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A weekly podcast featuring Cory Lockwood and Damien Verrett. The Bedtime Boys will help you get to sleep.




(Ep. 21) Pillow Talk + Stupid Pandora (Aerosmith And Korn)

On this episode of Bedtime Boys, the BB's begin a lifelong quest to find the best covers of Aerosmith's "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" and Korn's "Freak on a Leash". Will Luke Duke get the girl with his silky Aerosmith cover? Can Laura hit Steven Tyler's top note and crack a meteor in half? Find out on Episode 21 of BEDTIME BOYS

Duration: 00:44:47

(Ep. 20) - A Song Song Time Ago (Acapellas) + The Oldest Egg

The BB's revisit the acapella tracks from a few of their favorite middle school jams. After that, it's time to face The Egg. One of our Bedtime Deities mailed the BB's a black egg along with the message "eat it." Will Cory puke? Will Damien die? Find out in a very special Midnight Snack segment: The Curse of the Oldest Egg

Duration: 00:51:49

(Ep. 19)- Pillow Talk + Movie Night

The BB's talk running away from home, gators and the very real threat of turkey-related-death. Then, it's time for MOVIE NIGHT! Listen as the BB's try to guess the plots of the summer's box office hits and misses. Is 47 Meters Down about Mandy Moore digging a 200 foot deep crazy-hole in her backyard? Is The Big Sick about a terminally ill giant? Find out on Episode 19 of Bedtime Boys!

Duration: 00:50:58

(Ep. 18)- Pillow Talk + Stupid Pandora

It's time for "Stupid Pandora" ! ! ! In this brand new segment, Cory makes up band names off the top of his dome and, through the power of the internet, we find and listen to the real bands that go along with them. Tune in to hear some whacky tunes from Rusted Eyelid, The American Dream and.... Frog Daughter. Buckle up, this new segment is an earful.

Duration: 00:51:50

(Ep. 17) - Pillow Talk, A Song Song Time Ago + Midnight Snack

They're baaaack! Home from tour, the Bedtime Boys are back in action with a brand new segment: In "A Song Song Time Ago", the BB's revisit and rank classic Saturday morning cartoon themes. This segment oozes Gak™ and nostalgia. Then, a very special "Midnight Snack" finds the BB's facing their hardest taste challenge yet. Will Cory barf? Will Damien die? Find out for yourselves on Episode 17 of Bedtime Boys.

Duration: 00:58:26

(Ep. 15) Play Time - The "Taxi Cab" Game

Friend of the pod, Jesse Kranzler, joins the Bedtime Boys for a rousing improv session. In the "Taxi Cab Game", a cab driver picks up strange characters and drives them around as he attempts to guess their identities.

Duration: 00:39:26

(Ep. 14) Pillow Talk - Valentine's Day

The Bedtime Boys talk about their first romantic encounters, love on the internet and interspecies tragedy on this special V-Day edition of Pillow Talk.

Duration: 00:42:07

(Ep. 13) Bedtime Story - The Quest for the Golden Nanner

The Bedtime Boys improvise a bedtime story complete with an ensemble cast of original characters, a musical score and live sound effects. Captain Cecil Whiskerfist has finally found the map that will guide him to The Golden Nanner, a relic so precious, it has taken the Captain 40 years to assemble a crew worthy of the expedition. Along with his nephew Kevin and trusty parrot, Doug Beak, Whiskerfist sets off on a perilous quest, fraught with nautical turmoil, in search of everlasting...

Duration: 00:44:27

(Ep. 11)- Play Time

In their first podcast of 2017, the Bedtime Boys experiment with a new improv-style format. In the "Taxi Cab Game", a cab driver picks up strange characters and drives them around as he attempts to guess their identities.

Duration: 00:43:21

(Ep. 10) - Pillow Talk

They're back! The Bedtime Boys return to the world of podcasting in top form, discussing the nuances of Mother Goose's classic, "Humpty Dumpty". Then, Cory asks Damien a hypothetical question about his Dream Girl.

Duration: 00:37:07

(Episode 8) Phblacktar: Being of Night [Chapter 1]

On the second ever Bedtime Boys Bedtime Story, the Boys are joined by return guest Lucas Ulrici and new addition Jordan Seavers to improvise a science fiction story complete with live sound effects and an improvised musical score. On a routine training mission, the legendary Captain Guyfoid unwittingly unleashes an extraterrestrial entity aboard the ship. Can new recruits Rat Vinegar and Emerald Zehndar band together to save the ship? Or is it up to B.E.R.T. the ship's computer to save the...

Duration: 00:31:20

(Episode 7) Gone to Market: A Rodeo Mystery

The first ever Bedtime Boys Bedtime Story featuring Cory Lockwood, Damien Verrett and special guest Lucas Ulrici. The Bedtime Boys improvise a bedtime story complete with an ensemble cast of original characters, a musical score and live sound effects. There's trouble brewing at the BGK Rodeo. Wingo, the town's prize pig, has been murdered and it's up to Kentucky Bradley, rodeo golden boy, to figure out who's responsible. Was it Buck G. Krimshaw, the rodeo manager? Bradley's nemesis, Griece...

Duration: 00:49:54

Episode 6: The Wasteland

On this special "mobile" episode of Bedtime Boys, Damien talks with Alicia Walter of Oshwa while on tour. The two discuss their history with Math Rock, the Rosewell crash and conspiracy theories. Join us for this special Cory-free edition of BEDTIME BOYS!

Duration: 00:48:37

Episode 5: The Bedtime Boys Sell Out

On the 5th installment of Bedtime Boys, Cory and Damien sell out and then answer some fan mail

Duration: 00:38:22