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Beer Today Beer Tomorrow is a Queens, NY based podcast dedicated to nurturing, cultivating and sharing local craft beer culture all over the world. We combine craft beer, human interest stories and humor in our show. Cheers 🍻

Beer Today Beer Tomorrow is a Queens, NY based podcast dedicated to nurturing, cultivating and sharing local craft beer culture all over the world. We combine craft beer, human interest stories and humor in our show. Cheers 🍻
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Beer Today Beer Tomorrow is a Queens, NY based podcast dedicated to nurturing, cultivating and sharing local craft beer culture all over the world. We combine craft beer, human interest stories and humor in our show. Cheers 🍻






BTBT Episode 55 - One Mile House

This weeks show features Gerard Leary co-owner of One Mile House. We talk the history, culture and philosophy of this fine establishment. In addition we talk about happy hour highlights and special events. We touch on the new upcoming venture that Gerard is embarking on and we discuss Delancey street references in film and television. And as always we drink a ton of a great beers from Alchemist to Cantillon and beyond. Good people, good beer, good conversation and a great bar. What more...


BTBT Episode 54 - Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor

This week BTBT hangs at ACBP - Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor at their 26 W 8th st location in NYC. Co-owner Don Borelli and Beverage Manager Jon Simons join the goons for episode 54. The crew drinks some good brews on tap at one of New York City’s best craft beer bars while learning about the history, philosophy and culture of ACBP. Grab a few beers and enjoy the show! Cheers.


BTBT Episode 53 - Bridge and Tunnel Brewery

BTBT is back and this week we are at Bridge and Tunnel Brewery in Queens, N.Y. The 2017 NYC Beer Week Ruperts Cup Winners host the third annual Rock Em Sock Em Robots tournament! The show featutes Loads of special guests including owner and head brewer Rich Castagna, AJ from Home Brew and Hand Grenades and Eric Schleyer bartender extraordinaire and co-director of the upcoming Documentary Beer Boom PLUS Bonus Audio of us calling the championship Rock Em Sock Em Match between local favorite...


BTBT Episode 52 - The Wilky

Yes indeed the BTBT goons are back! We’ve only been gone a week but it feels oh so good to return. In this show we hang at the Wilky, one of Brooklyn’s finest craft beer and spirits bars located at 108 Patchen Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221. We chop it up with co-owner Brian Fisher, drink some beer and discuss all things related to the Wilky including Brian’s path to ownership, the establishments philosophy and the current state of craft beer. Good times, with good conversation and as always...


BTBT Episode 51 - Five Boroughs Brewing

In episode 51 the BTBT crew hang with Five Boroughs Brewing in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY. In this early morning show we sit with co-founders Blake Tomnitz and Kevin O’Donnell and head brewer Nick Griffin. We talk about the Five Boroughs Brewing journey, the upcoming NYC Beer Week, a massive 9 brewery class of 2017 collaboration can release and much more! Good times with good folks and of course good craft beer. Visit the BTBT store at for all of your BTBT...


BTBT Episode 50 - The Sampler pt2

BTBT Bonus Episode The Sampler part 2! We had so much good content we had to drop another show. This special bonus episode is Part 2 of our conversation at the Sampler in Bushwick Brooklyn. Episode 50 features Co-owner Leo and Sampler OG Joel Suarez who brings his own blend of craft beer culture and energy to the show. We talk about the current state of craftbeer, and also touch on some local favorites. We discuss how the Sampler is one of the last neighborhood hold outs of that gritty old...


BTBT Episode 48 - Beers and a Movie

BTBT is back with the Beers and a Movie episode. This weeks show features a review of two Interboro Spirtis and Ales beers, Ill plus Matic and the collaboration with LA based Mumford Brewing - Madder Fatter Method. We also discuss Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales which was a lot of fun and we announce the Winner of this months BTBT Beer and Glass Giveaway! We wrap the show with an overview of our exciting upcoming episodes, there’s a ton, you’re not going to want to miss...


BTBT Episode 47 - Tasters Choice

BTBT Podcast Episode 47 a special Tasters Choice Edition show! This week The first lady of BTB and co-owner of Absurd Conclave and Juice Garden BK, the lovely Rachael joins us! And he’s appeared in 3 previous blogs but making his first official appearance is my nephew and official certified btbt goon Kevin! The there of us have very different palettes and we review and critique 3 very different yet very delicious brews. This show features our review of: Cuvée Van De Keizer Blauw (Blue)...


BTBT Episode 46 - Gun Hill Brewery

BTBT hangs at Gun Hill Brewery in the boogey down Bronx with co-owner Dave Lopez. Gun Hill was instrumental in bringing craft beer back to the borough after over 50 dry years. We talk about the Gun Hill journey, the past, present, future and the inspiration behind it all. We also taste some finely crafted brews made with local fresh ingredients by this farm licensed brewery. Enjoy the Gunhill show! Drink local. Drink fresh. Repeat. Cheers.


BTBT Episode 45 - Strong Rope

Happy New Year! We kick off 2018 with Strong Rope Brewery out of Brooklyn NY! Owner and head brewer of Strong Rope Brewery Jason Sahler joins the btbtgoons to discuss our favorite topic craft beer. We talk strong rope past, present, future and take a deeper look into their beer philosophy aswell as their American and British style inspired tap list. Enjoy our first show of the year! Cheers


BTBT Episode 43 - Controlled Chaos Art Show

In episode 43 BTBT hangs at the Art and Hustle sponsored Controlled Chaos Art Show held at Image Gallery in Bushwick Brooklyn. The goons are in the thick of things, pounding brews, admiring art and interviewing several dope artists through out various segments during the show. Kick back, relax and grab a brew or if you’re headed out grab a brew for the road. Enjoy this weeks show! Cheers!


BTBT Episode 42 - The Pittsburgh Take Over pt2

BTBT is back with the Pittsburgh Take Over part 2. We pick up where we left off, talking about the best spots for craft beer in Pittsburgh and it also doubles up as a travel guide of cool things to do if you ever visit. We also talk about Perry’s time as a contractor in Iraq and the Pittsburgh beef with Anthony Bourdain. And oh yeah we pound some brews from Fat Heads, Hitchhiker and East End Brewing including our first on air Barley Wine! Cheers


BTBT Episode 41 - The Pittsburgh Take Over Part 1

Justin and Perry are extremely hyped about this Pittsburgh centric episode which features some very solid beers from Hitchhiker Brewing, Dancing Gnome and Fat Heads. The Pittsburgh natives get all nostalgic as they reminisce on the past and drop the low down on the top places to drink craft beer and get craft beer cans! Peter just kicks back, slams some Pittsburgh brews and reps Queens. The Pittsburgh take over was recorded in Brooklyn, NY. Pre-game beers included Can I Kick it by...


BTBT Episode 40 - Absurd Conclave Charity Event pt2

BTBT is back with podcast episode 40! This week we bring you part 2 of the charity event in Bushwick, Brooklyn recorded on site at Absurd Conclave. We pick right up right where we left off inebriated and opinionated! And we get to hang with some awesome special guests which include: Johnny Rivera of Brooklyn Coquito who talks to us about his very own Coquito brand. Rebecca Villacis outspoken young entrepeneur and co-owner of the sibling owned Absurd Conclave and Juice Garden BK. Absurd...


BTBT Episode 39 - Absurd Conclave Charity Event Pt 1

BTBT is back with part 1 of our 2 part show at Absurd Conclave in Bushwick, Brooklyn NY. In the first installment of the charity soiree fundraiser the crew pounds a lot of craft beer and gets a chance to hang with some awesome artists. Dylan Bauvez - creative director of King Killer Arts Brooklyn Creative who will be appearing at Art Basel in Miami Beach returns to the show. Los Ciegos Del Barrio, which translates to The Blind Boys from the Hood, a NY Based Latin Music band who were...


BTBT Episode 38 - Island to Island Brewery

In this weeks episode BTBT hangs with Island to Island Brewery. Inspired by their traditional Caribbean roots this Brooklyn based brewery has put their own twist on brewing. Island to Island brewery is anything but conventional and we throw back some good brews and have some good conversation in episode 38.


BTBT Episode 37 - 2017 Brew For A Cure

BTBT is back with Episode 37 - the 2017 Brew For a Cure charity event held at the Well in Brooklyn, New York. In this weeks episode the BTBT crew cover a home brew competition and even get in on the voting action. Special guests include event organizers Pope and Charlie of Pope Wagon and the following home brewers: Rob Neuhaus Dave Martin of Mindful Ales AJ D’Amico and Garrett Raynis and Christopher Rotella of Two Producers Brewery Enjoy the show!


BTBT Episode 36 - Zocktoberfest ‘17

In BTBT episode 36 Peter and Rachael find themselves on a roof top in Brooklyn for Zocktoberfest 17 - a private beer release party. Birra Antoniana an exciting new Italian Craft Brewery provides some stellar brews and the gang tries some Canabliss IPA - a marijijuana infused cucumber India Pale Ale. Special guests include blogger, home brewer, Birra Antoniana brand ambassador and friend of the show Robert Michael Jones. Also joining us is one of his buddies who is fucking out of his mind...


BTBT Episode 35 - 2nd Annual Beer In The Gardens

BTBT is back with episode 35 The 2nd annual Beer In The Gardens Charity event that took place in Forest Hills, Queens, NY. Special guests include BTBT’s very own Rachael Spanos who is Co-Owner of Juice Garden BK and Absurd Conclave Studios, Alex Kalaf Sr. Event Organizer and his son Alex Kalaf an avid home brewer and member of infamous brew club The Brewminaries. Enjoy the show!


BTBT Episode 34 - The Last Day of Summer Fest pt2

BTBT is back with part 2 of our massive show at the Well in Brooklyn for the Last Day of Summer Fest. This weeks episode features all stars of the NY Beer Scene - Gunhill Brewery, Line Up, Five Boroughs and Interboro. If that’s not enough we’ve got some bonus content at the end of the episode just for you! Whether you’re having a beer right now or on your way to one, we hope you enjoy the show! Cheers


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