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Mad Mumzie shares stories and tips on living a mining lifestyle in Australia. As a dump truck operator for over 12 years, she wants you to know what it's really like. How to get in, how to thrive and survive in the mining industry-especially as a woman, how to make the most of your time working long hours, shift work and away from home. Interview style and audio blog episodes in a fun way help to shed light on a mysterious mining lifestyle to many.






38: Brendan Waddington. No Bullshit Wellness

Brendan Waddington is the author of “The Wellness Bible: A No Bullshit guide to health and wellness.” He’s also a Naturopath, Clinical Masseur, Personal Trainer, and Yoga Instructor. If you're skeptical, don't worry. So is Brendan, but he's ready to blast through the bullshit, find the truth, and help you live a healthy life right now, miner style! Listen in to the end when MM discovers his latest role as an operator! Show notes and links can be found here:

Duration: 01:06:01

Bonus Ep: RuOK? Day 2017, Pod farts and MM Musings

“A conversation could change a life.” More than just a hashtag for RuOK?Day. Australians all over the country, not just those living a mining lifestyle, are being encouraged to take notice of people around you. Have a conversation, and see if they “R OK? In this audio blog Mad Mumzie talks with you about Ruok? Day 2017, pod farts and what is your exit strategy? Have you even thought about what you really would like to be doing, right now and getting paid for it. Show notes here:...

Duration: 00:16:28

37: Laundry Etiquette. What you need to know at camp!

Would you touch other’s socks and jocks and fold clothes or chuck em on the floor so you can get yours done before bed? Hard Hat Mentor is back and Karen from ep 1 & 2 who is now a laundry fairy being nominated for awards. Huh?? Listen in to hear what goes down in the laundry and what NOT to do! Maybe you’re lucky enough to get your clothes washed but how much goes missing? Mad Mumzie has a fun chat with 2 awesome ladies who have had their fair share of adventures over a washing machine!...

Duration: 00:58:35

36: Sickies and Winter Time

It’s cold and flu season and Mad Mumzie is crook. What to do? Being a contractor means no work no pay. When do you decide bugger the money I need to stay home? Recorded in the donga after being frustrated because there were no lozenges in our mining town! A short Audio blog/Mad Mumzie Musing looking into sickies and how it affects the crew too.

Duration: 00:22:16

34: Cover Card CEO & Co-Founder Matt Tomlins

Cover Card stores all your tickets, licenses and resume in one place..and it’s free. Upload your info securely and easily share via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, sms. Co-founder Matt Tomlins loves cricket, AFL and once worked overseas in a mine, arriving in a huge ex Russian helicopter where there was a team that had to clear landmines before digging for the gold and copper. What are his tips for people trying to get into the mining industry? He turns the question back on Mad Mumzie and...

Duration: 00:55:57

33: Saraya D'Arth 21 Year Old Underground Electrical apprentice

How did this young lady go from saving turtles and dog sledding through Russia to getting filthy dirty, working with blokes in a Qld coal mine? 3 year electrical apprentice chats with Mad Mumzie. Saraya D'Arth was also a finalist in the 2017 Women in Mining & Resources Qld Awards. Listen in as they have an in depth look at how she handles the constant darkness, getting filthy dirty and working with all those blokes. She also answers the most common questions she is asked like “Don’t you...

Duration: 01:52:33

012 Dozer Dude

Working for over 20 years living the mining lifestyle as a dozer driver, dump truck operator, grader and loader operator, this dude shares with Mad Mumzie his insights into changes in the industry, tips for newbies and has a some clear thoughts on using his PPE outside of work! This was the second interview for a book that never came about. It did inspire my love of interviewing and helped me realise how many differing thoughts there are on many issues across the mining industry. This was...

Duration: 00:48:23

011: How do YOU bend?

What is your bucket list of fun? Create it, keep it, practice it, share it. Why? When life throws us challenges we all need to know how we can turn our thoughts and feelings around....what works for you? Listen in as Mad Mumzie shares thoughts from Hard Hat Mentor, Nicole Ashby, Rachael Kirby Lee, Jodie Davis and Mad Mumzie to help us all find our own personal ways to get through the crappy times. Be sure to listen to the end and hear all about our memorial ride for Tony, Big T, OC.

Duration: 00:33:12

008 Meet The Hard Hat Mentor

"Drewie" shares stories from her 20 plus years working in the mining, construction and oil and gas industries. Listen in as we chat about her journey working in these industries, and why she has chosen this path and is so passionate about helping others to thrive and survive!

Duration: 00:23:32

007: Binge Drinking Miners

Binge drinking, too often, especially around our loved ones, can make us a pain to be with at times, and oh yeah of course it’s not good for you. Please cut us hardworking miners some slack. A few beers on break should be ok...but it's all in the amount and the timing.

Duration: 00:08:50

006: Wannabe A Miner

How do you get a job in the mines? Where do you start? What do you need? Is there a number to ring? In this episode Mad Mumzie outlines 5 steps to start now toward your job as a dump truck operator. Many of these can also be used across other roles in the mining industry.

Duration: 00:38:07

005: Emotions at work

Mad Mumzie talks about an emotional day at work. Need a cup of cement and harden up? Toughen up princess!! Why are some people angry and cranky? Why are others emotional, sad, depressed? It can be tough at times, no matter what workplace you are in. How do you cope? How does Mad Mumzie cope, and what good can come from crying in your truck? Living a mining lifestyle and the FIFO way ain't always what it's cracked up to be. Listen in as you can hear a glimpse of what it's like as a dump...

Duration: 00:20:13

004: Brain Dead Trucki

Being a dump truck operator in the mining industry living a FIFO lifestyle does not have to be boring. Mad Mumzie discusses her blog post further about things you can do whilst working long hours away from home. These concepts can work for most who are working long hours, shift work away from home.

Duration: 00:26:27

002: Karen Part 1: From Cleaner to Dump Truck Operator

Karen reached out for some help to get a job in the mines as a dump truck operator. In this episode we sit down for a chat about why she so desperately wants to work in the mining industry, steps taken so far and tips for others looking to do the same. We also celebrate some good news in part 2 as she has a start date! Now the fun begins. What can she expect, the next steps and her thoughts on her dream coming to reality.

Duration: 01:03:40

001: About Beers With a Miner

In this episode you will meet Mad Mumzie, your host, as she discusses the plan for her new podcast about living a mining lifestlye. FIFO is not just about getting on a plane, plenty of us bus and drive to work. Find out why Mad Mumzie has a passion to share what it is really like living this lifestyle. If you are a "wannabe" miner, already doing it, retired or family member working away from home, this podcast is for you! Many issues surrounding women working in male dominated roles are...

Duration: 00:25:17