Claudette Jhené Aiko - Hello Ego ft. Chris Brown Manila Killa & AOBeats - I'm OK (feat. Shaylen) [SMLE Remix] Chops - Turn It Up ft. Tiger JK and Tasha Sabotawj - Earcandy ft Randola Vandal - Dusty Wonton ft. Masia One


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 29/06/2017 - Special Guest : ALFA !!!

SPECIAL GUEST : ALFA IS BACK! Our very favorite L.A.-Jersey Girl makes the three-peat on BFTE and speaks on her brand new album "Spark & Fury"! It's a great chat as usual, featuring some great new album-cuts! Kero1 and Azure - Real Ones Mona a.k.a. Sadgirl - Laugh Now Cry Later Alfa - Take Me Home Talk Spot ft Alfa Alfa - Man on the Radio Talk Spot ft Alfa Alfa - Round and Round Kawehi - Smoke Screens Little Dragon - Should I Epik High - AMOR FATI (Feat. Kim Jong Wan of Nell)


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 22/062017

Sean Rhee / Hangover ft. Nafla Talk Spot Joyo Velarde / Strong Possibility ft. Lyrics Born Megan Lee / Open Arms (feat. Timothy Delaghetto) Nump / I'm So Filipino ft. Jessica Chanel Franki Love / First Degree Talk Spot Alfa / Rubber Band Keyrei / Angel Baby Jerry Jean / Make up your Mind Talk Spot Kero1 and Azure / Light It Up Talk Spot M-Flo / One Day (Kreva Remix)


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 15/6/2017

Happy Father's Day to ALL DAD's in the world! Jason Chu / Dear Mom & Dad Magnetic North x Taiyo Na / Summertime ft. Conchita Campos MC JIN / FATHERLY ADVICE FT. CHANCE THE SON Gowe (Gifted On West East) / Song For Dad Jimpy / fathers day Kawehi / Pop Song Miss Cat / I Dont Wanna Fall in Love Little Dragon / Sweet Tracy Cruz / LOSING IN LOVE Sean Rhee / Father


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 1/6/2017

Far East Movement / Get Offa Me ft. Trek The Juan Maclean / Happy House (Radio Edit) Alfa / Blue Ailee / Live or Die (Feat. Baechigi) Keyrei / Love Sensation Masia One / Warrior's Tongue (Che Vicious Remix) Jin / Open Mic Nite ft. StylesP Cube / Far, Near Andrew Huang & Cuckoo / Coffee Dumbfoundead / Hyung (feat. Dok2, Simon Dominic & Tiger JK) Joyce Wrice / Good Morning


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 13/04/2017

A good mix of RnB and boom-bap! (Dat starRo track though!) Jones - Cheddar (Ft. Awkwafina) Tasha - Gotta Get Love Little Dragon - High (Michael Uzowuru and Jeff Kleinman Remix Featuring Denzel Curry and Twelve_len - Dirty) Ameriie - Out Loud starRo & Kyle Dion - Time Off Sabotawj x Digital Martyrs - Dope Shit Trus Real - Love Is Everything Kimmortal - Jungle (feat. Jillthy & Missy D) A-Team - Ready[feat. Jolly V] Raphael Di Raddo - Take My Hand (feat. Woodly & Sara May)


Beats From The East on CJLO1690am - The Return - 20/04/2017

Lots of classic boom-bap in this one, with a wee bit of pop-feel appeal to it. :) Lyrics Born - Pack Up Remix (ft. Evidence & KRS-One) Kero One - Kero & Azure! - Jazzhop Bambu - Powerless Jay Park - The truth is Little Dragon - High Dumbfoundead - JAM SESSION 2.0 (ft Herbal T, Esna, Tio, CAV3, Chris Hong, Lukas, DJ Zo) Year of the Ox - Home feat. Donye'a G (prod. By Ghost Loft) Sevenes - bulaklak (feat keen) Melissa Polinar - Riding Solo Sam Ock - Distance (feat. Ruth Cho)


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