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My Podcast Made Everything Possible - Dana Gould

Download File I was reading an article where West Word was interviewing Dana Gould (Who I find hilarious) and they asked him he still does his podcast (the Dana Gould Hour) while now running/writing the show Stan Against Evil. Here is what Dana said, "I cite the podcast as the things that literally made everything else possible. It keeps my name out there and connects my audience. I think the reason that I’m still allowed to work in clubs is because my podcast has nurtured and cultivated...


I Got Press Credentials

Cheri Fields has at least 7 children, and produces the Creation Science for Kids Podcast Today Cheri shares a story about both her and her 13 year old daughter both got press passes to go to THE attraction in her niche. There is more to to the story. Click play to listen. Ready To Start Podcasting? Check out the School of Podcasting


I Got Free Recording Equipment

Cale Nelson produces and hosts the Ham Radio 360 podcast. He shared this story on Facebook. Last week, a listener contacted me via email. He is one of my Pateron Supporters. He said he noticed on my Pateron page the goal for buying a new Mixer. He went on to inquire about which mixer I was interested in. I sent him a note back telling him about the 12 ch Behringer mixer I had been saving for (which was the lowest cost mixer with Faders I could find on Amazon-I’m a FM Radio Throw-back and...


I Have Three Shows on TV

Unscripted Television: reality TV shows, documentary series, feature length docs — that’s what we make at our Film and Television Production Company Joke Productions, Inc. And we want to work with you. That’s what the Producing Unscripted podcast is all about. By starting their podcast host Biagio and his wife Joke got BETTER scripts and were better connected to their community. The result? They got three scripts that turned into TV.


My Network Has Grown and I Have More Resources

Nick earned a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Union College and MBA from the University of Florida. He obtained Lean/Six Sigma and Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications, and worked 14 years in the nuclear and phosphate industries, where he led teams as a capital project manager, responsible for multi-million-dollar projects. Nick leverages his leadership and technical background to provide a unique coaching experience for his clients. He is best known as the...


I Got the Attention Of My State

Jim Collison does a podcast for his job. Also at his job work with an intern program that includes high school students. He got interviewed about the program (see the video at, but what caught the ears of the State of Nebraska Department of Labor? The Audio podcast. So because of Jim's Podcast he got a meeting with the Department of Labor for the State of Nebraska. See Jim's podcast for Gallup at Jim also does his own podcast which...


My Students Have Better Grades

Craig Wealand from came in on my Ask the Podcast Coach Show, and shared this story. Craig teaches English to people in Spain. One half of his class he assigned listening to English podcasts as homework, and the other half didn't. In the end you will hear how the half that listened to podcasts had improved grades over those students who did not. Find Craig's show at Ready to Start a Podcast? Check out...


Kenn Blanchard Got a Computer

Kenn Blanchard hosts many podcasts. I found Kenn when from his Black Man With a Gun podcast. He is one of my favorite people, and one time help talk one of his listeners (who knew Ken was also a Pastor) out of committing suicide. He is a truly remarkable guy. Check out his podcasts at In today's episode you hear how Kenn had a problem. His computer died. His audience knew that with no computer, there would no show, and so they bought him a new computer. I've also...


Lucas Apps Builds Relationships That Lead To Opportunities

Lucas Apps does the Triangle Tactical podcast about competitive shooting. The podcast serves the North Carolina Research Triangle and beyond with firearms and outdoors news, self defense, and competitive shooting content. Lucas' goal is to be a resource for shooters, concealed carriers, and outdoorsmen and women in the NC research triangle. Well his podcast lead to a phone call, and on the other side of that phone call was an opportunity from someone who had heard his podcast. Would you...


Rick Sizemore's Audio Business Card Leads to More Exposure

Your podcast will help you land guests, and those guests can then point people to your website. Your website then becomes an audio business card that can capture people's attention. This is what the VR Workforce Studio Podcast Does. Here is a note from Rick Sizemore on how he got a big guest, who then got his podcast in front of a big audience. We are all excited here in Virginia because the NRA is holding their fall conference here in Richmond. No not the gun NRA but the National...


Jim Collison Gets to Podcast At Work and Win Awards

Jim Collison does a podcast for the company he works for (Gallup). You can listen to his Theme Thursday Here and Subscribe to the show in iTunes Here Jim has been doing a podcast for his job and putting in the work. At first people didn't quite get what he was up to, and now Jim actually was recognized with an award for all of his hard work. When Jim gets to go to events and hang out with his audience at events, he actually approached by everyone who wants to talk to him for "just a...


Michael O'Connel Got a Book Deal

Today you get two stories in one episode. 1. I was interviewed for a book because of the School of Podcasting Podcast. 2. Michael explains how his podcast at got doors to open up, got him in front of the right people, and in the end, he got a book deal.


I Got a Job Doing Social Media

Henry Jasper one a one year subscription to the School of Podcasting. That lead him to start the Voices That Carry Podcast. That lead to him getting multiple customers doing social media for them.


I Didn't Kill Myself and I Got a TV Show

I was listening to Kevin Smith's Keynote address at Podcast Movement 2016 and he shared the story about how his friend Bryan Johnson was ready to kill himself. Kevin told him to start a podcast, and even though he didn't really want to he did. It gave him purpose. That podcast made Bryan feel great as he got feedback from his audience. This podcast later turned into the TV Show Comic Book Men. Another story Kevin related was of his friend Jason Mewes who Kevin had cut out of his life due...


I'm Hosting a TV Episode

Today we follow the story of Troy Heinrtiz who has been able to 1. Meet Actors of his favorite TV shows 2. Meet the Writers of his favorite TV show 3. Got a tour of his favorite TV shows 4. Got to interview and hangout with the creator of his favorite TV show 5. Is being flown to LA to host a TV episodes about his favorite show. Check out Try Heinritz at


I Got a Job as a Guidance Counselor

From time to time I'm going to sneak in my own stories. So this one goes back years ago when I first was getting into education. I had a job interview with Chancellor University and when they saw I understood how to podcast that really peaked their interest and I got the job. The bad news is the school was in pretty bad shape and they kept restructuring. At one point they wanted to use me as a telemarketer (for admissions), and I bowed out of the company. Originally I wanted to make a...


10 Million in Revenue

Click to Download Jason Hartman is a very successful businessman. In the past he spent money on radio time slots, and now that money is spent on his podcast. He is educating his future customers which is making it easier to increase sales. As Jason put it, "Looking at how we do it now, I don't know how we did it the old way." Jason can attribute 10 million dollars in gross sales directly to his podcast. Check him out at


I Got to Race in the Baja 1000

Dan from the 4X4 Podcast explains how he got to live a dream and participate in the Baja 1000. He got to help Hero Off road and got involved to help veterans. When it came time to sponsor a veteran, Dan was selected. So he got to go from New York to San Diego down to Mexico and participate and ride in the Baja 1000.


A Family Reconnects

Daniel Herrick loves formula 1 racing, and he loves his brothers. Over the years life had happened so they didn't have the opportunity to get together and talk like they did when they lied under the same roof. Now they all love Formula 1 racing, so they decided to get together and create a podcast. So while podcasting is often seen as a business tool, it can be used to boost family relationships in addition to business relationships. Their show is the Five Lights Formula 1 Podcast. Next...


I'm Reaching Countries I Can't Visit

Bill Hutchison has a situation that eliminates him ability to leave his house for more than a couple of hours at a time. Yet, he has a message that he wants to spread across the world. Today Bill shares how podcasting has bridged the gap to countries he can never visit. Find bill at Start your podcast at


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