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Episode 20 - Special Guest Christopher Newgent

After a long layoff, we come back this week with local artist Christopher Newgent. Newg talks about his calligraphy prowess, his favorite font, and his overall hipsterness. Note on the podcast: Sorry about not having new shows recently. We're still both working out our new schedules and hope to have something more set in stone soon.

Duration: 00:41:00

Episode 19: Very Superstitious

This week, Blaine and Jeff dive into superstitions, like Moon Pies. They quickly get off tack into football and sports in general, and then Jeff leaves Blaine to fend for himself awkwardly while going to get a beer. Sorry for the background noise in this episode, we had to record outside.

Duration: 00:38:04

Episode 18 - Welcome Back Blaine

This week we welcome back Blaine to the podcast. We spend some time catching up and hearing all about what Blaine has been up to the last month.

Episode 15 - Spoiler Alert

This week Blaine and Jeff spoil the ending of all their favorite childhood movies (and some newer ones) that are actually pretty bad when watched again.

Episode 5: Drones

This week we a veteran of the reality TV realm, Cory Hensley! Cory discusses his time behind the camera for different television shows and how to get a drone license. Then, we discuss the lie that kicked off Cory and Blaine's friendship, we discuss choosing a career as an amazing producer without needed to be in management, then Cory ruins some TV magic for Jeff.

Episode 4: America

This week, Blaine and Jeff discuss Jeff's experience at the Indy Ultimate, the Budweiser shift to America, Jeff's lack of understanding of soccer and patriotism. Also, can you figure out what Blaine is drinking? And, what does grit really mean?

Episode 3: Resident Nerd Greg Hurst

On this week's episode, Blaine and Jeff have their first special guest, Resident Nerd Greg Hurst! Since Indy's Comic Con was going on, they decided it was the best time to ask an expert to join the conversation. They discuss pokemon, Buffy's dog, Comic Con and inclusive vs. exclusive nerds. There's also an essential nerd quiz for Greg and Blaine confuses JD Salinger with Kurt Vonnegut.

Episode 2: Call Me Doctor

Today over Beers, Blaine and Jeff discuss American Ninja Warrior, Champagne Velvet, the podcasts they're currently into, transparency and being self-conscious, Blaine's coaching career & Jeff's disdain for day laborers. Credit to Mike Pouzar for Blaine's band name.