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Dedicated to all things craft beer, beerducation and fermentertainment. We'll bring you the news and reviews about some wonderful brews.

Dedicated to all things craft beer, beerducation and fermentertainment. We'll bring you the news and reviews about some wonderful brews.
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Philadelphia, PA


Dedicated to all things craft beer, beerducation and fermentertainment. We'll bring you the news and reviews about some wonderful brews.






Episode 128: Hot Rods and Hops (or Pull It Out and Play with It)

This episode we set up at a beer fest we’ve never recorded at before, Hop Rods and Hops at Neshaminy Creek Brewing. This annual event features several local breweries, food trucks, live music from Soul Custody and, of course, lots of cool cars. We sat down with Neshaminy Creek brewer and co-owner Jeremy Myers to talk about the event and kick off the day with some stellar (and award-winning) beers. Then, we ran down the lineup of visiting breweries, chatting with some new friends and old, and...

Duration: 02:13:36

Episode 127: Bonn Place Brewing (or Did It All for the Mooey)

This episode finds us in Bethlehem, PA for a stop at Bonn Place Brewing where we sat down with owner/brewer Sam Masotto. We discussed the history of Bonn Place – including how Sam lived on a cot in the empty brewery for three months, their recently acquired GABF medals, starving artists, what exactly a podcast is, and more. Dan reported on the latest news including the Brewers Association’s Take Craft Beer Back crowdfunding campaign/PR stunt, we played The Beer Seller in Happy Fun Time and...

Duration: 01:48:53

Episode 126: Stickman Brews/Hop Hedz Gear (or Enough to be Dangerous)

Back at Stickman Brews again, and once again New England IPAs feature prominently in our discussion. This time, it’s because they brewed one…what?! I know, we were a bit shocked too. Ethan wasn’t event there to defend himself. Scandalous. But, seriously, it was pretty tasty, and it was a collaboration with our good friends at Hop Hedz. It’s called Double Deuce, and this evening was the release party. Kate Sorrento returned to the show along with Jim Buckman, who took up the mantle from...

Duration: 01:44:16

Episode 125: South County Brewing (or That's Insensitive)

In this episode we visited South County Brewing in Fawn Grove, PA to sit down with Owner and Brewer JR Heaps, who first appeared on the podcast back in Episode 30. We talked about what’s new at South County including their awesome Gelato series, new brewing tech, love for lagers, canning plans, expansion plans and more. Dan got us up to speed in beer news, we played Band or Beer in Happy Fun Time and Steph talked about brewing with ancient grains in Know Your Beers. All amongst samples of...

Duration: 01:55:16

Episode 124: GK Visual/Poured in PA (or Highly Carbonated)

With Nate Kresge and Sara Bozich at GK Visual This episode took us to GK Visual, an award-winning video production and design company in Harrisburg, PA ,to talk about their upcoming craft beer documentary Poured in Pennsylvania. We sat down with GK Visual Co-Owner and Executive Producer Nate Kresge and Writer/Producer Sara Bozich over samples of PA beers from breweries featured in the film. After producing the Harrisburg craft beer documentary, Brewed in the Burg, for the first Harrisburg...

Duration: 01:46:40

Episode 123: Joe Man (or No Baloney)

With The One and Only Joe Man Back in the Beer Busters Podcast Basement we welcomed one of our oldest and biggest fans (those being descriptors of his fandom, not his physical person), the one-and-only-that’s-no-baloney Joe Man, aka Joe Mansell. The recording turned into essentially a bottle share, with several Patrons in attendance and many, many bottles of beer – including those from Joe’s hometown of Richmond, VA and some of his homebrews – passed around all night. Dan reported on the...

Duration: 02:15:10

Episode 122: Saint Benjamin Brewing (or Blink Weird)

With Tim Patton, Andrew Foss, Anthony Masciantonio, Meredith Megan Williams, Josh Caputo & Tommy Kijak at Saint Benjamin Brewing Company We return to Saint Benjamin Brewing in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia for the first time since way back in Episode 65, to sit down with owner Tim Patton and many members of the growing St. Ben family. There was a lot to catch up on from the addition of the tap room to new ventures in packaging, distribution, and more. News stories this...

Duration: 01:56:22

Episode 121: Ever Grain Brewing (or Speaking of Leotards)

With Bruce Tanner at Ever Grain Brewing Company Central PA boasts a bounty of bangin’ breweries. Harrisburg-bound once again, we stopped by Ever Grain Brewing in Camp Hill, PA to sit down and chat with brewmaster Bruce Tanner. We talked about the story of this soon-to-be one-year-old brewery and what’s in store for the future. Dan presented the news including yet another brewery buyout, and the slowing growth of the craft beer industry. In Happy Fun Time, we played the bizarre brew game...

Duration: 01:49:25

Episode 120: Local 44 (or Stoking Your Antis)

With Brendan Hartranft and Sarah Fuller at Local 44 Plus Jason Stewart from Grainfather & Ethan Tripp from Fermentery Form West Philly bound for this episode, where we sat down at the bottle shop at Local 44 Beer Bar with owner Brendan Hartranft and manager Sarah Fuller. Also joining us were Jason Stewart, representative for The Grainfather all grain homebrewing systems and Ethan Tripp, founder of the new Fermentery Form – a new farmhouse style brewery in the West Kensington neighborhood...

Duration: 02:09:32

Episode 119: Stickman Brews (or A Tinge of Balls)

Kate Sorrento and Ethan Buckman at Stickman Brews We return to Stickman Brews in Royersford, PA once again to chat with brewer and returning guest Ethan, as well as newcomer to the podcast Kate. Topics include the development of the Stickman brand, the expansion of their barrel program and a lengthy and in-depth discussion about the state of craft beer consumer-hood. Ethan certainly had a ton of insightful things to say and this episode is worth a listen for that conversation alone. We...

Duration: 01:46:26

Episode 118: Evil Genius Scavenger Hunt 2017

Live at the Ninja, Cowboy, Bear Scavenger Hunt at Evil Genius Featuring Trevor Hayward and Gordon Brennan We’re back at Evil Genius again! This time we broadcasted live for the final stop of the Evil Genius Philly Beer Week Scavenger Hunt that lead participants from bar to bar throughout the Fishtown neighborhood. To kick things off we sat down with Trevor and Gordon to chat about the event and its inspiration. At The Lab, the Evil Genius tap room, scavenger hunt teams braved their...

Duration: 00:58:17

Episode 117: Evil Genius Beer (or Click, Click, Twist, Twist, Twist)

With Luke Bowen, Trevor Hayward, Garrett Williams & Kevin Keller at The Lab at Evil Genius Beer Company Way back in July of 2013, Luke and Trevor journeyed to the Beer Busters Podcast Basement to join us for Episode 7 of our then fledgling podcast. The founders and owners of Evil Genius Beer Company were our first “real” beer industry guests. They, and many others from Evil Genius, have appeared on the podcast several times – but Evil Genius never had their own location…until now. We’ve...

Duration: 01:32:06

Episode 116: Little Big Beer Fest 2017

Harrisburg Beer Week Little Big Beer Fest 2017 at Appalachian Brewing For the third year running, we took the stage at Harrisburg Beer Week’s premiere fest event, Little Big Beer Fest at Appalachian Brewing Company. This fest features a limited number of high ABV beers from some of Central PA’s top breweries and caps off the weeklong celebration of craft beer in the state capitol. The brainchild of the Stouts and Stilettos crew and Sara Bozich, Harrisburg Beer Week has continued to grow...

Duration: 02:38:10

Episode 115: Imminent Liquidation

Imminent Liquidation VII Bottle Share at Grain + Verse Bottlehouse This year at the seventh annual Imminent Liquidation bottle share event, we got our podcast on and chatted with a laundry list of the dopest peeps in attendance. The long-running event is the brainchild of Tröegs Brewing Company Marketer Ffej Herb and is central PA’s premiere bottle share event. Every year, guests dust off their rarest, yummiest brews to share and raise money for charity. The event has recently been added...

Duration: 01:35:42

Episode 114: Sly Fox Brewing (or Goats and Cans)

With Brian O’Reilly & Peter Giannopoulos at Sly Fox Brewing We set up shop at Sly Fox’s Pottstown location to sit down with Brewmaster Brian O’Reilly and Assistant Operations Manager Peter Giannopoulos. Over brews we chatted about the Schuylkill River Trail Ale Earth Day release, learned the ins and outs of “Can Jam” and got the scoop on the origin story of Sly Fox’s famous Annual Bock Festival and Goat Races. Dan reported on the Brewers Association “crack-down” on offensive beer names...

Duration: 01:43:03

Episode 113: La Cabra Brewing (or Flavor Positive)

With Chuck Golder & Dan Popernack at La Cabra Brewing In this episode we headed to Berwyn, PA to sit down with Chuck and Dan at La Cabra Brewing. We talked about the philosophy behind the brewpub, the story of how La Cabra came to be and much more. Dan reported on an upcoming collaboration between Cape May Brewing and Weyerbacher – an India Pale Lager called Paradise 160, and the continued growth of craft brewing with 2016 reports from the Brewers Association. We played Top Tappd Brews...

Duration: 02:03:28

Episode 112: Breweries in PA (or We Weren't Supposed to Get Drunk)

With Glen Gabriel and Matt Kozar from Breweries in PA Back again in the Beer Busters Podcast Basement, we sat down with Glen and Matt from Breweries in PA, an online resource for exploring the world of craft beer in Pennsylvania. We talked about the impetus for creating Breweries in PA, how it’s changed and grown and where it’s headed in the future. Dan delivered the news, including the much-anticipated annual list of the top 50 breweries of 2016 in the US from the Brewers Association. In...

Duration: 01:46:50

Episode 111: Collusion Tap Works (or Random Inoculations)

With Jared Barnes & Ben Beddia at Collusion Tap Works We packed up for York, PA to sit down with Jared and Ben at Collusion Tap Works. Listeners may remember Jared, who appeared on the podcast at Little Big Beer Fest representing Wyndridge Farms. He’s since struck out on his own to do awesome things at Collusion. We were also joined by Derek Markel, a longtime homebrewer who is now brewing up concoctions for the newly opened “boutique brewery” at The Vegetable Hunter, a vegetarian...

Duration: 01:44:39

Episode 110: Craft Tastings (or Multiple Mouthgasms)

With Greg Orth and Mike Reaser from Craft Tastings Master of the “mouthgasm” Greg Orth joined us again for the fourth year in a row to once again guide us through the world of food an beer pairing. His less-than-silent-partner (this time), Mike Reaser also joined in. Mixing it up this time we embarked on a beer pairing free-for-all with several tasty goodies the guys brought along and a veritable king’s ransom in beer. Dan got us up to speed with news, Steph talked about beer in cheese...

Duration: 02:29:11

Episode 109: Beer Menus (or Hipster Centaur)

With Gage Siegel, Rex Craft and Alex Yedibalian from at Kings County Brewers Collective We ticked another state off of our list of national conquest by heading to Kings County Brewers Collective in Brooklyn, NY to sit down with some of the crew from, a website and app that tracks tap lists at bars and restaurants. We learned about the company, its mission and origins and chatted about the New York and Philadelphia beer scenes. Dan reported on Dogfish Head’s new...

Duration: 01:39:09

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