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Ep 117: Self-Publishing in 2018 with Paul Teague

I talk with fellow self-publishing Podcaster, Paul Teague, about how things have turned out in 2017 and what we reckon will happen in 2018. Full show transcription is available here:

Duration: 00:46:01

Great Content with Andrew and Pete (Christmas Special)

In this not entirely serious Christmas show I talk to zany expert marketers Andrew and Pete about how to improve your content to make it stand out. Full Show Notes can be found at

Duration: 00:35:17

Ep 115: Writing Educational Books with Olly Richards

In this show I talk to Olly Richards about how he has built a company selling self-published language books. Starting with self-publishing in the Kindle Gold Rush, he got disillusioned and started a language training company. Then he started using his existing self-publishing experience to help him self-publish short stories to help people learn languages. Now he has been approached by a traditional publisher to take over his series of learning books. Show notes are available at:...

Duration: 00:22:16

The Secrets of Story for Business with Park Howell

In this show I talk to Park Howell who teaches people how to use their stories to improve their marketing and business. It's ironic that many fiction authors don't use story very well in their marketing. This interview should help change that for some. You can find show notes at :%20

Duration: 00:31:04

Ep 113: Descriptions that Pop with Laura Petersen

Writing great book descriptions is an art. Something that you can either outsource to a copywriter or do yourself, if you take the time to do it. Don't just write any old rubbish at the last minute. Find out how to write great book descriptions with the host of the Copy That Pops Podcast and expert copywriter, Laura Petersen. Full Show Notes are available at

Duration: 00:19:19

Episode 112: Amazon Advertising with Mark Dawson

How can you use Amazon Advertising to promote your books? Find out as I interview Books Ads Supremo Mark Dawson about how to use Amazon and Bookbub advertising for your books. Find the full show notes at

Duration: 00:19:47

Ep 111: Mobile Video with Amanda Webb

Learn how to do video just with your mobile phone in this interview with Social Media Expert Amanda Webb. My guest on this episode is Amanda Webb, who's somebody I've met at multiple conferences. The purpose of today's episode is to talk about mobile video. I did Amanda's Go Do Video course in London and, to be honest, I was extremely impressed by what you can actually do with videos on a mobile phone, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to get Amanda on the show, to talk about...

Duration: 00:24:33

Imposter Syndrome and Limiting Beliefs with Clare Josa

In this episode, I talk to Claire Josa, who is the author of Dare To Dream Bigger, and an expert on overcoming limiting beliefs. The irony is that she actually tells quite often the story about her own failures in feeling like an imposter within the book. Actually, I think a lot of the things that it discusses are quite profound in terms of the whole mental side of writing and doing other things. I think this actually a very interesting interview for psychological perspective. You might...

Duration: 00:31:48

Writing and Pitching Screenplays with Charles Harris

In this episode I talk to Charles Harris, an experienced Screenplay Writer, Filmmaker and now best-selling novelist about how to write and pitch Screenplays, which as we discover are quite a different beast to novels. His first novel is the Breaking of Liam Glass.

Duration: 00:28:57

Fiction Editing with Louise Harnby

In this show I talk to Louise Harnby, an experienced Fiction editor and proof-reader about how to get the most from an editor for your work of fiction.

Duration: 00:24:28

Overcoming the Economic Problem

In this episode I talk about overcoming the fundamental economic problem - how to prioritise what to spend your money and time doing as an author. Long term listeners to this show will know that every now and then I do a solo show where I talk about something that's either a mindset issue or just something to do with self publishing that's come up. I'll be completely honest with you most of the time I do these episodes because I haven't booked a guest or I've run out of guests. But in...

Duration: 00:08:07

They Ask, You Answer for Fiction with Marcus Sheridan

In this episode and I talk to Marcus Sheridan who is the owner of a swimming pool company who suddenly learned in the days when his business was suffering in the recession that by creating an absolutely amazing blog just about the questions people have about swimming pools, he managed to hold his company back from the point of oblivion just by doing blogging and answering questions. He's now known as the Sales Lion and goes around training people internationally on how to do Content...

Duration: 00:24:59

Non-Fiction Editing with Denise Cowle

In this episode I talk to Denise Cowle, a non-fiction editor based in Scotland. We talk about what the difference is between copy-editing and proofreading and what you need to look for in an editor.

Duration: 00:30:01

Writing in a Foreign Language with Helena Halme

In this episode I talk to acclaimed Finnish author Helena Halme about her experiences of writing and self-publishing in English.

Duration: 00:13:29

Website Security with Chris Varnom

In this episode I talk to WordPress security expert Chris Varnom about how to make sure your website is secure. Invariably I see on a monthly (and sometimes weekly) basis reports of author websites being hacked, so I thought this was an important topic to cover on the show.

Duration: 00:27:41

Book Publicists with Ben Cameron

In this episode (my first on a fortnightly basis), I talk to veteran Book Publicist, Ben Cameron about using a book publicist to promote your book.

Duration: 00:17:54

Episode 100: She Doesn't Just Wakeboard, She Interviews

To celebrate Episode 100, I'm doing something different, letting myself be interviewed by the lovely Amanda Robinson (@shewakeboards) of fame. We talk about me, my plans for the podcast and about my books at

Duration: 00:43:56

The Importance of Timing and Quality

This show is about the importance of getting the quality right when you do something, which usually means taking time or spending money.

Duration: 00:09:06

The Latest Tricks in Self-Publishing: InstaFreebie and Vellum with Paul Teague

In this show I talk again to Paul Teague, this time about two of the hottest topics in Self-Publishing at the moment, InstaFreebie and Vellum.

Duration: 00:34:33

The Secrets of Facebook Live with Ian Anderson Gray

In this show I talk to social media tools expert and regular Facebook Live broadcaster, Ian Anderson Gray. As well as being a tremendously nice guy he's also a talented singer and musician. I talk with him about Facebook Live.

Duration: 00:23:30

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