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Entertainment Doesn’t Cut It: Why Radio Should Have Better Content w/ Gabriella Daniels of Hot FM, Asaba

When asked about what she can make better in radio land, Gabriella Daniels, the program manager of Hot FM Asaba, replies, “It is important that aspiring presenters or those already on air, to know that your job is not only for the fun of it. Yeah, your job is real fun when you’re on air, but it is not really about that. You should be able to know that this is a mission you have, knowing that radio is a powerful tool to shape the future of a society, the future of a nation, and that’s...

Duration: 00:32:11

Kissing Behind Radio, Adeolu Gboyega Shares The Craziest Thing He’s Done

“Broadcasters are crazy” he says as he speaks about the memory of one of the craziest things he has done behind the mic. Today on this episode of Behind Radio, Adeolu Gboyega sheds light on his journey from a bystander in a radio station to coming second position in a radio audition and eventually getting a job in broadcasting - before he could gain admission, and while he was in school. And do you know he didn’t study Mass Communications? This episode is quite fascinating, as you would...

Duration: 00:25:37

Doing Work That Pays or Doing Work That Fulfills You, Isabella Akinseye Shares How She Draws The Balance

Today on Behind Radio, Isabella Akinseye shares how she found herself in media, from appearing on TV and in magazines as way back as primary and secondary school. She shares lessons she has learned over the years of being in the media, and how you can make the best of your time in and out of media. Now she writes movie reviews, hosts Nolly Silver Screen, does TV ads. Also, she shares how we need to embrace teaching as both passion and profession. Having her own share of hosting the Science...

Duration: 00:37:08

I Wish I Had a Mentor, I Wouldn’t Have Had To Go Through So Much To Get PraiseWorld Radio Started

Today, on Behind Radio podcast, we have the phenonomenal CEO of PraiseWorld Radio on the show, and he shares a lot from how he started first online gospel radio, and of course a lot of things he learnt from radio before stepping out to launch PraiseWorld Radio. He says, “I Wish I Had a Mentor, I Wouldn’t Have Had To Go Through So Much To Get PraiseWorld Radio Started” Listen in to hear more. Brought to you by Fisayo Dayo-Samuel

Duration: 00:29:22

This Industry Is All About Multitasking - Theophilus Elamah

Your voice is not the only requirement in radio. It is good to have a good voice, but beyond a good voice, it is important that you intern in a radio station of your choice. Listen as Theophilus Elamah shares the story of how he did not have the funds to go for training at FRCN, and how he went to a radio station to learn the rudiments of radio. Right now, the industry is all about multitasking. Media doesnt employ one person to do one thing alone now, they employ one person to do...

Duration: 00:23:55

Digital Radio and Why Broadcasters Need to Read - Ekemini Joseph

I have been into radio since childhood, like when a singer says they started singing from choir, I have also been into radio since childhood by writing scripts that were being aired.

Duration: 00:36:23

Is Elsie Godwin Shy? Why Does She Have Her Program In The Night?

What makes Elsie Godwin, popularly known on air as ElsieIsy shy? Why does she do radio in the night? How come she is a social media influencer and strategist? How does she combine all of these together? Find out in this episode of Behind Radio as our wonderful guest, Elsie Godwins share her story of being behind radio.

Duration: 00:34:13

If Not Radio, I’ll Be a Pastor… Lakunmi Rachel Tells What She Does Behind Radio

Today on Behind Radio, Lakunmi Rachel joins me on the show to share her journey from Mass Communications and Public Relations. She shares tiny aspects of her life that no one knows, and brings more information as to what it takes to be an On-Air Personality doing what she does. When asked what she would do differently if it were not radio or media, Lakunmi Rachel, my guest on the show says, “Pastor!” As she said, “If Not Radio, I’ll Be a Pastor…” Lakunmi Rachel Tells What She Does...

Duration: 00:26:42

Abdulgaffar Arikewuyo: What I Would Do Differently If I’m Starting Radio All Over

Abdulgaffar Arikewuyo, broadcaster, lecturer, documentary producer and media consultant shares one thing he would love to do if he has the chance to begin his radio career all over again.

Duration: 00:32:25

Why is Tough to Get into Radio & Media? Moyosore Eleso Discusses

Why is Tough to Get into Radio & Media? Moyosore Eleso of LASU FM Discusses… Joining Fisayo Dayo-Samuel in the studio today is the beautiful Moyo of Talkin’ Mo… OAP, Corporate MC, Youth Advocate….

Duration: 00:24:18

The Untold Story of How Victa Pepple Became An Award-Winning OAP in Less Than A Year

The Untold Story of How Victa Pepple Became An Award-Winning OAP in Less Than A Year… Find out how he did it in this episode of Behind Radio.

Duration: 00:20:45

Ep 001 - Aunty Bimbo Olasope shares how she got into radio

Episode 001 of Behind Radio with Aunty Bimbo Olasope of KISS FM. SHe shares how she got into radio from studying English and working in a bank to landing a radio gig.

Duration: 00:20:14