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To the Moon, Everyone!

Recorded 11/16/18 - Cyber moonshot, baby! It’s just like that time the US raced everyone to the moon, except completely different and in-no-way related! Do we need a “cyber moonshot”? Is the plan that was just released the way to get there? ...and holy crap if Craig didn’t actually prepare for this podcast with notes and everything. We genuinely hope that you enjoy our rants over the Thanksgiving holiday break (for our American friends) or just at work like usual for the rest of you that...


Sex, Money, and Malware

Recorded 11/9/18 - We tried to make this episode last week, but thanks to some technical difficulties, we ended up calling that one a practice. Here is take two, focused on recent sextorition scams, the pending machine learning apocolyse (hint: it’s neither). We also review why vuln discovery and red teams are the most import line items in your security budget by looking a recent story where being breached cost dozens of lives. Full show notes [on the Talos...


BWT XL feat. SuperMicro, Giant Patches, and More Mobile Malware

Recorded 10/19/18 - In celebration of EP40 and hitting over 1 million downloads(!!!), we go XL. This EP is a little long, we go a bit deeper than usual to discuss a few things that are highly unusual - namely, the XL patches dropped by Oracle, and the XL questions surrounding the Bloomberg/SuperMicro story. We also talk about a few mobile threats we have seen and what we have brewing in the mobile threat space. Full show notes available [on the Talos...


VB 2018 Rundown and Prevalent Problems with PDF

Recorded 10/5/18 - Quick chat to get to know this week’s special guests from the Talos Outreach team - Paul Rascagneres, Vanja Svajcer, and Warren Mercer. We discuss everyone’s work being presented at Virus Bulletin, and Paul and Warren being nominated the Péter Szőr Award. We also cover a lot of vuln discovery work recently released around various PDF software Full show notes available [on the Talos Blog](


More Fun with VPNFilter, Getting Pwnd via Spreadsheet

Recorded 9/21/18 - The whole crew is back together! On the agenda today - VPNFilter part III, now with more known third stage payloads! As much as we have talked about multi-part posts, you know we wouldn’t post if it wasn’t important (on the blog, that is. That rule obvs doesn’t apply here) We are also releasing a related open source tool - WInbox Protocol Dissector. Finally, delve into an AV avoiding DDE and jump off into defense in depth. Full show notes [on the Talos...


Snort 3 Beta Uses Multithreading. It’s Super Effective!

Recorded 9/7/18 - We have Joel back this week (and he is very happy to have himself back), but we lost Matt and we’re still wishing Nigel a speedy recovery from becoming bionic. This EP, we cover the latest findings in Talos MDM research and go over the exciting changes in the newly released Snort 3 beta (your move, Valve.). Bill reprises his role from last week as sentient seat filler that makes good jokes. See the full show notes on the [Talos...


There Are Few Shades in the Grey Market

Recorded 8/24/18 - We’re finally back in the studio after Hacker Summer Camp! Sadly, due to summer vacations and becoming bionic, we are missing Joel and Nigel respectively. We end up discussing most of our topics through the lens of Matt’s frequent Twitter polls. We also find out he bribes followers with free sporks. Craig brings the discussion on the details of Remcos, and go through some interesting points on the emerging grey markets in security software and vuln disco. The crew closes...


Live from the RiRa at Black Hat

Recorded 8/8/18 - We decided to broadcast while we were all together at Black Hat - and invited everyone over for lunch and beers. Since we had a room full of people, we made this EP “choose your own podcast” and tooks topics from the audience. Neil Jenkins from the Cyber Threat Alliance came by to bestow befitting superhero swag on Matt and Adam for their work on VPNFilter. Headlining this event is our very special guest - Dave Bittner from The CyberWire. Full show notes podcast [blog...


Click Here to Assign New Mobile Device Owner

Recorded 7/20/18 - This week, we touch on several topics, but we spend the lion’s share of the EP discussing MDM. We are joined by Aaron Woland and spend a great deal of time discussing how these attacks work and how these are attacks happen to users of all devices across platforms. We talk about the differences in how MDM is handled across different OS flavors, and the similarities in how the attacks happen (hint: users ignoring the warnings). [Click...


Change the Conversation or the People Having It?

Recorded 7/6/18 - This episode is a bit less technical than most as we take on how the security conversation is happening and who is a part of it. Coincidentally (we promise), that dovetails in with Matt’s contention that everybody just needs to stop acting with unending self-interest. Once again, Craig goes on vacation and all hell breaks loose, giving birth to a new concept in ransomware - Send us Bitcoin or we send Craig to a remote island for a month. Also - we are going to be doing a...


Live from Orlando Pt 2: Take All the Things Off the Internet

Recorded 6/13/18 - Still live in Orlando, just this time from the lovely lobby bar at the convention center hotel. We are joined by Lurene Grenier to dig a bit deeper on her keynote from TTRS. Lurene is here to give you the offensive view of attacking your network. If you want a hot take on defense from someone who is pure offense, well… buckle up and break out your cord cutting scissors. You are already saying “We can’t do that!” Lurene is telling you that if you decide to take this...


Live from Cisco Live! - VPNFilter Update and Our First Summit Recap

Recorded 6/12/18 - Special episode for two reasons! To start, we are recording one-take live from CiscoTV Studio B at Cisco Live in Orlando, FL. - which leads to the second reason, there is video of this episode in the show notes blog post! Join us as we cover the VPNFilter update Talos released June 6th and we recap the inaugural Cisco Talos Threat Research Summit. Check out the [full show notes]( *Ed....


VPNFilter, the Unfiltered Story

Recorded 5/25/18 - As you can expect, this EP focuses on VPNFilter. We discuss how we got involved, why Talos made the decision to disclose when we did, and we cover many details of the malware itself. There is a lot of background to this ongoing discussion. Take a peek behind the curtain of the defense against this attack as we cover many different aspects of the malware, the attack, and the mitigation. Show notes on the [Talos Blog](


This is a PSA: Stop Clicking. There is No Prince.

Recorded 5/11/18 - First and foremost, we recorded this EP one day before our “birthday”. We want to thank everyone, especially you (the listeners), who have let us do this for the last year racking up over half a million downloads! In this EP, we welcome special guest Nick Biasini from Talos Outreach - we set out to talk about several topics, but spend most of our time with Nick around the idea of building a stronger culture of cybersecurity and what it would take to raise the baseline. We...


APT, BGP, RCEs, and an Old RAT

Recorded 4/27/18 - Special guest intro this week from Chippah. We chat about what defines an “APT”, the recent BGP attacks, and the progress of GravityRAT. We also get an update on Vuln Discovery and the spate of recent releases. Matt has specific feelings about USB-C and his new computer.


Smart Install, Vuln Process Realities, and Professional Wrestling

Recorded 4/13/18 - We just upgraded all our gear, so naturally we had a straight tech meltdown this week and we saved it the best we could. Matt will sound way better next week. Promise. We cover Smart Installer. Again. But that leads down a discussion of security versus convenience that leads to us discussing the process of vuln disclosure - how vendor discussions, release dates, and policies work in the real world. Seriously, we grounded Matt’s computer for misbehaving with the audio.


Talos is Holding a Conference, and the Evolving Battle at the Edge

Recorded 3/29/18 - Joel is sitting out this week and Bill Largent from the Outreach team fills in. We are pretty sure he was just wrong late trying to live on Joel Mean Time, which is now a GitHub project thanks to Moses (link below). We cover a wide range in this episode, so stay with us! We chat about the Talos Threat Research Summit coming in June, we wonder where the carrots to match the sticks in security are, and the value of finding your own damn vulns. The last part of the show...



Recorded 3/13/18 - LIVE from San Jose, CA. First of all - we still have a podcast and jobs, so ostensibly, we did okay hosting the meeting event we talked about last time. There may have even been an award involved, just sayin'. Since we were all in one place together and we didn’t get fired, we decided to do our podcast live after the meeting for an audience. We are joined by Talos Sr. Director Matt Watchinski this episode, discussing such existential questions as “why security?” and more...


Reflections on DDoS and Bad Authentication Schemes

Recorded 3/2/18 - Craig is out this week, but the rest of the crew goes through COINHORDER and Memcached and takes a deeper look at authentication and passwords. We cover an overview of reflection attacks and how some passwords schemes that are meant to protect, actually cause harm. We also bid you farewell, since our next episode is supposed to be live after the crew hosts a meeting that stands a not-insignificant chance of getting us all fired. Wish us luck - and send us questions that can...


Eternal Fauxmance: Attribution Easter Eggs

Recorded 2/16/18 - This week, Mitch learns about starting a show without Matt with no other plans to control Craig in place. The team discusses Olympic Destroyer and then takes on attribution in light of recent developments with Nyetya. We look at what attribution actually takes and the ease and commonality of planting false flags.